CBD Oil and Alcohol

Bottom Line Upfront: Alcohol consumption should be limited, especially for those drinking daily. CBD may be helpful in reducing alcohol consumption behavior and CBD is a safer alternative. Also, CBD is helpful in helping fight anxiety and depression, common issues when trying to quit or reduce alcohol consumption. You have many CBD options listed below should you wish to give it a try.
People have been using alcohol for leisurely pleasure for a long time. And there is nothing wrong with having a drink now and then. However, the real problem arises when alcohol is not used but is abused, and a person gets dependent on it. Everyday drinking in excess is what is considered alcoholism.Alcohol Use Disorder or alcoholism is a condition that close to 20 million people in the USA struggle with. This is a serious disease that brings a lot of side effects. There are adverse effects on the health of people, as well as plenty of socio-economic consequences.

Among the many things that can help people better deal with their alcoholism problems, there is a holistic treatment that has shown a great promise. Yes, we are talking about CBD. Read on as we explain the basics of CBD and how this amazing compound can help people deal with addictive disorders such as alcoholism.

Facts About CBD And Why Alcoholics Need It

For a long time, cannabis has enjoyed an air of notoriety and has become a synonym to stoners, addicts, and slackers in general. While this is a result of the opinions of some of the public, science has quite the opposite opinion.

Cannabis has been linked to being helpful with a large array of health concerns. Marijuana, the cannabis plant that produces THC, the most famous cannabinoid that has a psychoactive effect is still on plenty of lists of banned substances. The non-psychoactive cousin of THC, CBD has gained recognition of being very effective on health without any adverse effects. CBD is the base of an entire supplements industry – the CBD industry.

Scientific research has conclusively linked CBD with relief from epileptic seizures. Epidiolex is the first FDA-approved CBD-based treatment for rare forms of epilepsy that modern medicine has no other way of helping.

But plenty of researchers are working on proving how CBD helps with other health issues like pain management, appetite loss, inflammation reduction, addictions, and more.

The lack of scientific proof does not stop people from using CBD. Many individuals are successfully using CBD and getting relief from different ailments for which medicine usually prescribes strong, sometimes unhealthy medication. One such thing is help with alcohol addiction.

How CBD Helps With Alcoholism Addiction?

Drinking alcohol on occasion is fun and can even be healthy, Just look at the French; they prefer wine with almost every dinner. But we are talking about one glass of wine. The troubles begin when people start drinking all day, every day. Then the body undergoes some serious changes and it gets used to the daily alcohol intake. The addiction causes physical changes to the tissues and the body reacts accordingly.

People that are addicted to alcohol usually have trouble concentrating, are anxious or depressed, have headaches, and experience fatigue and are extremely irritable. If they don’t get a drink, their bodies can start shaking and trembling, and in more severe cases, alcoholics can hallucinate or experience a seizure. If this condition is not properly treated, alcoholics are on a certain way towards death. I’m not saying this to be dramatic, but the severity of the alcoholism addiction determines the symptoms and the necessary treatment.

If not treated in time, alcoholism will destroy the liver, the skin, the brain, and the nervous system, or in one word, will destroy the body. The good news is that alcohol dependency can be treated and very successfully for that matter. Still, the accompanying symptoms that come from alcohol detoxification can be difficult to manage. That is where CBD comes in.

CBD influences the endocannabinoid system (ECS) within our bodies. The ECS has a regulatory role in almost all bodily functions. SO, when the body undergoes alcohol withdrawal, CBD can help counteract some of the more severe symptoms.

This is done via a complex mechanism that scientists don’t fully understand, but there is no doubt that CBD helps. CBD acts as a stimulant on pleasure centers of the brain in a similar way as alcohol. CBD’s action comes without altering the psychological state of the mind. By using CBD, the body will get a boost in satisfaction without the harmful effect of drinking alcohol.

When undergoing detox, alcoholics usually experience anxiety and depression. CBD helps regulate these conditions, as it can help balance brain chemistry and reduce the panicky feelings. There are a lot of other things related to alcohol withdrawal which CBD can aid with. Some of these are nausea, liver regeneration, digestive tract balance, psychosis, and others.

As mentioned above, alcohol withdrawal is commonly accompanied by tremors and even seizures. CBD is very effective in treating seizures, which is proven by the FDA-approved treatment for epilepsy. Thus, we can freely conclude that CBD has a beneficial effect on people that are undergoing treatments for alcohol addiction.

We are not continuing with more details about the way CBD could aid in diminishing/reducing some of the symptoms related to alcoholism. Instead, we’ll outline our selection of the top-rated CBD products that people should try.

Top-Rated CBD Products For Alcoholism Withdrawal

Here is our selection for the best CBD products that could help people that are withdrawing from alcohol abuse. We used several criteria to make our selection like the origin of the hemp, whether the company makes lab tests, the potency of the products, the price, and the ease of use.

