Reverie CBD Oil Review


A lot of CBD brands like to claim that they offer something different on the CBD market, but the truth is that almost all of these have a very similar offer. Reverie is another such CBD brand whose official website claims that they have noticed something lacking from the CBD market and they’ve tried to fill in the void. The truth is that Reverie, as other CBD brands, also offers broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract-based products that could provide benefits and relief from pain and discomfort.

Reverie uses Oregon-grown hemp to make its products and they test these for purity and potency. The product offer is simple, yet appealing, as there are natural and flavored CBD oils with good amounts of CBD, one type of CBD gummies and pain-relieving topicals that are infused with CBD and other natural extracts and oils. The prices are in the mid-range for these products which makes them quite affordable. Overall, Reverie is a fine CBD brand that should quickly find its place on the growing CBD market.

The brand

The Reverie CBD brand has been named after one of the terms for daydreaming.  The name seems fitting, as the company claims that its products can help the consumers feel better, become more empowered, and open their minds to new possibilities. The company was founded in 2019. However, from what I’ve learned so far, they have established a good policy and offer some nice CBD products.

Reverie sources its hemp from Oregon farms that have high production standards. They tend to use hemp from sustainable sources that are community-conscious.  This company tests its products for purity and potency and publishes the results on its website. The products by Reverie are all made with broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract and have all the THC removed. Still, these contain the other active cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp that have excellent benefits on the health.

To help its customers, Reverie offers free shipping on orders over $100 and ships its products via USPS. There is a 10-day return option and a 30-day exchange option. They ship all across the USA but do not have international shipping yet.


Reverie has made a simple product catalog and they offer CBD oils, CBD edibles, CBD topicals, and offer sets of products with a discounted price that are excellent gift ideas.

CBD Oils

Reverie makes CBD oils by organic broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract and adding it to MCT carrier oil. These are all packed in 30 ml bottles. The recommended method of use is under the tongue by placing the preferred amount of oil under the tongue, waiting about 30 seconds, and then swallowing. This CBD oil tincture can also be added to food, drink or in a smoothie. Reverie offers CBD oils with several CBD amounts – 250 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg, 3000 mg, and 5000 mg of CBD in unflavored, lemon, and mint-flavored versions.

CBD Edibles

Reverie offers CBD gummies made with 10 mg broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract per gummy. These have absolutely no THC, but are made with vegan ingredients and contain important ingredients that support a healthy lifestyle. Each gummy has of broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract and they come in packs of 30 and 60 gummies in fruit flavors like cherry, lemon, grape, orange, and strawberry flavors. The gummies are infused with vitamins A, C, D, E, B6, B12, folic acid, and many others that can help boost health.

CBD Topicals

Reverie has three different CBD-based topical products that can bring localized relief from pain and discomfort.

Pain Stick – this is a product made with broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract and other pain-relieving ingredients. The 30 ml pack has 500 mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract and ingredients like beeswax, oils from emu, jojoba, evening primrose, camellia, sweet almond, sesame, argan, rosehip, and peppermint. The pack is designed for easy application even on hard to reach places.

CBD Peppermint Roll-On Oil – a blend of natural oils like sweet almond, peppermint, sesame, red maeng da, argan, emu, and rosehip, along with 400 mg of broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract, this product can provide pain relief. This oil also has extracts from neem leaf, ginseng, and aloe vera, and gets absorbed in the skin where it brings relief from sores and aches.

CBD Pain Cream – a cream made with ingredients that have pain-relieving properties and fortified with broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract, this is a THC-free product. It has 500 mg of broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract and is packed in a 60 ml jar. It also has arnica extract, calendula extract, castor oil, and vitamins A and E, along with menthol that gives a soothing cooling sensation.

Pros and cons

While writing this review, I noticed some pros and some cons related to Reverie.


  • Oregon-grown hemp
  • Products made in the USA
  • Lab tests published online
  • Relatively affordable prices
  • 10-day return and 30-day exchange options


  • Extraction method not disclosed
  • Somewhat limited information online


Reverie is a young brand in the CBD industry. Still, they have done their best to fit in by using organic hemp and making laboratory tests on their products. The hemp used in the Reverie products comes from select Oregon farms and the company makes THC-free, broad-spectrum hemp extract. This is what is used in all the Reverie products.

The product catalog is simple – CBD tinctures, edibles, and topicals. These come with good amounts of CBD and prices to match which makes them relatively affordable. Reverie seems like a proper CBD brand for now, but we’ll have to come back at a later time to update this review after the company has been a little longer on the CBD market.

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