American Hemp Oil Review


The hemp culture has become quite popular in recent times. And with many people losing the faith in modern medicine, the use of the CBD oil has been on a constant rise. The use of CBD has been endorsed by many renowned doctors with the claim that its use can improve the overall wellbeing of the body, and help with many health issues. Let’s face it, this trend isn’t going anywhere and I’m 100% pro for the use of hemp, and yes, it’s here to stay!

A company that has taken this seriously and brought some very high-quality products to the U.S. CBD market is the American Hemp Oil company. This review is dedicated to the American Hemp Oil company and is accompanied by an overview of its most popular products. – Overview

The American Hemp Oil is founded with the idea of creating high-quality CBD products that deliver on the promise of improved quality of life. They claim that the company is devoted to quality and to research so they are able to bring high-quality products to the market.

They source the hemp for their products within the USA, from Colorado which has become a hub for hemp production. The company uses the supercritical CO2 extraction to extract the CBD and all the rest of the cannabinoids from the hemp. After the extraction is complete, they use flash chromatography to remove the THC, so their products are completely THC free.

The website is nicely designed, with plenty of information on all things hemp related. There is a nice educational Learn More section where one can find plenty of information about the use of CBD, the legality of CBD and the Endocannabinoid system which is a functional part of our bodies. We also like the fact that they perform third-party lab testing of their products and readily publish the results on each respective product page.

Brand Highlights of American Hemp Oil


  • 100% natural products
  • Lab test results available on each product page
  • Excellent customer support
  • 30-day return option
  • Free shipping on orders within the USA


  • Limited product offer
  • Shipping only to the USA and UK

Types Of Products

  • Tinctures

  • Capsules
  • Pets

Quick Company Facts

Company Establishing Date: 2017 (I think)

Official Company Name: American Hemp Oil

Hemp Origin: Colorado, USA

Product Price Range: $40-$250 ($-$$$)

Product Availability: Across the USA and in the UK

Purchase Offers: one-time purchase, bulk purchase

Lab Test Results: available on each product page

Support/Customer Service: phone number 800-850-1737, online contact form

Shipping Policy: Free shipping across the USA

Return Policy: 90-day guarantee

Where to Buy: online shop

Discount Code

The American Hemp Oil products are relatively pricey when compared to the competition. But in order to sweeten the deal, the company offers occasional sizeable discounts. To further accommodate their users, they offer coupon codes to their subscribers and 10% off for 2 products and 15% off for three products, so it pays well to purchase in bulk.

The American Hemp Oil offer comes in a narrow range of products. they basically have CBD oil in three different concentrations, two differently concentrated gel capsules and a pet CBD oil product. Even if the offer is relatively limited, their quality is certainly not suffering.

500mg CBD Oil

Their ultimate best-selling product, the 500mg CBD Oil tincture is made with no THC and only pure Cannabidiol Hemp Extract and terpenes from Charlotte’s Web strain. Apart from the CBD, there is MCT (coconut) oil. The aroma of this product is woody and reminds of sage, and it has relaxing, focusing and slightly euphoric effect. The bottle contains 500mg CBD in a 10ml mix, and it should be used in about a month. For best results, it should be taken sublingually and the effect should be felt about 15 minutes after taking the oil.


1000mg CBD Oil

This is a very popular product that contains 100mg of CBD in a 10ml bottle, so it is a very powerful mix. The CBD oil is mixed with MCT from coconut oil and it is nice and tasty. The taste is citrusy and the aroma reminds of the woods, pine, and sage. This oil has euphoric, focusing and relaxing effects. The product is THC-free and should be taken sublingually for best results. Because of the potency of the mix, you should be careful with the dosage as every drop contains about 2.2mg of CBD.


750mg CBD Oil Gel Caps

These gel capsules are a very popular product and they are THC free. Each capsule contains 25mg of CBD and the bottle contains 30 capsules. These should be taken once a day for best results, even though one can up the dose on two per day. The results take longer to take place due to the nature of the capsules, as they need to dissolve in your stomach and get absorbed in the bloodstream so you can feel the effect. This delivery method is better for a delayed effect.


2500mg CBD Oil

Amazingly high concentration of CBD oil in this product, as it contains 2500mg of CBD oil in a 10ml glass bottle with a dropper. The dropper holds about 1ml of oil, or about 46 drops, which equals to about 5.4mg of CBD per drop. For best effects, it should be dosed according to need and body weight and taken under the tongue and held there from 30 to 60 seconds and then swallowed. The effects are felt about 10-15 minutes after taking the oil. The aroma is woodsy, with citrusy flavor and this CBD oil has relaxing, focusing and euphoric effects.


1500mg CBD Oil Gel Caps

This is a highly concentrated blend of CBD along with all the other natural hemp terpenes in capsule form. The bottle contains 30 gel capsules of 50mg of CBD per capsule, equaling to 1500mg of CBD per bottle. For best results, this product should be taken once a day and the effects will be felt about 20-30 minutes after taking the capsules due to the mechanisms of absorptions. The gel capsules contain CBD extract from Charlotte’s Web strain of hemp in MCT oil from coconut oil.


250mg CBD Oil for Pets

This is a product that is intended for our furry little friends. The product comes in a 10ml bottle with 250mg of CBD oil in the blend. Another ingredient in the blend is the raw organic hemp seed oil. The product is THC free and should be given to dogs and cats. The dosage is according to body weight and for smaller dogs or smaller than 75lb, it should be given 5-10mg CBD per serving, for larger dogs or larger than 75lbs about 10-20mg per serving and for cats it is 5-10mg of CBD per service once a day. The CBD oil should be introduced slowly, so the animals can get used to it and you can notice a change.

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