Facts About CBD and Weightloss

There has been a silent epidemic raging across the USA, and it is not contagious, but is very worrisome and can have devastating results. You may have guessed that we are talking about being overweight and obesity, with over 55% of adult Americans being affected by this.

But there is still hope.

It is called CBD. While genetics may have influence in the overweight and obesity areas, the most important factor is still the environmental factor. That means that people can actually do something about it, and it will have positive results.

Healthy eating habits are the principal area, exercise and physical activity is right next to it, and add to this the wondrous effects of CBD, and you’ve got a winner. Below I will explain the mechanism of acting of CBD and bring you additional information to support the claim that CBD does help you lose weight.

CBD – an incredible molecule

Cannabidiol or short CBD is a naturally occurring compound most abundant in the cannabis plant. Even though it derives from cannabis, CBD is not psychoactive. That role is reserved for THC – tetra-hydro-cannabinoid, which is highly psychoactive and is on the FDA’s list of prohibited substances.

There are specific cannabis plant varieties that are crossbred to obtain a high content of CBD and a very low content of THC, these are called hemp. The cannabis varieties that have high THC content and low CBD are known as marijuana. Here and further, we will only talk about industrial hemp, as this is the base material for the production of CBD.

Once the hemp is fully matured, it is processed into hemp oil. There are several types of hemp oil: full-spectrum hemp oil, wide-spectrum, and CBD isolate oil. The full-spectrum and wide-spectrum CBD oils contain all the hemp’s cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC and more, all of which have their own benefits on the body. The CBD isolate oil is pure CBD isolate mixed with a carrier oil, which is still highly effective.

There is also hemp seed oil, which usually does not contain any CBD, but it has its own health benefits. This oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for the normal functioning of the body. Hemp seed oil contains gamma linoleic acid, which also has a positive effect on weight loss.

The overall benefits from taking CBD oil include: pain relief, stress relief, improved sleep, relief from epileptic seizures, PTSD relief, help with inflammation, positively affect cholesterol, blood sugar, and insulin, and help the body shed excess fat effectively losing weight.

CBD and the endocannabinoid system

The human body has the endocannabinoid system that is responsible for regulating a variety of mechanisms and keep the homeostasis of the body. Needless to say, the endocannabinoid system has specific receptors known as CB receptors (CB1 and CB2) which can be triggered by CBD, resulting in increased metabolism.

The increase of the metabolic processes results in burning more of the fat reserves and losing weight, as well as a variety of other positive effects like lowering of the high blood sugar, normalizing cholesterol levels, and normalizing blood pressure. While some may argue that the increased stimulation of the CB1 receptor may cause metabolic syndrome, CBD actually prevents the occurrence of this condition.

How we burn fat?

The excess food we consume gets stored in the body as adipose tissue, also known as fat. The white fat is the excess that we carry on us as excess weight, is stored under the skin, and is the fat that causes all kinds of health issues. The brown fat is the one the body uses as an energy source and is the good kind of fat. The trick to a lean, healthy body is to turn as much of the white fat into brown fat.

CBD helps the conversion of white into brown fat, increasing the burning of excess energy, as well as an overall increase of the metabolism. The CBD affects the mitochondria, the energy conversion organelle of cells, speeding up the burning of fat. These processes result in weight loss, which is kind of the whole point.

Another point in favor of CBD is that it helps bring the insulin levels in normal values, normalizing blood sugar levels. Diabetes or another form of insulin resistance is very often seen in people with a lot of excess weight, so the use of CBD is helping the improvement of this condition.

A healthy gut – healthy body

Health enters through the mouth – an old saying that is unquestionably true. But to be able to use all the important nutrients we take from the food, the digestive system needs to be in pristine condition. The endocannabinoid system is also responsible for keeping the health of the gut.

Because the endocannabinoid system is governed by endocannabinoids that get naturally produced in our bodies, any change in their levels results in a disturbance of the whole body. Since CBD positively affects the endocannabinoid system, bringing it back to balance, it positively affects the proper digestion of food, the normal operation of the gut’s microbes and the nutrient absorption, resulting in improved health.

The adequate dose of CBD for weight loss

From all the above, you can conclude that CBD helps the burning of excess fat and supports weight loss. If that is not enough, there are many CBD experts that support this claim. In an interview, two prominent doctors, Michael Verbora, MD and Rachna Patel, MD have stated that they believe in CBD’s ability to decrease weight, as all their patients that were prescribed CBD therapy for other health issues have also experienced weight loss.

But how much CBD is enough to trigger the weight loss process? Well, there is no set dose, and everyone is affected differently. The good thing is that there is no CBD overdose, so don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time.

Try a lower dose for a week or two, notice the effects and slowly increase the dose. Never start off with a high dose, but always work your way up slowly until you hit the right dose for you. The recommended starting dose should be from 10 to 25mg of CBD per day.

Always use CBD from respectable sources, as the rise in popularity of CBD has brought some questionable brands. Look for brands that have a lot of positive reviews and brands that publish their lab test results online. While this is no guarantee, still, most of the respectable CBD companies have nothing to hide and work for a satisfied customer base.

Important FAQ’s

What is the difference between CBD and cannabis?

Cannabis is a plant that produces THC and CBD. THC is the psychoactive component and CBD is the non-psychoactive component. The plants that produce a lot of THC are called marijuana, and the plants that produce a lot of CBD and little THC are called hemp.

Is CBD dangerous to use for weight loss?

The FDA considers CBD as a food supplement, and as such, it holds NO dangers. Some CBD products contain other ingredients that can have adverse effects when used for weight loss, so you need to check the label before you decide to use the CBD product in your diet.

How to use CBD for losing weight?

Any type of CBD product can be used for weight loss. If you use CBD oil, you can add it to your food or take it directly in your mouth. The gel capsules have a precisely set dose of CBD, which is one of the best ways for consistent dosing. There are also edibles and chewing gums with precise doses of CBD which positively affect weight loss by also suppressing appetite.

How much CBD should I take?

Every one metabolizes CBD differently, so there is no one-size-fits-all recommendation. To find your dose, start off with 5 or 10mg of CBD per day and see the results. If you don’t feel the effects, increase the dose after a couple of days, and do this until you hit the sweet spot. Don’t overdo it, and always wait a couple of days between increases.

Will I fail a drug test if on CBD?

Any drug test screens for THC, and not CBD. If the CBD products you use are pure and guaranteed THC-free, you will pass a drug test with flying colors and have no reason to worry.


I have done my best to bring the topics of CBD and weight loss closer to you. I’ve explained several important aspects of the weight loss process and the use and metabolism of CBD. Since CBD is a natural product this is one of the safest and cleanest diet supplements that can really help you lose weight.

First thing first, stop consuming sugary drinks, processed foods, fast food, and overall unhealthy foods. You can include hemp seeds and hemp seed oil in your diet, as these bring important nutrients without any extra calories.

Start an exercise regiment and take your CBD regularly. You will soon notice a good change and after a while, you will really start to see the results. Improved sleep, reduced pain, stress relief, better heart function, better blood pressure, and a lot more, and the pounds sliding off of you.

Do you use CBD oil? Have you noticed any significant weight loss? Please share your experience with us.

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