Horseracing And CBD: Here Are The Facts…


Many CBD manufacturers have specially crafted blends of CBD tincture that’s intended for horses. This is very understandable, because horses, especially racehorses, undergo a very stressful training regimen and are subjected to painful recovery time. So, it may seem that giving CBD to a racehorse is the smart thing to do, right? Keep reading and find out more about this matter. It might not be as good as it sounds.

Horse Racing

Horse Racing Commission and CBD/Hemp Oil

Hemp or CBD oil has become the hype of the past few years and gained a lot of popularity as a food supplement not only in humans but also in pets and equines.

While the effects in humans can easily be noted, the effect it has on pets and equines takes longer to notice and confirm. However, research has been done by some very persistent people, and today it’s very common for most manufacturers to offer CBD oil for pets and horses.

I’ve covered quite a few brands and products over the past year that create products specifically for pets. You should definitely check them out to learn more before giving them to your pet. Anyway, back to the horses…

Why They Use It

Horses are given hemp or CBD oil for several reasons like helping with arthritic pains (inflammation of the joints and cartilage), chronic laminitis (inflammation of the hoofs) pains, muscle soreness (from over-exercising), herd issues (not all horses manage well in a large herd), stall rest (horses can get agitated in prolonged stay in a stall) and trailer fear (as horses are claustrophobic and get nervous when traveling in a closed trailer).

Generally speaking, there is nothing wrong with giving a substance that will help the health and manage the anxiety in horses. But the horse racing community does not exactly seem to think so.

Is giving CBD To A Racehorse A Problem?

As I said, the official horse racing community frowns upon the giving of CBD oil to racehorses. There has been a recent situation where a racehorse was found as being “positive” after being tested for CBD, and it was not so well received by Kentucky’s Horse Racing Commission.

The Commission has not reported its final decision so far, but they are not giving it a “positive” motion just yet. The Commission stated that they will conduct an investigation into the matter, and they will be conducting an interview with the trainer and stewards.

There have also been statements that the Commission will make their final decisions on this matter public, and that they intend to put the CBD and THC, as well as the substance cardarine on their list of prohibited substances for racehorses.

The Commission goes on as saying that they will enforce heavy penalties like suspension for the trainer of the horse testing positive for CBD, forfeiting of any winning purse, as well as a financial fine for the involved parties.

While the online community may find this unwelcomed and the effect the hemp and CBD oils have on the animal, those effects are not exactly desired as they may hinder the racehorse’s performance.


While we all have been witnesses to the beneficial powers of the hemp and CBD oils, this may not be the exact thing a racehorse needs. Still, with my un-horse-educated knowledge, I think that giving hemp or CBD oil to horses of any kind should not pose a threat to their racing abilities.

The CBD does not enhance the performance, nor does it cause addiction or any type of unwanted effects. The worst it can do is make the horse calmer and steadier, lessening its anxiety and stress that may be caused by the travel trailer on race day.

Because CBD is known to be able to reduce the pain caused by inflammation (a common problem among racers – horses or people), I think that this should be the guiding principle behind giving CBD to racehorses. But, again, this is my opinion, and we’ll have to respect the official decisions, no matter if we agree or disagree with them.

I’d love to hear how you feel on this and whether or not it truly makes a difference from a performance perspective.

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