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There are thousands of CBD companies out there who offer brands and products for the average consumer. There are lots of options out there and that’s part of the reason why you must do your research. I’ve covered some details of one of the many brands out there on the market today. A brand that separates itself from the competition, Irie CBD makes CBD-based products by using high-quality, GMO-free, organic hemp. They also offer test results for their products and they are also devoted to customer satisfaction.

Irie CBD products

All About The Irie CBD Brand

This brand is very devoted to its customers, as they have a very interesting selling policy – for each product you buy, you get to nominate a friend that will get a free product. And if you forgo the nomination, then they will donate a product that will reach to people in real need of CBD.

They use organically grown hemp that is free from GMOs, and they extract the useful terpenes and cannabinoids via the supercritical CO2 extraction process, to ensure that the oil they product keeps as much of the phytocannabinoids as possible, for the full entourage effect.

The company makes lab tests to all its products, and they publish the results on their website, so anyone interested can check them out. There is only a little note, they should also test and publish the results for contaminants, pesticides, and herbicides, it would paint a more complete picture of the content of the products.

The Products

Irie CBD makes a wide array of tinctures and they combine the CBD oil with ancient herbal remedies to achieve a high-quality product that will certainly deliver on its promise. Each of their tinctures has a different herbal blend for helping with different ailments like curcumin, maca, mucuna, basil, ashwagandha, monk fruit, peppermint, lavender, grape seed oil, orange, fennel, Avena, evening primrose and more.

There are also topicals for pain relief, CBD skin serums and CBD-infused lip balm, all infused with appropriate herbal extracts for the greatest beneficial effect. The products are nicely packaged and simple to use, and there are many positive reviews from satisfied customers that have tried the products themselves.

The Verdict

We can be certain that there is a lot of support under the claims that the Irie CBD products work wonders. When combined with the claims that the company uses sustainably grown GMO-free hemp, uses all-natural ingredients, and tests its products, there is little doubt in the aims of the brand and the effectiveness of its products. Anyone that knows the benefits of CBD and is a believer in herbal medicine should definitely give the Irie CBD products a try.

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