SMOK Stick V8 Review


How cool would it be if you could get a killer vape tank and a proper vape pen in one offer? Well so cool, that it is actually possible – with the SMOK Stick V8. It includes the Big Baby Beast sub ohm tank that creates some killer vapors. I’ve covered the SMOKtech brand here if you’re interested in checking out that review too.

Review of the SMOK Stick V8

Details On The SMOK Stick V8

The Starter Kit

Even though the SMOK Stick V8 is rated as a starter kit, this is not for everyone. As the tank is sub ohm, it outputs bug vapor clouds, and these may confuse some inexperienced vapers. That is why, if you are an inexperienced vaper, you should tread carefully around the V8.

People that want to take up vaping instead of smoking should refrain from using the V8 as a starter, as this may overwhelm them and they could be tempted to return to regular smoking. That is why I recommend that if you are an absolute beginner, try a regulated vape pen first, get used to it, and after you start craving heavier hits, switch to the SMOK Stick V8.

Cloud Chasing

A sub ohm Baby Beast tank is good for cloud chasing. The SMOK Stick V8 comes with the Big Baby Beast. And it is a beast with 24mm diameter and a capacity for 5ml of e-juice. The Baby stands as this is the baby brother of the TFV8 Cloud Beast, which is really the big beast, and is still one of the most used vape tanks.

Both coils heads that come with the Big Baby Beast are sub ohm. One of these is 0.15ohm coil head with four separate coils with a range of 30 – 70watts. The 0.2ohm coil head has six separate coils that can be used between 40 – 130watts of power. Both coils produce amazing clouds, but the 0.2ohm head is the master for some thick, flavorful clouds.

The tank has a top filling system that locks, making it simple and easy to refill the 5ml capacity. The airflow is adjustable, with two vents 15mmx2mm in size.

Compatible w/ Other Coils

Yes, it is! The Big Baby Beast tank can be fitted with all the SMOK Beast coil heads. If you already have another one of these, you can choose whichever you like and use it with the Big Baby Beast tank. So if you have a mishap with one of the original coil heads, you can simply change it with any one of SMOK’s Beast coils and you are good to go.

Battery Power

The SMOK Stick V8 is a full-size pen. This translates to 75mm long pen + a 60mm Big Baby Beast tank, it equals to 135mm. This size can be a bit bulky for some people.

But the bigger size means a bigger battery, and bigger battery means longer life and more power. This model has a 3,000mAh battery that can output 20A continuous max discharge. This points to a longer life of the battery that lasts for a whole day, along with enough power to cook up some nice clouds.

The battery can’t be removed, as it comes with a USB charging port. And due to the high power range, this is a battery that will take up many recharges and last you a long time. When you are on the go, you’ll only get the V8 stick, a USB charger and the bottle of your favorite e-juice and you are ready to go.

Video Review

Looking for some more information? I’ve got a great video for you to check out below:


When you are looking to get into vaping and cloud chasing, this is a good starter kit, to begin with. And it is made by SMOK, which is one of the most recognized brands in this field. But if you are looking into vaping as a way to stop smoking, then you should not go with this one. Anyway, no matter what is your preference, this is an overall excellent vape pen mod with an excellent tank.

And if you are not a beginner in vaping but want to start cloud chasing, then the SMOK Stick V8 is the vape mod you should start your cloud chasing career with.


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