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Have you tried kombucha? What about CBD? Now for the ultimate try – CBD kombucha! Today we’re covering everything about this amazing drink. Incorporating water-soluble CBD into a tasty beverage like kombucha can really lead to lots of health benefits. I’m talking about reduced inflammation, anti-anxiety benefits, and more. Find out where to buy CBD kombucha as well. It’s all covered here for you. Let’s start with the basics though first.

CBD Kombucha Tea

CBD Kombucha: What Is It & The Top Brands

If you are into eating and drinking healthy stuff, then you’ve most probably heard of kombucha. This drink comes in a simple version, but do you know that there is a CBD-infused kombucha product? No? Well, read on and learn a lot about this interesting drink. Also, see our recommendations for the top-rated CBD kombucha products you can buy today.

What Is Kombucha?

The exact origin of kombucha is not really clear, so different sources have different data. After gathering plenty of info, and reading up on quite a few kombucha-related texts, we have gathered good info that we’ll share here.

The most likely origin of kombucha is from Russia or China. The earliest data of people consuming kombucha dates way back to almost 2,000 years ago, but some scientists believe kombucha has a much shorter history of about 200+ years.

People use kombucha in place of soft drinks, as the natural process through which kombucha is made produces CO2, making the drink slightly fizzy. There is actually nothing special in kombucha’s composition – it contains three simple ingredients. Tea, sugar, and SCOBY (a combination of yeasts and bacteria that are considered good) are all there is in this drink.

But if you think that this is the same as any other sweetened drink, read on, as there is much more to kombucha than meets the eye. The blend of bacteria and yeasts called SCOBY eats all the sugar, causing a series of complex chemical reactions, and the resulting compounds are healthy to consume.

These are probiotics – compounds that help balance the digestive tract, help boost the immune system, and much more. These probiotics are very similar to the ones found in yogurt and sauerkraut.

Since our health is directly dependent on our digestive system, any compound that helps regulate this system is good. This means that kombucha is good to drink for its many health benefits. It has been linked with helping regulate bowel function, help balance ingestion, and even work wonders for urinary and yeast infections.

CBD + Kombucha – A Health Match Made In Heaven

Since kombucha has a long list of benefits, you may ask why add more to it? Well, look at it this way – by adding CBD to kombucha, you get the combined effects. Since both CBD and kombucha have deep effects on restoring the natural balance in the body, it makes perfect sense to have a kombucha-CBD combo.

By adding CBD to kombucha, you are getting an all-natural drink with unique taste and excellent health benefits. Also, the beauty of it, you can even try to make kombucha at home and infuse it with CBD at your wish.

Top CBD kombucha Brands To Consider

Here is our selection of the top-rated CBD kombucha drinks you can get on the market today.

Aqua Vitea kombucha

Aqua Vitea Kombucha

Chaga Chai has become a popular tea blend, and Aqua Vitea has used it to name one of its CBD-infused kombucha products. But this is not the only CBD kombucha by Aqua Vitea, as they have a large selection of flavors to select from. The base tea blends used in the production of the kombucha are sustainably sourced and contain natural probiotics.

Since the natural fermentation produces alcohol as a bi-product, Aqua Vitea filters out this ingredient, offering an alcohol-free product. The Aqua Vitea CBD kombucha drinks are packed in 16-ounce bottles, and each bottle has 25 mg of pure, lab-tested CBD derived from hemp.

tea-biotics kombucha

Tea-Biotics Kombucha

Tea-Biotics makes several types of CBD-infused kombucha drinks. These are 100% vegan, GMO and gluten-free, and 100% raw. The base in these is a combination of black and green tea and has different extracts that add flavor to the drink.

There are five CBD-infused kombucha drinks, packed in 16-ounce bottles, with 10 mg of CBD per bottle. The recommended serving dose is 8 ounces, which gives you a 5 mg of CBD, a good dose to start up your day.

Fermented Tea Company

Fermented Tea Company Hemp Kombucha

The Fermented Tea Company makes kombucha drinks and they infuse them with full-spectrum CBD-rich hemp extract from European farms. The company selected its four most popular kombucha tea flavors and infused them with 40 mg of CBD per bottle.

The available flavors are Prickly Pear, Serene Green, and Lullaby Chai. The Fermented Tea Company specifically makes its teas by using a blend of green and black tea and adds specific herbs and spices to make unique-tasting CBD-infused kombucha.

How To Make Your Own CBD Kombucha!

While many people know the benefits of kombucha and CBD, they may not know or trust the commercial brands that make and sell kombucha. For these people, there is the option to make their kombucha and infuse it with CBD.

Here is one way you can make CBD-infused kombucha at home. Just get a kombucha drink and infuse it with your favorite CBD oil. We suggest you select the CBD brand that is to your liking and infuse your kombucha drink with it. The top choices are CBD oil, CBD isolate, and CBD honey.

If you want to really make your CBD-infused kombucha at home from scratch, then you will need brewed tea, sugar, and of course the SCOBY. The SCOBY is the bacteria-yeast blend that transforms the sweetened tea brew into kombucha. You can get raw SCOBY which will give you pure kombucha that you can later infuse with CBD, spices, and other flavors to your liking.

There is a small amount of SCOBY in every kombucha drink you buy. You can use them to grow more of it at home. There is some waiting involved while to get a good amount of SCOBY, or for about 2-4 weeks. From here you can use the SCOBY to make your kombucha with ingredients to your liking, like green or black tea.

After your kombucha is ready, you can infuse it with your preferred CBD. We suggest you use CBD isolate or CBD honey, and you will get home-brewed kombucha with CBD. You can also use CBD-infused tea to your kombucha, and get a CBD-infused kombucha that way.

Final Thoughts

Kombucha is a natural drink full of probiotics that plenty use for its health benefits. But kombucha drinks infused with CBD are even better, as they bring the combined effect of both the CBD and kombucha.

Here we have outlined the top tree CBD-infused kombucha drinks you can find on the market today, and we’ve shared how you can make your kombucha at home and infuse it with CBD.

Whether you make it at home or buy already made CBD kombucha, you will get an array of potential benefits. If you don’t believe us, just try some of the CBD kombuchas outlined above and share your experience with us here.

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