SabaiDee Review

Summary: SabaiDee has begun its business with the intent to right many of the wrongs that were posed by inferior CBD companies. This brand has a clear vision, uses high-quality hemp to make high-quality products, and gives back to the environment. All of this is a setup for a sustainable brand that has a strong belief in its products, which is why you should not hesitate to give them a try.

The purpose of this site is to share the important knowledge of CBD and bring you reviews for as many CBD brands as possible. It is intended to help anyone in need of relief for serious health concerns for which CBD could be beneficial.

In this quest, I’ve reached the SabaiDee brand. This brand and its products are next for review, so read on and learn what is it that makes them different than the majority of CBD brands out there.

The SabaiDee Brand

Founded in 2017, SabaiDee is a CBD brand focused on bringing high-quality hemp extracts to millions of people, while still maintaining high standards of operation and even having a strong ethical devotion towards the environment.

SabaiDee uses sustainably grown hemp sourced from Colorado farms, with strains naturally producing over 18% CBD and less than 0.3% THC. They use CO2 extraction to draw out all the useful ingredients and keep a diverse terpene profile of their full-spectrum hemp extract. In this process, they remove the small amount of THC, resulting in a pure, high-quality product.

The company has its own testing facility where they confirm the purity and potency of their product. To be certain, they also utilize independent third-party labs for a second opinion and confirmation of their claims about offering pure, quality products.

The company has an excellent and very prompt customer service, with a phone line and an email that gets answered regularly. They have fast shipping and a generous return policy even. Their main US office is located in LA, California have an office in the UK, for their EU customers.

The company has several badges and is a proud member of the National Hemp Association and the Hemp Industries Association. Their products have the badges for natural ingredients, sustainably-grown hemp, Colorado-grown hemp, and third-party tested badge.

For every SabaiDee product sold, the company plants one tree, and their company mission is to sell one million products, help one million people and plant one million trees, which is very commendable indeed.


The product catalog offered by SabaiDee is somewhat limited in variety, but it is superior in quality. Here is an overview of their most notable products.


The CBD oil offered by SabaiDee is called Good Vibes. The Good Vibes products come in four versions.

  • Good Vibes is the CBD oil intended for daily support and contains 250 mg of CBD blended with MCT coconut oil in a 30 ml bottle. Made with broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract with less than 0.03% THC, this oil is excellent for novice users and people with mild symptoms, as each dose has 8.3 mg of CBD. It is flavored with natural peppermint oil, for improved taste.
  • Super Good Vibes is the blend with 1000 mg of CBD in a30 ml bottle. It is made with the broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract and is intended for people with moderate to serious symptoms. Each dose has 33.5 mg of CBD and has a cool mint flavor due to the added peppermint oil.
  • Mega Good Vibes is their most potent blend, with 2500 mg of CBD in a 30 ml bottle. This equals to 83.3 mg of CBD per dose, for a strong punch, bringing relief for severe symptoms. It is made from Colorado-grown hemp, extracted via CO2 extraction, and blended with MCT coconut carrier oil and peppermint oil for a cool minty flavor.
  • Pure Good Vibes is their natural flavor CBD oil with 1000 mg of CBD per 30 ml bottle. This is for people that don’t like the minty flavor and wish to add CBD to foods or drinks without affecting the natural taste. Just like the other versions, this is also made form broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract with MCT coconut oil.

Relief Rub

A soothing blend of natural ingredients and CBD hemp extract, this product is intended for providing relief to sore muscles, joints or pain points. The rub is made with ingredients like jojoba oil, avocado oil, beeswax, Shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, peppermint and wintergreen oil, camphor oil and of course, 250 mg of broad-spectrum CBD packed in a nice 48-gram jar.

It can bring relief to people with arthritic pains, post-workout recovery, long-term pain in knees and joints and soothe skin issues.

Comfort Cream

A creamy lotion infused with 500 mg of CBD packed in a nice 50 ml pack, this cream helps restore the skin and promote rejuvenation. It is similar to the relief rub, with several differences. This product contains more CBD and has essential oils like bergamot and peppermint oil that give it a subtle aroma of mint and oranges. It is lighter on the skin and has excellent moisturizing effects.

Pros and cons

When doing my homework on the SabaiDee brand and its products, I noticed some pros and some cons that I’ll share here.

Pros of SabaiDee

  • Sustainably-grown hemp from Colorado farms: the company supports US farmers by sourcing its hemp from Colorado. They look only for organically-grown hemp, with emphasis on sustainable farming methods and source high CBD/low THC hemp strains
  • Full-spectrum CBD hemp extract: for a more wholesome effect, SabaiDee tends to use full and broad-spectrum CBD hemp extracts that contain the natural terpenes from the hemp plant
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction: with this method, it is relatively simple to extract the useful organic matter from the hemp plant and keep all the useful ingredients. This process produces a pure, contaminant-free and solvent-free extract that has all the beneficial compounds from the hemp
  • Independent lab tests: the company has a lab for testing, but to be extra-certain, they also perform tests in independent labs and publish the results online
  • Excellent customer support: fast shipping, discounted prices for bulk purchases, good return policy and always ready to answer customer questions, this is a company that is devoted to its customers
  • Devoted to the environment: for every product sold, SabaiDee plants one tree, thus supporting the regeneration of the forests and supporting the environment

Some Cons

  • High prices: yes, this can be an issue to many people, as no matter how good the products are, SabaiDee has some steep prices that are not easily affordable by many.
  • Small product offer: the product catalog only has CBD oil and two types of CBD creams. These are high-quality products for sure, but some people may find them lacking or less inventive than the competition.

Conclusion and Final Recommendation

SabaiDee has a great company policy with premium CBD oils and creams. The company has a transparent attitude towards the clients, with clear explanations of each aspect of the production process. Disclosing the source of the hemp, their production methods, analysis methods and the good customer support they have in place, and add on top of this their devotion towards the environment only tells me that they are in this business to stay for a long time.

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