Entourage Hemp Review

One of the pioneers of the hemp industry, Entourage Hemp has seen quite the change in the five years since CBD has been made legal in the USA. Being among the first CBD companies out there, they have set the standards for the whole CBD industry, such as performing continuous lab testing and publishing the test results online. As one of the oldest CBD brands out there, Entourage Hemp is surely offering high-quality products that come at a very reasonable price.

The Entourage Hemp Brand

Entourage Hemp company has been through all the changes that have affected the CBD market, and they have followed each trend and innovation and seen it all. That is why they have decided to stick to three distinct products – the standard CBD oil tincture, soft gel capsules, and vape e-liquids. They have been devoted to creating new, improved delivery methods to increase the effectiveness of their products.

Entourage Hemp is a part of the holding company Cannoid, LLC, which greatly supports the research in how hemp can improve the way of life by providing medical benefits, providing fiber for various applications, building materials, act as a food source and a lot more practical applications.

They have set many industry standards, such as ISO-based manufacturing control systems, product traceability, third-party laboratory tests for purity and potency transparently published online, ensuring reliable delivery systems, and using compliant packaging.

The website of Entourage Hemp is nicely designed, with emphasis on spreading the good word about hemp and CBD. The site has a lot of information about CBD, hemp and their production practices. The lab test results are readily published online, and their FAQ section contains answers to a lot of hemp and CBD-related questions.

The Products

Entourage Hemp makes three types of products, WholeFlower tinctures, full-spectrum soft gel capsules, and e-liquids. All their products have increased bioavailability, and are made from the potent full-spectrum extract.

Intended to help people with chronic pain, arthritis, stress, insomnia, and more severe health issues, Entourage Hemp offers more concentrated products than their competition. Their CBD tincture is one of the strongest blends on the market, with up to 8 times stronger and 6 times more potent than other similar products.

The WholeFlower extract used in their products ensures a greater potency, as all the parts of the hemp plant contain important ingredients that have beneficial effects. This company sources its hemp from certified organic European farms and used CO2 extraction to draw out all the useful terpenes and create their full-spectrum CBD oil.


Even though Entourage Hemp offers only three different products, their products have increased bioavailability, increased effectiveness and are more powerful than anything similar on the market today.

This company is devoted to making very high-quality CBD products, and they openly publish test results online to prove their potency, purity, and transparency. The products are very fairly priced, starting with CBD E-liquid with 50mg CBD at $25, up to their Hemp WholeFlower Tincture with 2,500mg CBD that costs $200.

Entourage Hemp also offers assistance programs for veterans and patients in need of pain relief, such as people with chronic pain, cancer, substance abuse, and neurological disorders. When we gather all of the above and combine it with the many positive reviews about Entourage Hemp, I would say that their products are definitely worth trying.

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