Quit Alcohol And Smoking By Using CBD?


There are TONS of things in this world that people become addicted to. For the most part, those we’d consider most addicting would be alcohol and cigarettes. They’re legal and terrible for you.

However, it’s interesting how something that has been banned for so long has been shown to have very helpful and beneficial effects on various human conditions. Care to take a guess on what I’m talking about?

Yes, your prediction is right, I’m talking about cannabis. The plant that has been banned and talked about with notoriety has been proven to be helpful in cases where people want to stop alcohol abuse and even in cases where people have difficulty quitting smoking.

quit smoking and drinking with CBD

CBD May Be Able To Help You Quit Smoking and Drinking Alcohol!

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol is the main ingredient in the Cannabis Sativa plant. For long throughout history, it has been used for medicinal purposes, as it has some amazing healing properties. And this is a reason why CBD has been tested in many clinical trials to help people battling heavy addictions.

These are just some of the recent findings on trials with CBD and addictions:

  • A combination of CBD and a little THC has been tested on people with alcohol addictions, showing promising results in battling withdrawal symptoms and tissue regeneration.
  • CBD helps to treat the neurodegeneration that is caused by long-term alcohol abuse.
  • People that use CBD smoke about 40% fewer
  • CBD battles the effects of THC, preventing serious side effects of marijuana overuse.
  • CBD has had very promising results in people with heroin addiction, as it helps to reduce the cravings and alleviate the pain and prevention of relapse.

How CBD works in the human body!

Many people are first-hand witnesses of the positive effects of CBD. Many studies and even more testimonials have proven that CBD helps with serious ailments like glaucoma, hypertension, pain relief, depression, cancers, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, obesity, osteoporosis, some autoimmune disorders and much more.

Our bodies have an internal system known as the endocannabinoid system. This system is found in the brain, the immune system, the connective tissues, many organs, and glands. And this system is helping in the regulation of some physiological processes like memory, moods, appetite and pain sensitivity.

The cannabinoid substances affect this system and help with regulating the digestive, immune, muscular, reproductive, endocrine and the nervous systems in our bodies. And with the intake of adequate CBD substances, the endocannabinoid system gets a serious boost, improving the overall internal workings of the body and stimulating the adequate receptors, especially the receptors in the nervous system.

And this property is the key when using CBD to battle addictions. Especially effective is its use when dealing with smoking and alcohol addiction and dealing with withdrawal symptoms caused by these.

CBD helps with quitting smoking and alleviates the withdrawal symptoms

Cigarette smoking is a real addiction and one not that is easily quitted. But in the case of quitting smoking, there are some withdrawal symptoms like insomnia, anxiety and severe irritability. These symptoms are the result of the nicotine desensitizing the nervous system receptors.

While nicotine desensitizes the brain neuron receptors, it increases the brain’s reward mechanisms. When one quits smoking – stops the intake of nicotine, then the brain gets deprived of the rewards, this is the reason behind the withdrawal symptoms.

This is remedied by the intake of CBD. CBD affects the brain neuron receptors, interfering with the rewards mechanisms, stimulating the brain receptors and lowers the desensitizing by improving the brain neuron sensitizing.

CBD helps to deal with the damage caused by alcohol abuse

Another addiction that is very severe, damaging and difficult to let go is alcoholism. The excessive intake of alcohol is damaging to the whole body but especially affected are the liver and the brain. While the liver damage can be reversed if alcohol abuse is terminated in a timely manner, the brain damage is not so easily alleviated.

The prolonged use of alcohol causes death to brain cells and leads to neurodegeneration. This, in turn, causes significant changes in the cognitive abilities and causes changes in the behavior, making the alcoholic more prone to quitting alcohol abuse or relapse.

CBD is found to be very helpful in such cases, as it has a protective role on the nervous system, as well as a reparative effect on the brain tissue. Several studies have proven that with a proper use, CBD reduces neurodegeneration up to 48.8%, which in turn prevents the brain damage caused by alcohol abuse.

What is the best way to take CBD?

Unfortunately, there is no uniquely prescribed way of taking CBD that can help with quitting smoking or deal with alcohol abuse. There is not a single product or a recommended concentration of CBD that is found to be commonly adequate for everyone.

This is not bad or disappointing news but only means that every person that wants to try using CBD has to find their own method.

For many people, taking CBD oils sublingually is the key, as the dose they take is enough to help with their symptoms. For others, it is the taking of concentrated CBD capsules that do the work.

How should you proceed?

If you are looking into taking CBD products for alleviating the smoking or alcohol withdrawal symptoms, you will need to start with small dosages and gradually increase the intake until you find your best combination.

For example, if you are looking into quitting smoking and want to take CBD instead, then it is advisable to start with vaping CBD, as this is the closest thing to smoking. Instead of nicotine, you will be taking CBD, which can be more effective than using CBD oils or capsules.

It is the same when dealing with alcohol withdrawal symptoms. You will need to consider what will work best for you and do that. You can vape CBD, take it sublingually, take it as a suppository, or even get edibles and get your dose that way.

Be persistent and patient!

CBD is very effective and helpful for the human body. But one thing you should know is that whatever manner of taking CBD you select, you will need to be persistent and patient. You may not see any significant changes immediately, but that does not mean that this is not working. Give it a couple of weeks, and you should see promising results.

If you have been smoking cigarettes or been a heavy drinker for a long time, it is absurd to expect instant improvement when quitting these nasty habits. The human body is amazing, and with the help of CBD it can really heal and regenerate itself, you just need to be resolute and willing to find what works for you.

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