What Is CBN Cannabinoid?


If you’ve read a label of a full-spectrum hemp extract, then you have surely noticed a bunch of abbreviations like CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, CBC, and lots more. While you may know what CBD and THC stand for, as these are the rock stars of the cannabis world, very few of you know the meaning behind CBN, CBG, CBC, and the rest. To solve any dilemmas, we have prepared the following exposé on cannabinol, also known as CBN.

If you have decided to use full-spectrum hemp products, then you should know the effect of each cannabinoid in the blend. Each has its effect and has a contribution to the entourage effect, so knowing the medicinal benefits of these is very important. Let’s dive right in.

What Is CBN?

CBN stands for cannabinol, and this is one of the 113+ cannabinoids derived from the hemp and cannabis plants. This is a lesser-known cannabinoid compound, as it is produced in minor quantities, but is still present in full-spectrum hemp extracts.

Unlike its more famous relatives, CBN is not synthesized or produced directly from CBG (cannabigerol). Instead, CBN results from the natural degradation of THCA – the acidic form of THC. The natural process of degradation is supported by UV light, and the longer the cannabis plant or product is exposed to sunlight, the more THCA will be transformed in CBNA – the acidic form of CBN. To get CBN, the CBNA needs to undergo a decarboxylation process that is done by exposing the product to heat.

What Are The Benefits of CBN Cannabinoid?

CBN has a variety of potential health effects, and due to these, it has become the topic of research in recent years. We are still waiting for detailed research results, but in the meantime, we’ll use the knowledge from people experienced in this area.

Some researchers have used CBN as a treatment for bacteria that is methicillin-resistant. The results have been positive, proving that CBN could be a potential treatment for bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

CBN, as well as some of the other cannabinoids like CBD, THC, and CBG, has been used in treating intraocular pressure that causes glaucoma. While this is not yet fully substantiated by research, many people suffering from glaucoma use older cannabis products that contain more CBN to find relief from this condition.

Like a lot of other cannabinoids, CBN has also been linked to having a strong neuroprotective role. The effectiveness of CBN and other cannabinoids in helping the delay of some neurodegenerative diseases has been utilized for a long time, and now studies are confirming these facts. CBN, as well as the other cannabinoids in the full-spectrum products, have been used to help with ALS, MS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other similar neurodegenerative diseases.

If you have ever used cannabis, you are familiar with the munchies that follow. This is due to the appetite-stimulating effects of THC. But CBN has also been found to have a role in stimulating appetite. So, people that suffer from nausea and loss of appetite could gain from the use of CBN. This way, they would get the benefit without the psychoactive effect of THC.

Similar to the other cannabinoids found in the full-spectrum extracts, CBN has an anti-inflammatory effect. This cannabinoid can stimulate the body to fight inflammation better, reducing the adverse effects of inflammatory diseases like arthritis and the like. Still, more research is necessary to prove all these claims, as most of these are based on small studies that should be repeated with a larger number of participants.

Misconception About CBN

CBN is produced from the decomposition of THC. Thus, the older a THC-rich product gets, it will most likely contain more CBN. Still, the full-spectrum extracts produced from industrial hemp indeed contain a small amount of CBN, and it brings its effect to the entourage effect.

There are claims that CBN has a sedative effect. This is based on the fact that older cannabis products make you sleepy. Older cannabis products contain a blend of THC, CBN, and terpenes, all of which could have strong sedative effects. A study has tackled this, and after testing several possible combinations, one conclusion was that it is the combination of CBN and THC that brings the tranquilizing effect.

After considering all the evidence, the verdict was that the combination of a higher amount of CBN and sedating terpenes, with a smaller amount of THC is the culprit behind the sleepiness. So if you like to use cannabis products for their sedative effects, you could leave them in direct sunlight or expose them to air, and the oxygen will take care of everything for you.

Psychoactive Effects Of CBN

There is no proof that CBN by itself is psychoactive. Even if it derives from THC, the most famous psychoactive cannabinoid, CBN does not cause euphoric feelings related to THC. The CBN acts on the endocannabinoid system, but it does it more subtly. Still, when taken together with THC, it can stimulate THC’s effect, increasing the “high” feeling.

Some companies are now starting to offer CBN-based products that claim to support relaxation and sleep. If you want, you could use one of these products, trying the effects of CBN on you and finding for yourself if CBN will make you sleepy.

To Wrap It All Up…

Among the sea of cannabinoids, CBN has a minor role. This compound is derived from the natural decomposition of THC, which is only increased by oxygen and sunlight. CBN is not present in large quantities in hemp products but is still present enough to contribute to the entourage effect. This is the combined effect on all the cannabinoids present in the blend, as each has a bigger or smaller effect, and it is the combination of all of these that has an especially pronounced influence on the body.

The market is noticing CBN-based products that are advertised as aids for improved sleeping habits, but these have different effects on different people. Still, the best effect of CBN is when it is taken in combination with THC, as these two cannabinoids are interlinked in their effects.

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