Thorne Hemp Oil+ Review


The following text is devoted to the works of the Thorne company and their hemp and CBD related product. Based on thorough research, we are bringing this review of the company and their only hemp-based product, as they are devoted to producing and selling various dietary supplements, but have only recently (in 2016) started producing and selling hemp oil named Hemp Oil +.

Thorne Hemp Oil+ Bottle

Overview Of Thorne Company

This company is producing some high-quality products that are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure the customers are always getting the best product money can buy. The product range by Thorne is wide, and here we’ll emphasize the Hemp oil + that comes in gel capsules, and mention that they produce a wide arrangement of dietary supplements in the form of capsules, powders, liquids, tablets, and packets.

While they have been around for a long time, producing dietary supplements for about 33 years now, they have been producing and selling Hemp oil since 2016. A fact we find very satisfactory is the testing they perform on all their products, including the Hemp Oil +.

They guarantee that the hemp oil they use in their product is sourced from organically grown hemp and is extracted from the stalk and seeds of the plant to ensure all important phytocannabinoids and hemp terpenes are included in the oil. They also add extracts from other plants like cloves, black pepper, rosemary, and hops to improve the overall quality of their product.

Brand Highlights of Thorne Co


  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Extensive lab testing and results
  • Unique products (though unrelated to hemp)
  • Hemp Oil + has a very reasonable price
  • The Hemp Oil + is a blend of organic, non-GMO ingredients


  • Relatively high prices on some products
  • Only one hemp-related product

Types Of Products

  • Capsules

Quick Company Facts

Company Establishing Date: 1984

Official Company Name: Thorne Research, Inc.

Hemp Origin: Europe

Product Price Range: Hemp Oil + is $68 ($)

Product Availability: USA and Canada

Purchase Offers: Standard purchase, Subscription purchase, Auto-ship, bulk order

Lab Test Results: Yes

Support/Customer Service: phone: (800) 228-1966; email contact form online

Shipping Policy: Free shipping on all orders

Return Policy: N/A

Where to Buy: Thorne online shop – here

Thorne Coupon Code

While the prices of most of Thorne’s products are on the higher end, there are always some nice discounts, coupon codes, subscription discounts and promotions that can be accessed if you subscribe to the Thorne newsletter or follow them on social media. There is currently a promotion that gives you 20% off your order on Hemp Oil +: HEMP20.

There’s not much variety when it comes to this brand and the hemp products they offer. That said, here’s what you need to know about their most popular product on the market today.

Thorne Research, Inc offer comes in a wide range of products, but most of these are dietary supplements and tests that we’ll only mention as they don’t contain any CBD or hemp oil extracts. We’ll only explain in detail the Hemp Oil +, their only product containing hemp extract.

Hemp Oil +

The Hemp Oil + by Thorne is often referred to as the next generation of hemp oil, and we think rightfully so. This oil is made from a blend of hemp oil extracted from the whole hemp plant. This means that the Hemp Oil + contains all the important hemp oils, phytocannabinoids, terpenes and CBD that bring great health benefits to the human body.

Thorne claims that their oil helps with anxiety and stress relief, alleviating discomfort and improves the health and functioning of the digestive system. The hemp oil and the other ingredients used in this blend are non-GMO, certified organic and sourced from ecologically farmed sources in the European Union.

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