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Tea was my grandma’s remedy for almost everything that happened in our lives. It was a way to soothe emotional and physical pains, it was used as a sleep aid, and even as a means for celebration. My grandmamma is long gone, but my habit of drinking tea has remained ingrained with me. While I kept up with drinking various herbal teas, in recent times I discovered something even better – CBD-infused tea.

Drinking CBD-infused tea has a dual benefit – both the herbal base and the CBD in the tea boost the body’s systems. After using CBD teas for a while now, I’ve found that this drink works best as a means to help me unwind, relax, and melt away the stresses of the day.

Best CBD Teas

Top-Rated CBD Teas

So, here I’ve decided to help you find a good CBD tea by listing the top CBD manufacturers that have CBD-infused teas on their product lists.

Buddha Teas

Buddha Teas is a company that sells; you guessed it, CBD-infused teas. There are six varieties of CBD teas brought by Buddha Teas, all made with broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract that has been treated to allow the CBD to dissolve in water.

This way you get a CBD tea with increased bioavailability that, combined with the various herbs, has a good beneficial effect on the body. You can select between peppermint, chamomile, matcha green tea, mushroom, Tulsi Ashwagandha, and turmeric and ginger tea. Each box of Buddha Teas comes with 18 tea bags, 5 mg of CBD per bag.

The Brothers Apothecary

The Brothers Apothecary is a CBD brand with a wide product catalog, and here we’ll present you with their CBD tea offer. They make CBD tea with US-grown hemp and a variety of herbs, and each dose has between 50 and 60 mg of CBD.

The Brothers Apothecary has named its CBD teas with interesting names like Golden Dream, Mellow Mint, Highbiscus, Chai Awakening, Cosmic Cleanse, Oolong Passion, Sensualitea, Buddha’s Berry, Mystic Kava Root, Pumpkin Spice Chai, Mighty Matcha, and Coconut Genmaicha. The teas are packed in a single, 3-pack, and a 20-pack box.

One Love Tea

A simple name for a CBD brand, this company makes CBD-infused teas and CBD-infused coffees. The teas by One Love Teas are all loose leaf blends made by an experienced herbalist. Each jar of tea contains about 60 mg CBD and is enough for about 15-18 cups of tea.

There are plenty of flavors to choose from like Yerba Mate, Apple Pie Green tea, Banana Bread Honeybush, Blazin’ Black tea, Coconut Island Green Rooibos, Echinacea Apricot, Elderberry Lemon, Golden Chai Turmeric, Hibiscus Haze Yerba Mate, Lemon Leaf Yerba Mate, Mango Magic Honeybush, Matcha Green Tea, Maui Sage Yerba Mate, Mystical Mint Green Rooibos, Passion Orange Guava, Volcanic Vanilla Honeybush, Turmeric Golden Milk, Sunrise Citrus Green Tea, Raspberry Daze Red Rooibos, Planet Passion Green Tea, and Peachy Ginger Black Tea.


With a name like Kickback, this CBD brand inspires relaxation and relief. Among the other CBD products by this brand, there are their CBD teas. These are made with 200 mg of broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract per bag, but since the CBD has been nano-activated, it is 5 times stronger. The bag holds 100 grams of tea and is enough for about 40 cups of tea. The flavors offered by Kickback are Matcha Green Tea, Peachy Dreams, and Night Night Berry.

Glow Water

An apt name of a CBD brand that only makes CBD teas, Glow Water is based out of New York. This brand uses full-spectrum CBD hemp extract in their teas, and each tea bag brings about 25 mg of CBD.

The Glow Water brand sells CBD teas named for the effect they bring, and there are Calm, Restore, Rise, and Sleep blends. Each is a specific blend of herbs that include spearmint, rose, licorice, hibiscus, ginger, jasmine, lemongrass, lavender, chamomile, and more.

The Tea Can Company

The Tea Can Company is known for making specialty teas, packed in a recognizable tea can. Lately, they started selling hemp-based tea. Each can of Hemp tea contains up to 220 mg pure CBD isolate for the strong blend and up to 90 mg of CBD for the mild blend.

The other ingredients are a loose-leaf blend of herbs that support the intended effect of the tea. There are flavors like Garden Therapy, Joint Therapy, Sweet Relief, Calming Chamomile, and Hearty Cider blends. These contain herbs like holy basil, chamomile, linden flower, spearmint, cinnamon, apple bits, ginger, turmeric, green tea, bilberry leaf, marigold, black tea, lavender, and more.

Wrapping Up: Buy CBD Teas

The list above is our selection of the best CBD-infused teas on the market. All of these contain varying amounts of CBD, but all can be effective in providing the desired effects. The herbal blends are excellent boosters, while the CBD is actively helping the endocannabinoid system, aiding in plenty of natural processes in the body. Just as my granny used to say, there is nothing better than a warm cup of tea to warm up the soul!

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