NuLeaf Naturals Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil

NuLeaf Naturals is a good CBD brand, and they know their way around the CBD industry. The company uses industrial hemp that has been organically grown in Colorado. The full-spectrum CBD hemp extract used in their products has been made via CO2 extraction.

Here we outline the Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD oil with 1800 mg of CBD per 30 ml bottle. Each ml of this oil has 60 mg of CBD which is a powerful punch capable of helping with more severe symptoms like the ones accompanying alcohol withdrawal.

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Bluebird Botanicals Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil 6X

Bluebird Botanicals is a Colorado-based CBD brand that has been in this business for a long time. Among the different CBD products, we have selected their Full-Spectrum Hemp Signature 6x Oil.

This product is made with 1500 mg full-spectrum hemp extract and is packed in a 30 ml bottle. Bluebird Botanicals uses CO2 extraction and they also add frankincense and black cumin extracts to give their CBD oil added benefits.

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Medterra CBD Oil Tincture

From the interesting Medterra product catalog, we have selected their CBD Tincture as a good product that can help people with alcohol addiction. MedTerra makes its CBD tinctures from 99%+ pure CBD isolate and blends them with organic MCT coconut oil. The MedTerra tinctures come in a 30 ml bottle with 500, 1000, and 3000 mg of CBD.

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American Shaman Water Soluble Extra-Strength CBD

CBD American Shaman is a brand that makes CBD products with increased bioavailability. We selected their Water Soluble Extra Strength CBD Oil, as this is a remarkable product. It is tested for purity and potency, and the test results are published on the official CBD American Shaman page.

This CBD oil comes with 30 mg of CBD per each ml of oil and comes in bottles of 15 and 30 ml. It is recommended for people that have moderate to severe symptoms as the large dose of CBD with each ml of oil can be very effective in treating the symptoms.

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Elixinol Daily Balance CBD Tincture

The Elixinol CBD brand is known for its versatile products, as they have full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products. Here we give you an outline of their Daily Balance CBD Tincture.

This is a full-spectrum product that has 8 mg of CBD per serving. The tincture is made from organic hemp that has been processed with CO2 extraction. This tincture has MCT oil from coconuts as a carrier oil and is enriched with beta-caryophyllene.

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CbdMD Tincture Drops

CBDMD is a nice CBD brand and they make broad-spectrum CBD hemp products. Here we outline their CBD Oil Tincture Drops with 1500 mg of CBD per 30 ml bottle.

These are made with broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract and come in a natural, berry, mint, or orange flavor. Each recommended dose of 1 ml brings 50 mg of CBD, which is powerful enough to help with moderate to severe symptoms.

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Charlotte’s Web Extra Strength CBD Capsules

Charlotte’s Web has set some very high standards in the CBD industry. Here we present their CBD Capsules that are made with whole-plant CBD-rich hemp extract that has been extracted via CO2 extraction.  Each capsule has about 18 mg of CBD and all the other active ingredients from the hemp plant. The recommended dose is two of these capsules a day which gives you about 35 mg of CBD.

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Purekana CBD Capsules

Purekana makes its products from industrial hemp grown in Kentucky. They use organic, GMO-free hemp and extract the full-spectrum CBD hemp extract via CO2 extraction. For this list, we have selected their CBD capsules, as these are made with 25 mg of CBD per capsule.

Purekana recommends you take one to two capsules a day, depending on your symptoms. These come in a pack with 30 capsules and there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Elixinol Daily Balance Capsules

Elixinol makes several types of CBD products with full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract. Here we present the Daily Balance Capsules as we think these are a great option for helping with alcoholism withdrawal.

The CBD capsules by Elixinol are GMO-free capsules made with full-spectrum CBD hemp extract and MCT coconut oil. A capsule has15 mg of CBD, so people should take one to two of these a day.

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Lazarus Naturals RSO Oil

The Lazarus Naturals CBD brand is a long-term player in the CBD industry. Here we present you their RSO Oil. RSO stands for Rick Simpson Oil, named after the man who created the first cannabis concentrate.

The RSO is taken sublingually, as this is a highly concentrated product with a thick consistency. Lazarus Naturals packs their RSO Oil in 10 and 50 ml syringes, with 100 mg of CBD per 1 ml RSO oil. The high concentration of CBD and terpenes make this product very effective in helping with symptom management.

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Final Recommendation

Above we have outlined the basics of CBD and how it can help manage some of the more pressing symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Using several different criteria during selection, we think that our list presents a good variety of products that can help with this health issue.

All of the products outlined here are made from US-grown hemp, have been tested in independent labs, and come with reasonable prices considering the amount of CBD each of them has. There is no particular order, as we don’t have one favored CBD product, but think that you should make that selection based on your needs and experience with CBD.

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