SMOKTECH Review: All The SMOK You Need!


I’m here to share everything I know about the Smoktech vaping company. This is a major player among many with literally 100,000+ consumers searching for the brand on the Internet monthly. Find out everything you need to know about the company before buying any of their products. I’ve left nothing out here, literally, nothing!

Smoketech Vape Reviews

Details About The SMOKTECH Company & Products

A very familiar name in the vaping community, SMOKTECH, or more notably known as SMOK, is a brand of vape products developed by the Shenzhen IVPS Technology company from China. This company is located in Shenzhen City, where most of the other Chinese e-cig companies are located.

The motto of their company is “Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience,” and they might be right about that. They have made some major innovations regarding the vaping products. Some of their major break-through achievements are: a variable voltage/wattage device, a dual coil device, and a personal Bluetooth enabled vaporizer.

Who They’re For

The SMOKTECH offer has something to offer for every user. Their products range from simple beginners products to high-tech products aimed at seasoned vaping pros.

The SMOKTECH vape devices are separated by categories on their website: getting started aimed at people fresh into vaping, advanced for the experienced user, ultimate for the pros, pen style for those that like the feel of a real cigarette and the guardian pipe – a device that incorporates the classical pipe design with state of the art modern technology. A feature they pride themselves on is the portability of some of their products like the Fit and Infinix vape devices.

The SMOK Mods

The different mods under each category have different features and different performance power. Some of their best sellers are the Devilkin Kit, the V-Fin, Mag Baby Kit, the Resa Stick, the Resa Prince, H-PRIV 2, the Rolo Badge and the Luminous Cobra Drip tip.

All of their products have very exceptional designs. All the SMOK products are made from quality materials and feature different power and resistance outputs and variable temperature range.

The Smok Alien Kit Has Arrived

One of their most recent additions is the Alien kit. It has a zinc alloy body painted with durable paint with a futuristic design. This device is relatively small (85*44*30mm) and is comfortable to be held in the hand.

It comes with a power range of 6-220W; a temperature range of 200-600F, and is adequate to be used by users that enjoy a lot of vapor around them as well as people that enjoy the flavors of their selected e-juice.

The Fit Kit

The Fit kit is another fresh product by SMOK. This is a very portable vape pen with a sleek, modern and inconspicuous design. It is so sleek with amazingly small dimensions – 18.4*8*107mm, it has a 2ml e-juice capacity and weighs only 20 grams.

This makes it very nice to carry around with you when you are going about your day and you don’t want to be bothered by a larger vape device.

The H-PRIV 2 Kit

Another one of their best sellers is the H-PRIV 2 Kit. Available in nine different color variations, this is a very nice vape device. It has small, compact dimensions (84*52*27mm) and weighs only 165 grams.

The power range is between 1 and 225W and the temperature range is between 200 and 600F. It fits the TFV12 Big Baby Prince cartridge that holds 6ml of e-juice. The device features several safety protections and all of the above makes it one of the best products of its kind on the market.


I can’t possibly mention all the SMOK vape devices here as they are plentiful, and I have only mentioned our picks. Under the SMOK wing, there is an app – The Vaping Tour that allows its users to share their vaping experiences on social media platforms. This is also a place where one can find many friends across the world that share the same vaping enthusiasm as you. SMOK is also dedicated to creating a less invasive blend of vaping e-juice that promotes the health of its users and avoid all the harmful effects of tobacco.

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