Grassroots Harvest CBD Review

Here at Truth About Hemp I love covering brands. There’s no shortage of them and I learn something each and every time. This time, I learned about Grassroots Harvest. One thing I love about this company is their, “One Planet. One People. One Plant.” motto. This is the motto that guides the Grassroots Harvest CBD brand and rightfully so. This brand is making CBD oil products that are in harmony with nature and are as pure as possible.

The company is based in Austin, Texas, where they produce the hemp and their high-quality products. I’ve done the research and here I will bring you all you need to know about this brand along with basic info on their main products.

The company

The Grassroots Harvest brand is doing something that quite a few other CBD brands out there uphold – producing CBD products in harmony with nature. They grow their hemp and produce small batches of their products, ensuring high quality, purity and potency.

From browsing through their very nicely designed website, I could only conclude that they take their work very seriously and they are absolutely devoted to their mission of helping others. They use both CO2 and ethanol extraction to take out all the CBD from the hemp plants, obtaining a clean and potent hemp oil.

After this step, they make their final products which include edibles, tinctures, vape liquids, lotions, and pet products.

The products

This wellness and lifestyle brand, as they like to call themselves is offering a wide array of products that are used for a variety of health issues and relieving pain, anxiety, and stress. Read on as I delve in more detail about the Grassroots Harvest products.


CBD edibles are a very popular choice, and for many people, this is the tastiest and most discrete way of taking the daily dose of CBD.  The Grassroots Harvest edibles come as CBD gummies and two varieties of hemp oil infused honey.

The gummies are made with 15mg per gummy and 10 pieces in a pack, and come in four flavors: neon bears, peach rings, sour worms, and watermelon slices. Just like the candy aisle when we were kids.

The hemp oil infused honey comes in two versions: Harmony CBD honey and Soothe CBD honey, in 120grams jars with 400mg of CBD each. The Harmony CBD honey contains Sour Diesel terpenes, and the Soothe CBD honey contains Granddaddy Purple terpenes. Both are completely THC-free.

Truth be told, my favorite kind of cannabidiol gummies is the made by the Not Pot brand. I suggest you read up on them as well.


The CBD oil tincture is another great way to take your daily dose of CBD. The Grassroots CBD tinctures are actually hemp oil tinctures that contain enough CBD to be able to deliver the expected results.

These come in two concentrations of 1500mg of CBD per 32ml bottle and a 500mg of CBD per 17ml bottle. Both options are nicely concentrated and for best results should be taken sublingually.


CBD on the go. Yes, the Grassroots Harvest CBD brand also makes capsules and these are another very popular and discreet way of taking your daily dose of CBD.

The bottle contains 15 capsules with 25mg of CBD per capsule. One to two capsules a day should be enough to deliver great results in pain and anxiety relief and improve health.

Vape liquids

Another popular way of taking CBD is by vaping it. Grassroots Harvest offers a full vape product option with vape pens, essential starter kits, hemp oil mod, hemp oil extracts cartridges and hemp oil extracts vape liquids.

By vaping hemp oil, you inhale a vapor rich with CBD that gets instantly absorbed into your bloodstream, acting fast and delivering instant pain relief, lowering anxiety, reducing inflammation and an array of other useful effects.


If you suffer from chronic pain in your joints and muscles, then using CBD topically may have a greater effect. It is also a great way of treating skin issues that can be annoying and persistent. The Grassroots Harvest CBD company has the products for this application.

The Hand and Body Topical Hemp Oil Extract Lotion is as natural as possible, with 400mg of CBD per bottle, offering great moisturizing effects, pain relief, and anti-inflammatory action. There is also the Recover Topical Hemp Oil Extract Serum which is excellent to apply on overly sore areas like wrists, temples and other painful places.

Pet products

Grassroots Harvest CBD have not forgotten about man’s best friend, and they offer special CBD dog treats and pet hemp oil extract tincture. The dog treats come in a pack of 15 pieces with 10mg of CBD per piece. The pet tinctures come in two concentrations of 150mg and 300mg of CBD per 30ml bottle. Give these to your pet sublingually or add them to the pet food. They are great for improving the health and well-being of your pets.

Conclusion/Final thoughts

The Grassroots Harvest CBD company has an amazing policy that they follow to the dot, making high-quality products that are powerful, potent and clean. Their aim is to have a very satisfied customer base and to greatly aid in improving the lifestyle of their faithful customers.

The CBD hemp oil they make is great for relieving arthritic pains, soothing inflammation, and chronic pain, helping sleep, reducing anxiety and improving the health of the skin. All issues are tackled with their products which are made with a lot of care and devotion, for which I myself am very grateful and I recommend you give them a try.

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