Good Jane CBD Review

Bottomline Upfront: If you’re looking for topicals and capsules, then the Good Jane CBD brand might be a good choice for you. Liz Kirby created this to help people fight “grown-up” pains such as knee problems, elbow issues, etc. They have third party lab test results for consumers. If you’re looking for a new brand, take a look at Good Jane. Click here for access to discounted products. Also, just to be clear, Good Jane and Premium Jane are two different brands.

Summary: We have completed lots of reviews covering different CBD brands. During our work, we learned to recognize quality from not-so-quality CBD brands. The brand outlined below falls under the quality category, but they need to smooth out some things to be considered a super high-quality brand.

The Good Jane CBD brand coming from Portland, Maine. After careful investigation of this brand, we can say that the official website could use some improvement as it shares limited information on the brand. Good Jane uses hemp grown in the USA but does not share the extraction method used to make the broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract used in its products.

To deliver the expected results, all the Good Jane products are infused with additional plant extracts in formulations done by an experienced herbalist. Considering the natural ingredients and this company’s devotion to sustainability, we can understand the Good Jane mission and pricing, which is on the higher side.

Good Jane Review

The Good Jane CBD Oils

Good Jane is a CBD brand founded in Portland, Maine, in 2017. This company started selling its products in 2018. Good Jane is founded and run by a certain Liz Kirby, whose mission is to help people tackle “grown-up” problems. The everyday health issues that grownups face such as a bad knee, injured elbow, and the like can be helped with the Good Jane products.

Good Jane sources quality hemp and they make several different CBD products with broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract that is THC-free. The products are made by an experienced herbalist and contain a lot of plant-based ingredients that have proven track records in helping heal different ailments. Good Jane tests its products in-house and in third-party labs, and the test results can be seen on each product page.

This company is oriented towards sustainability, so they package each product in recyclable packaging. The website has detailed instructions on how to dispose of the packaging once you’ve used the Good Jane product. Good Jane offers free shipping on orders over $100 and has free local delivery for orders in Maine.

CBD Products

There are several products under the Good Jane brand. These include CBD capsules and CBD salves with various ingredients that help specific issues. Here is an overview of all of these.

CBD Capsules

Good Jane sells two types of CBD capsules: a daytime relaxation formulation and a nighttime formulation. These come with very interesting names.

Hello, Mellow Capsules

These Good Jane CBD capsules contain 15 mg of broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract and come in bottles with 30 capsules. They are also infused with a herbal blend of extracts known to relieve anxiety and stress which include holy basil, lemon balm, and skullcap extracts. Being broad-spectrum, these capsules are THC-free, and the recommended dose is one capsule a day.

Nighty Night Capsules

Good Jane has made CBD capsules with a specific nighttime formula that helps people rest and get a full night’s sleep. Each capsule is made with 15 mg of broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract that is free from THC. These Good Jane capsules contain hops, valerian root, passionflower, and lemon balm extracts, all of which are known for their relaxing effects and improved sleep, and Good Jane recommends one capsule a night.

CBD Topicals

Good Jane sells two types of CBD topical products that are infused with different plant extracts for supporting different effects. These also come with fun, yet unexpected names.

Pain, Pain, Go Away

A little unorthodox name for a CBD pain cream, but it gets the point across, right? This Good Jane CBD topical product is made with 500 mg of broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract and is packed in a 2-ounce roll-on bottle.

The cream also contains botanical extracts from arnica, lobelia, comfrey root, willow bark, ginger, and cayenne. All of these ingredients along with the broad-spectrum CBD-rich hemp extract have excellent pain-relieving properties and even help with chronic pain from old injuries. For best results, Good Jane suggests you apply to the affected area and when necessary, apply again.

Not This Month

This is a pain cream from Good Jane designed to help with menstrual cramps and pain relief during these unpleasant few days. This pain cream is packed in a 2-ounce roll-on bottle and has 500 mg broad-spectrum CBD-rich hemp extract along with plant extracts from cramp bark, rose, and chamomile.

This pain stick should be applied to the lower abdomen where the menstrual cramps do the most damage. The ingredients get absorbed through the skin, relieving the cramping and helping the body feel better.

Pros and Cons

Good Jane is a nice CBD brand, and here are the most common pros and cons we noted during our research.

Good Things

  • US-grown hemp
  • Independent lab tests
  • All-natural products
  • 100% Recyclable packaging
  • Free shipping over $100, free delivery in Maine


  • Limited product offer
  • No info on the extraction method

Final Recommendation

Good Jane has become a quality CBD brand with nice products. The company is founded by a woman who understands the healing power of hemp, and it is why the Good Jane products feature all-natural, plant ingredients. Good Jane is an environmentally-friendly brand with 100% recyclable packaging and a good company mission.

Good Jane uses US-grown hemp and tests its products, publishing the results on each product page. After reading the majority of positive reviews that are published on each product page, we’ll say that these products are deserving of their place on the market.

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