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The ViPova company was founded in Arizona, with a single idea in mind: to create a CBD product that will deliver the useful hemp oil throughout the body and have great beneficial effects on the consumer and this will be packed in a familiar product.

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vipova hemp oil tea

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The ViPova team developed a product that is very familiar to everyone and by infusing it with CBD, they have brought their ViPova CBD infused teas. Their CBD infused teas come in seven different flavors and range from $10 to $16 for different sized packs. They have stated that their teas contain CO2 extracted Scandinavian full-spectrum hemp oil, as well as a full ingredients list. There is a lack of other information related to their products like third-party lab tests or lab test results.

There is a significant portion of data about their innovation in infusing hemp oil into lipids and making the CBD more bioavailable. In order to further develop this process, the ViPova have sold the majority of their company to the Lexaria Bioscience Corporation, which is a world-renowned CBD manufacturer.

They pride themselves on the improved bioavailability of their products and state that they have the lowest prices of CBD per milligram, noting that the consumer will pay 2 cents per milligram of CBD, amounting to $1.25 per serving. There is the issue with evaporated non-fat dried milk in some of their teas, making them non-vegan. And there is also lack of relevant information about the source of the other ingredients of their teas, and no organic certifications about the hemp oil or other ingredients are provided.

What is positive about this brand is their dedication to innovation, making high-quality hemp oil infused teas (and a mention of CBD infused coffee and hot chocolate, but no detailed information on these products). Another plus is their charity work, as the Lexaria Corp., the majority owner of ViPova, will donate 5% of the ViPova profit to organizations that support the CBD philosophy.

Interested in contacting the company to get more information on the company? Then this is all the information you need:

ViPova Company

2222 W Northern Ave A100
Phoenix, AZ 85021


Company Website

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  1. So nice to have found you….been using the CBD oil for a few months and amazing positive results with my ten year plague of psoriasis and more recent hand/joint arthritis….I will want to go on a maintenance type program and try your tea for a nice change of pace and also not wanting to abandon the CBD way for fear of return of these scourges….I see that Chai is out of stock but will order the black tea and return later to try the Chai…Thank you for being available.

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