Populum Hemp Oil Review


Populum is gaining traction, it’s a super popular hemp oil brand and their “strictly hemp” products that they provide to customers have gone above and beyond. Plus, they promote their products in a unique way that many companies have failed to do which gives them extra brownie points. Read on to discover what Populum.co has to offer you, your loved ones and the rest of the world.

Every product and company review conducted is based on research and compared to other companies with an unbiased opinion. The purpose is to educate and provide potential customers with evidence-based facts about the company and the products that they sell to ultimately provide you with the summarized information you need before purchasing.

Populum Review

The Populum Story

In 2016, Populum was founded by both Gunhee Park and Ola Olusoga. These two men were inspired by the health benefits that hemp had to offer in comparison to pharmaceuticals and synthetic supplements, and became passionate about providing others with the same incredible experience.

Not only do they believe in delivering the best possible products to their customers, but they simply want to end the stigma that has surrounded hemp and cannabis products for nearly 80 years. Their ultimate goal is to “provide a little bit of calm in this ever-busy world.”

In order to ensure that they create some of the best products on the market, the team initially collaborated with certified PhDs and domestic farmers to provide their customers with honest and high-quality hemp-derived products.

We mentioned before that they market their products differently than other companies, so, how is it done? The team decided that the best way to introduce their products is with a 30-day risk-free trial. Many companies are strict when it comes to returns, but Populum is proud to take their product back and give you a full refund if it didn’t work for you. Also, every order that is shipped comes with its very own third-party lab test results, so you know what is exactly in your product.

Populum Hemp Highlights and Quick Facts


  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Each order shipped with its own third-party lab test
  • Save 5% by subscribing to their monthly shipment plan
  • Regular reduced prices
  • Free shipping
  • Non-GMO, gluten-free, all natural
  • Tinctures come in different strengths
  • Contains natural antioxidants and neuroprotectants


  • Can be more expensive than others with only small discounts
  • Only three products for sale

Types Of Products

  • Tinctures (2 strengths)

  • Topicals

  • Pets

Quick Facts About Company

Company Established Date: 2016

Official Company Name: Kapu Maku, LLC & Populum LTD

Product Price Range: $33.25-$190

Product Availability: Ships only in the US

Product Offer: Subscription and one-time purchases

Lab Test Results: Both on the company website and sent with your order

Customer Service/Support: Live website chat/Facebook/Email/Phone

Delivery Time: Free shipping (5-7 business days) and expedited shipping (2-3 business days)

Return Policy: Risk-free 30 day trial, otherwise returns will need to be sent in how they came shipped to you in the instance of defects.

Where to Order: Online through the company website and on Amazon

Populum’s Coupons and Savings

While there are currently no coupon codes, Populum offers many different ways to save money. They understand that hemp and CBD product shopping can get pricey, thus they have enabled ways to save a few bucks like with their guaranteed free shipping on any product.

One way to save while purchasing a product from Populum is by joining their monthly subscription renewal so the same product will ship on the same day every month. This saves you 5% on your order. They also have a ‘refer a friend’ program that enables the person you refer to receive $10 off of their order, and $10 will be credited back to you from your last order. There is no limit to how many friends you can refer!

The Three Products Created by Populum

It is unfortunate that this company currently only offers three products to choose from but we are hoping to see some more in the future. Though there are only three products, they have all lived up to expectations of people searching for one thing- quality hemp products that make life a little bit easier.

1. Premium Hemp Oil

Populum Hemp Oil

What we do find often is CBD oil, and what we don’t find often is plain and simple hemp oil. When we do find hemp oil, it’s definitely not on the same level as Populum’s Premium Hemp Oil when it comes to quality and Ph.D. certification. It makes us happy to see that more doctors are on board with the health benefits that cannabis offers.

The Premium Hemp Oil is the most expensive product that Populum has produced and you can choose from three different strengths.

  • Basic 250 contains 8mg of hemp extract per serving and costs $70- current price marked down to $66.50
  • Signature 500 contains 17mg of hemp extract per serving (500mg total) and costs $120- current price is marked down to $114
  • Advanced 1000 contains 33mg of hemp extract per serving (1000 total) and costs $200- current price marked down to $190

The choice is up to you based on what you are trying to treat and how mild or severe the associated symptoms you have are. And we love that they’ve given consumers a choice for their top product – something a lot of companies forget to do.

2. Zen Pets Calming Hemp Oil

zen pets by populum review

Populum loves our four-legged friends and firmly believes in enhancing the quality of their lives. A few companies offer dog treats with very low amounts of CBD, but Populum is doing it differently- they are providing our pets with full-spectrum hemp oil that can be dropped onto their tongue or on top of their food.

Zen Pets Calming Hemp Oil contains an animal-safe 4mg of hemp extract along with hemp seed oil and coconut oil for flavor. What’s even better is the unbeatable price at only $35 for a 30-day supply (currently marked down to $33.25).

3. Cold Therapy Hemp Rub

populum cold therapy hemp rub review

This rub is non-greasy, quick to absorb, and has the texture of lotion. The rub targets pain circulating around sore muscles and achy joints with extra help from targeted cooling to reduce inflammation and swelling.

Cold Therapy Rub contains all natural ingredients such as hemp oil, aloe vera, chamomile, and arnica. They’ve all been included to enhance healing properties and provide the best possible relief. Cold Therapy Rub contains 100mg of hemp extract. It comes in one size of 3 fl oz, and will only cost $45 (current price is reduced to $42.75)

Final Thoughts on Populum Hemp

The Populum team is clearly dedicated to providing their customers with an amazing experience. They go above and beyond to help them overcome and alleviate discomfort. Their customer support is unlike any other company. I had a few simple questions that I utilized their websites live chat feature for. Guess what, I received a reply quickly (in under a minute).

It’s not surprising to see such amazing reviews from customers. Many share how their anxiety was instantly managed, insomnia cured, and the pain was significantly reduced. Their prices are really fair and they have a bunch of ways that you can save additional cash. It’s easy to look past the fact that they only have three products. That holds especially true when you see how great these three products are. Populum takes “quality over quantity” very seriously, and we couldn’t agree more.

Buy Populum On Amazon

If you’ve used any of the Populum products, then please do tell. Leave a comment and your personal rating below.

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  1. The Populum products are affordable, well rated, and popular. In fact, their popular enough that 500+ consumers are buying their main product each month on Amazon alone. There’s no other way to go about it aside from recommending that you try it out. It works.

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