Lovebud Review: The Skin Care and Puffy Eyes Solution?


I recently stumbled across the Lovebud CBD brand. It’s one that specializes in skin care and cosmetics. I’d say that among the many companies that offer some nice CBD-related products the Lovebud company is one that stood out to me.  The products are aimed at health-conscious individuals and the company works hard to produce health and wellness products for body and face care. Keep reading and find out more about this brand. If you’re looking for skin care products that contain CBD and hemp, then you’ll want to learn all about this brand.

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Lovebud Company Overview

The Lovebud company is founded in 2016 in Colorado, just like this company here, with its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. The company is devoted to producing natural hemp-based cosmetics products that will have all the beneficial effects the hemp plant and the hemp seed oil has to offer for your skin.

According to the founder of Lovebud, a chemist named Becky Adam, the major cosmetics companies have been using cheaper chemicals to make their products instead of the more high-quality, natural ingredients. That is why she has started producing hemp-based cosmetics for herself, and after she saw the great beneficial effects, she decided to share her knowledge and experiences.

The Lovebud website is nicely designed, and one can easily find a lot of useful information about the products. During the research, I found that Lovebud uses GMO-free CBD isolate with 99% purity to make its products, but they don’t state where they source the hemp or if they perform any lab testing on the CBD they use. They do, however, state that their products are GMO-free, vegan and cruelty-free.

The website has a blog page that brings a lot of useful information about the hemp seed oil used in skin care, There is also a page with information on the important science of skin care and detailed explanations on how the hemp seed oil benefits the skin. They offer detailed information on the content of every product, along with free shipping on orders over $25. One can subscribe to their newsletter and get info on new products and info on their regular sales.

Brand Highlights


  • Prices that are affordable
  • Nicely designed cosmetics products
  • Free shipping on orders over $25
  • 30-day return option
  • A lot of useful information on the website


  • No lab results available
  • Cosmetics / topical skin products only

Types Of Products

  • Topicals

  • Other

Quick Company Facts

Company Establishing Date: 2016

Official Company Name: Lovebud

Hemp Origin: N/A

Product Price Range: $6 – $48 ($)

Product Availability: Across the USA

Purchase Offers: One-time purchase, bulk order

Lab Test Results: N/A

Support/Customer Service: Online contact form

Shipping Policy: USPS shipping across the USA

Return Policy: 30-day return option

Where to Buy: Lovebud online shop, local markets (limited distribution)

Lovebud Coupon Code

The starting price for all the Lovebud products is generally very affordable, but as there are no coupon codes for discounts, in order to sweeten the deal, they constantly offer sales on different products. One can easily track these through their newsletter and social media profiles.

The Lovebud offer comes in a limited but interesting range of products. All of these are skin (face and body) and lip care products. Here we’ll outline the most famous and popular ones.

Body High Cooling Relief Bar

This product is intended to be used for muscle relaxation after intense workouts, or as pain relief for sore muscles after a long time sitting or simple as a relaxant. This pain relief bar is packed in a roll-on bar to allow for easy and simple application without any mess. It comes in two strengths, but the more powerful one – the So Extra – is recommended as it contains 500mg of CBD extract in a 75g pack for a nice, relaxing feeling.

Cherry Diesel Lip Budder

This is a lip moisturizing balm that has a slight cherry tinge to bring out the color of your lips while providing nourishment, moisturizing and softness to your lips. The lip budder is very affordable, nicely packed in 2-gram easy-to-apply packs. Besides the hemp seed oil, this product also contains avocado oil, cocoa butter and meadowfoam seed oil in a formula designed to rejuvenate your lips.

Hand and Body Budder

A product designed to rejuvenate the skin on your hands and body. This budder is made from hemp seed oil along with aloe vera juice, meadowfoam seed oil, and aspen tree bark extract.

This skin product gets easily absorbed by the skin, leaving it refreshed, light and healthy. Packed in an easy-to-use 237ml packs, this one comes in a non-scented version, a citrus bud fragrance, and lavender haze fragrance.

Face Budder

This product is specifically designed to be used as an anti-aging cream for the face. It has a balanced formula that contains hemp seed oil, aloe juice, meadowfoam seed oil and other ingredients that help the skin regain its vitality by promoting hydration, smoothness and refreshed look/feel. It comes in a nice 50ml jar.

Massage Oil

This is a topical mix with 200mg of CBD extract in a 59ml bottle of massage oil. This massage oil is easy to apply, easily gets absorbed in the skin and along with the hemp oil it contains arnica oil for pain relief and relaxation.

Puff Puff Past Eye Cream

An eye cream specifically designed to fight the dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. This eye cream contains hemp seed oil, arnica oil an green tea oil for reducing puffiness around the eyes, leaving younger looking, radiant skin. It comes in a 30 ml bottle. (Note: Skinpro has a CBD eye cream that just launched)

The Pre-Roll Massage Oil

This is a massage oil that comes in a 9ml pack of 125mg of CBD extract with a roll-on applicator for easy application without the possibility of spilling and creating a mess.

The massage oil contains hemp seed oil, arnica oil and meadowfoam seed oil for relaxing feeling and refreshed body and soul.


The products at are pretty good and the company is best known for reducing the puffiness around the eyes. If you’re on the market for some skincare products that contain CBD or hemp oil, then you’ve quite possibly found the perfect solution.

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