How To Use CBD Oil For Erectile Dysfunction (ED CBD)


Having performance issues or sexual dysfunction is a real problem for guys. Not being able to keep an erection for long enough is something that can happen to any guy, and it’s a real problem. While sometimes it can be a simple a stress-related issue, often some more severe underlying problems need to be properly addressed.

That is why I’ll address this issue in more detail. I’ll explain the common causes of erectile dysfunction, the usually prescribed medicine, and also tell you how CBD can indeed provide some help with this ED problem.

CBD For Erectile Dysfunction

What Causes ED aka Erectile Dysfunction?

An erection happens when blood flow increases into the penis. This is due to sexual pleasure and stimulation of any kind, and we mean both physical and mental stimulation. The penile tissue is chambered, you can think of it as having a spongy consistency, and when it fills up with blood, the penis becomes rigid.

This is accompanied by relaxation of the muscles in the penis, and once the stimuli end or orgasm is achieved, the muscles contract, forcing the blood away from the penis. This is basic biology and in normal cases, everything stays upright when it should.

So where do the issues with erectile dysfunction happen? Well, that depends on each individual. In most cases, the reason for erectile dysfunction is stress or anxiety disorder and is temporary. That means when the man is relaxed enough and is not “afraid to perform”, the issue goes away.

But if this is nor a one-time occurrence, then there is a more serious underlying cause of erectile dysfunction. The most common health concerns that have ED as a side-effect are hypertension (high blood pressure), any form of poor cardiovascular health (heart disease), diabetes, hormonal imbalance, high body weight, and plenty more. Not to mention the psychological issues like stress, anxiety, PTSD, alcoholism, drug use, and more.

The erectile dysfunction issues translate into the other aspects of a man’s life. His ego suffers, as well as his relationship with his partner, it also lowers the self-esteem.

Many men that had prolonged issues with erectile dysfunction have reported that their relationships ended because of this problem. Also, any form of romantic relationship usually suffers. There is an issue with pregnancy, as men with erectile dysfunction are not able to conceive a child.

How To Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Modern medicine has a treatment for erectile dysfunction – the little blue pill is known as Viagra. This medication will cause a one-time erection, but it will not solve the underlying cause of ED.

Also, taking Viagra can have adverse effects on the self-esteem of a man, and can aid in anxiety caused by “performance issues.” Additionally, there is a long list of side-effects related to prolonged use of Viagra.

But an alternative method for treating erectile dysfunction has arisen, and it is an all-natural product that helps treat the deeper issues related to this issue.

CBD For Treating E.D.

While there are no clinical studies related to the use of CBD for treating erectile dysfunction, some people have been successful using this natural remedy.

There is a strong relation between CBD and the endocannabinoid system or ECS. This system is responsible for the natural balance in the body, and that includes the health of the reproductive organs, the health of the cardiovascular system, and the hormonal balance.

The CB receptors from the ECS are distributed all over the body. That means there are CB receptors in the penile tissue. When the CBD enters the body, it binds with the CB receptors and it stimulates them. This is done via a complex mechanism, but the result is that the ECS is stimulated to its natural balanced state.

The same goes for the CB receptors in the other parts of the body. There are plenty of these in the cardiovascular system, the nerve tissues, and all over the body. If the erectile dysfunction problem is caused by issues with blood pressure or blood flow, taking CBD can stimulate the balance of the cardiovascular system, effectively helping with this problem.

I need to mention that the endocannabinoid system is mainly responsible for keeping the hormonal balance in the body. Low testosterone levels are a direct cause of erectile dysfunction. So taking CBD can help with this problem if the issue is hormonal.

One of the most known effects CBD brings is on relieving anxiety. CBD has been actively linked to helping relieve different types of anxiety as performance and social anxiety.

CBD does this by stimulating the ECS and helping the blood flow through the brain. Once the anxiety is gone, plenty of people find that they can perform better sexually, and find they don’t have erectile dysfunction issues as before. But, we’ll still wait a while for modern medicine to do research and support some of these claims.

However, the CBD that is legally sold in the USA has less than 0.3% THC which makes it a non-psychoactive substance. The only side effects of CBD happen if you take this in excess, and these are drowsiness and sleepiness. Compared to the long list of side-effects prescription medication has, there is no risk in giving CBD a try.

Final words

Erectile dysfunction is not something to laugh about but is an issue to be taken seriously. It is a problem that up to 50% of men across the world will face at one time in their lives, and as such, it poses a great problem. It can lower the quality of life, destroy romantic relations, and even tear up families.

Unlike prescription drugs, the natural CBD products work differently, but still, help with plenty of the issues related to erectile dysfunction. CBD works on increasing blood flow, helping restore hormonal balance, and relaxing anxieties. All of these health issues have a role in erectile dysfunction.

But while we wait for the medicine to examine the CBD’s effects and its effect on helping treat erectile dysfunction, we need to mention that there are virtually no side effects from using CBD. But for any doubt, consult a medical professional.

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