CBD Oil For Neuropathy


The effect of nerve damage in some regions of the body can lead to the occurrence of pain and discomfort, a condition known as peripheral neuropathy or simply neuropathy. This condition is usually manifesting in the feet or hands, but it can be present in other parts of the body where the nerve damage is substantial.

It is a very common occurrence in people with diabetes to develop neuropathic symptoms like cramps, muscle twitching, loss of muscle mass, loss of bone mass, impaired balance, poor coordination, weakness in the muscles, inability to feel touch or hypersensitivity to touch and many more unpleasant symptoms.

There are several theories and a broad array of causes of neuropathy, but modern medicine does not have a definite treatment or a cure. Instead, there is a large range of medications that could bring relief to neuropathic symptoms. These include antidepressants, anti-epileptic medications, and opiate medications, all with serious adverse effects.

As CBD has been shown to have beneficial effects in treating many neurological conditions, people have been using it to treat neuropathic symptoms as well. The good thing about CBD is that it does not cause addiction, nor it has any psychoactive effects or damaging effects.

CBD and neuropathy

Some medical researchers have shown a strong link between the use of cannabinoids and treating neuropathic symptoms. There is a complex mechanism of action and researchers connect the effect of CBD and other cannabinoids on specific receptors in the brain that can lower inflammation and help relieve pain caused by neuropathy.

CBD is also helpful in general pain relief. This is because CBD acts positively on the endocannabinoid system. In some cases, it suppresses the absorption of anandamide, a natural endocannabinoid that has a role of neurotransmitter for pain. The less anandamide gets absorbed, the fewer pain messages reach the brain, meaning the body feels less pain.

CBD also binds with the specific CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body that are a part of the ECS. These are found throughout the body and play a vital role in the transmitting of pain signals. CBD stimulates them, helping the pain relief and even helping prevent nerve degeneration.

Neuropathic symptoms and CBD use

Many patients with pain in the hands and feet caused by neuropathy have tried CBD supplements and have found very positive effects. Another symptom that CBD helps with is muscle spasms and losing muscle mass. These symptoms are also present in other neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis, for which CBD is also beneficial.

People with neuropathy are often faced with anxieties caused by their condition, and can even fall into depressed moods, especially people with chronic neuropathy. CBD acts as a mood stimulant, uplifting the spirit and promoting feelings of calmness and wellbeing.

It is a non-psychoactive, non-addictive product and is safe to use. When compared to prescription medication, CBD is the better alternative as it leaves no long-term adverse effects and brings relief to pain and other symptoms.

As we said above, neuropathic damage is very common with people with diabetes. Since diabetes is a very widespread disease, a lot of people live in constant discomfort. This disease is responsible for long-term nerve damage that only stimulates neuropathy.

Taking CBD can be beneficial, as it has positive effects on nerve regeneration, as well as the pain-receiving receptors. CBD could be used to stave off oxidative stress on the body which is otherwise very present in people with diabetes and is a major contributor to neuropathic symptoms.

CBD Products for neuropathy

The current market offers a great variety of CBD products. There are CBD oil tinctures, CBD edibles, topicals, CBD capsules, vape products, and more. The selection of the best delivery method depends on the personal preference of the person, as some may prefer taking CBD oil, while others prefer CBD capsules.

The important thing to remember when opting for a CBD product is that you need to find the best dose that works for you and consume it at a regular interval. The rule of thumb is to start low and go slow; but for best results, a recommended dose would be from 10-25 mg of CBD twice a day, which should be adjusted as necessary.

Many people have said that they saw the best results when taking CBD products made from full-spectrum CBD hemp extract (definition). This is due to the entourage effect, as all the active ingredients in the blend bring their own positive influence and activate other ingredients.


Neuropathy is a condition caused by nerve damage in the peripheral nervous system. The body experiences unpleasant pain and an array of other symptoms which lower the quality of life and are very uncomfortable and painful. CBD could provide relief from this condition.

It has a complex mechanism of acting, but in general terms, it stimulates the body’s pain receptors and lowers the pain-transmitting signals to the brain. It also helps with inflammation and diabetic symptoms, fighting oxidative stress, and stimulating nerve regeneration.

Many researchers have shown this to be true, and it is substantiated by a lot of people that have first-hand experience in keeping their neuropathy symptoms at a bare minimum. For best results, people have suggested using full-spectrum CBD hemp extracts in the delivery method that works best for each individual.

Unlike the pharmaceutical medications that are prescribed for neuropathic pains, CBD is not addictive, does not cause any psychoactive effects, and has more than one beneficial effect on the health and wellbeing of the body.

Since a lot of people live in great discomfort daily, CBD could be a great option for a pain-free life. It is legal in the USA and the majority of CBD products come at a reasonable price, so we sincerely hope that more people would turn to use this alternative natural remedy for helping with their symptoms.

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