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CBD is sure to become a household item, as more and more people daily decide to give it a try and see if it will bring the much-needed relief. CBD comes in a wide variety of products, from tinctures, vapes, edibles, topicals, and much more. And a growing number of companies fight for a piece of this market, which is estimated to reach about $2 billion by 2022. A company already holding a piece of this market is Savage CBD, which I’ll outline here below.

Savage CBD Overview

This brand has been founded with the belief that all people deserve happiness in their lives. The company is devoted to helping people, that is why they create products that help restore the balance and improve the quality of life.

Seeing that Savage Enterprises is one of the largest manufacturers of vape liquids, it seems obvious to spread its product offer into the CBD market, creating Savage CBD. According to their website, they don’t disclose the source of the hemp, but they perform third-party lab tests, readily publishing the results online.

The website is nicely designed, with a lot of useful information about CBD and the products. Their product offer includes vape liquids, edibles, full-spectrum CBD tinctures, CBD pet products, and Savage CBD apparel. They have a very modern and attractive packaging design. The Savage CBD’s devotion to their customers can be seen through excellent customer support, great discount offers and good activity on the various social media platforms.

Brand Highlights of

Savage CBD is a company with a good reputation, and being a part of the CBD market for a while now, it has certainly amassed for some nice pros and, of course, some cons.


  • Reasonable prices
  • Lab test results available online
  • Good product offer
  • Free shipping across the USA
  • THC-free and GMO-free
  • Military discount


  • Undisclosed source of hemp
  • Some vale juices contain nicotine

Types Of Products

  • Tinctures

  • Topicals

  • Capsules

  • Concentrates

  • Edibles

  • Vaping

  • Other

  • Pets

Quick Company Facts

Company Establishing Date: February 7, 2017

Official Company Name: Savage CBD (part of Savage Enterprises)

Hemp Origin: N/A

Product Price Range: $11-$179 ($-$$$)

Product Availability: Across the USA and internationally

Purchase Offers: one-time purchase, bulk, wholesale, affiliate program

Lab Test Results: readily available on the website

Support/Customer Service: phone: 714-612-1091, email:

Shipping Policy: Free shipping on all US orders

Return Policy: No return option

Where to Buy: Savage CBD online store

Savage Coupon Code

The good people at Savage CBD have put very reasonable and affordable prices on their products. They also offer regular discounts on select products, and often you will see an offer of the type buy one – get one free, or they’ll throw in an extra gift with a larger purchase. For people that will subscribe to their newsletter, there is a nice discount. Or you can input the discount code Pro15 for 15% off.

The Savage CBD product offer is very varied. There are vape liquids, CBD tinctures, lotion, capsules, edibles, pet products, and Savage CBD branded apparel items like beanies and snapback hats. Below I offer you a selection of their best selling products with basic info on them.

Passion CBD Ejuice

This is Savage CBD’s absolute best-selling product. This vape liquid is an original Savage CBD blend, incorporating CBD, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and natural and artificial flavorings to obtain a truly amazing product. The e-juice comes in a convenient 30ml bottle, with three concentrations: 250, 750 and 1000mg of CBD per bottle. The e-juices from Savage CBD come in six different variations, all with different flavors and interesting names.

Edible Gummies by Savage CBD

Savage CBD has taken the whole CBD business seriously, creating a lot of CBD-based products. This includes CBD gummies, in this case, gummy worms infused with 50mg of CBD each, packed in a bag of 6 delicious worms.

Made with CBD, corn syrup, sugar, water, gelatin, pectin, citric acid, carnauba wax, vegetable oil and natural and artificial flavors and colors, these are a nice way to increase your energy levels, as each brings an exact CBD dose that will boost your mood.

Lemon Lime CBD Tincture

A full-spectrum CBD oil tincture that also has an amazing, refreshing lemon taste, this product is a great way to add some spunk to your day. A great supplement that helps with managing pain, relieving stress, helping with depression, this CBD tincture comes in three concentrations of CBD – 1000mg per 30ml bottle, 1500mg per 30ml bottle, and 2000mg per 30ml bottle. apart from the full-spectrum CBD, it also contains MCT oil, Hemp seed oil, and essential oils and natural terpenes. It also comes in Pink Grapefruit version.

CBD Full Spectrum Lotion

This is a novelty product for Savage CBD. To make a truly useful product, they have used full-spectrum CBD oil and combined it with essential oils, vitamins, healing plant extracts like calendula, chamomile, cucumber and aloe, lavender and citrus scents. It moisturizes dry skin, helps with ache and relaxes inflamed muscles and joints. It comes in a nice 60ml bottle with 300mg of full-spectrum CBD.

CBD Softgels

To cover all the bases, the Savage CBD company also makes soft gel capsules. These are an easy, discreet way to take your daily dose of CBD, ensuring that you always take the exact same amount.

Each capsule is 0.5ml and contains 25mg of full-spectrum CBD oil. The other ingredients include gelatin, water, Opacifier, and glycerin. The Savage CBD’s soft gel capsules come in a bottle of 30 or a pack of 8, depending on your preferences, and budget.

Full Spectrum Cartridge by Savage CBD

Vape juice made with full-spectrum CBD oil in a cartridge for easy application, Yes. This product is very popular, as the e-juice cartridge contains liquid infused with pineapple blast flavor along with full-spectrum CBD oil.

This way you are getting the full effect from the CBD, along with all the natural terpenes in the full-spectrum oil, as well as an amazing pineapple blast flavor. It is made with propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, full-spectrum CBD oil, and natural and artificial flavors. The cartridge contains 500mg of CBD for great pain-relieving effect and stress-free life.

Savage CBD Pet Spray

A product made with care and love for the little furry creatures we all love. This pet spray comes in a 60ml bottle with 500mg of CBD per bottle. It also contains MCT coconut oil, hemp seed oil, and full-spectrum CBD oil. It can be added to pet food, in their water or even sprayed directly in the mouth of your dog or cat.


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