CBD Oil For Dementia


Dementia is a common term to describe several brain diseases, all related to a long-term decline in mental abilities and other mild or severe symptoms. One of the most famous types of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease with up to 70% of all dementia cases.

There are many causes of dementia; the most common ones are vascular damage to the brain or severe vitamin B12 deficiency. The symptoms range from unpleasant, to mild to severe. The most common one is memory loss, followed by reasoning and judgment impairment, emotional problems, language problems, trouble with attention, unable to focus, problems with movement, and more.

A person suffering from a mild form of dementia is usually capable of performing many tasks, but as the disease advances, certain accommodations need to be made. People with more severe symptoms of dementia usually have trouble with everyday tasks like preparing meals, taking care of personal hygiene, basic household chores, and have trouble in going out and managing in the real world.

Once the disease advances to a certain degree, a person with dementia needs a caretaker, as they become unable to take care of themselves. Modern medicine does not really have a cure or a significant treatment, only a small number of medications that can help relieve some of the symptoms of dementia.

Of course, this is the main reason why many caregivers and family members turn to alternative medicine and opt to try CBD as a treatment for people suffering from dementia.

CBD Oil and Dementia

There are research studies that there could be a strong link between CBD and some of the symptoms of dementia. While modern science still has not shown a definite link, patients have seen success in treating some of the dementia symptoms.

CBD has helped treat anxiety, depression, and agitation. Since these are common symptoms of dementia, many people have successfully curbed these symptoms. Also important to mention here is that CBD helps manage inflammation and can benefit people with memory loss.

There are certain types of dementia that are caused by oxidation and inflammation of the brain cells. CBD has been used for a while now to help with inflammation and reduce oxidative stress damage, which could result in the deferring of the progress of dementia.

Among the most important studies on this topic, there was a Swiss study (see here) where patients with dementia were given a blend of CBD and THC, resulting in a significant reduction of the behavioral issues, and half of the patients were even taken off their conventional medication.  The caregivers noted that these patients had increased their mobility and were able to move and take short strolls, where before they were chair-bound.

CBD is not trusted by many as a viable treatment, but its effectiveness in treating anxiety, stress, depression, and other health concerns is making it a more popular treatment. We suggest you talk to your primary physician about taking up CBD as a part of the treatment.

CBD and Memory Loss

Dementia is mainly characterized by memory loss or the inability to remember familiar people, places, and activities while remembering things from the distant past. People with dementia usually set up reminders to help them throughout the day, like notifications on their phone, or even post-it-notes throughout the home.

A big part of dementia is the inability to recognize people. The social recognition is very difficult to experience as parents with dementia forget their children; spouses forget their loved ones and so on.

This leads to heartbreak and emotional distress for both sides. But hopefully, CBD can help with it. Some researchers are working to find the link between CBD and social recognition memory loss, and these show very promising results.

Even though modern medicine and research have not yet found conclusive evidence that CBD can help, people with dementia that have tried treating their symptoms with CBD have had positive results and some people have had almost miraculous memory retention and improved mental clarity. Since CBD is not addictive and does not have any adverse effects, it is certainly worth the try.

CBD Products For Dementia

CBD is taken in many forms and delivery methods. The most popular method is by taking CBD in a tincture. This delivery method is among the most effective, as it is delivering a good amount of CBD throughout the body, affecting each cell and receptor.

Other viable delivery methods could be successful for people with dementia like vaping CBD, taking edibles or capsules, and even CBD suppositories, as all of these deliver the CBD internally. The CBD-infused topical creams are not the best solution, as these deliver CBD externally, and not enough of it will absorb in the blood.

More effective results are obtained by taking a full-spectrum CBD hemp extract. The full-spectrum extract contains all the useful active ingredients from the hemp plant like cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Admittedly, the full-spectrum CBD hemp extracts usually contain a small amount of THC, but this is not enough to cause a psychoactive effect, but only to add to the beneficial entourage effect of the full-spectrum CBD hemp product.

Selecting the adequate dose of CBD is difficult and takes some trial and error to find the best dose that would work for each person. But this does not mean that people should give up, but to try various options until they find their sweet spot. Many doctors are familiar with CBD and can give you adequate advice on finding the best dose.

As a common rule, beginners usually start with a small dose anywhere from 5 – 10 mg of CBD, while people with very severe symptoms go up to a large dose of 200 – 250 mg of CBD per day. The best way is to start with a low dose and increase it weekly until you find the best one that works for you.

What did we learn?

Modern medicine is still having doubts about the effectiveness of CBD in treating many conditions, but that has not stopped people from trying and finding relief in CBD. Many CBD-based products could help with relief from anxiety, depression, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, and other health concerns.

It is why no one should shy away from trying alternative medicine, as a quality CBD product has the potential to slow the progression of some types of dementia. Additionally, a full-spectrum CBD hemp extract can aid in better mobility, improved mood, and more manageable life for people with dementia.

I wish people would give CBD a try, as I believe that this product can make a great positive impact in many people’s lives. Please share this article with concerned people and share your thoughts and experiences with CBD.

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