Is Smoking Really Bad For Your Health?


Whether or not you believe in the power of hemp oil and CBD, you need to read this if you smoke cigarettes. There have been countless campaigns that have shown the negative effects of smoking. But no matter the propaganda, people still light up the torches of freedom.

Why? Well, because people are determined to smoke. Even though we’ve seen a decrease in the number of smokers, many people still do it. I’ll give my two cents on why smoking is bad, and it’s my hope with the most sincerity as possible that at least one smoker will read this blog post and decide to quit for good! There’s always using vape alternatives which are likely healthier, just keep that in mind if you’re a smoker.

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Smoking Is Bad

Yes, it’s bad for your health, duh! Everybody knows that smoking is bad. No, not simply because it destroys your lungs, but also for the several more pressing and immediately noticeable effects of sucking on that cigarette aka cancer stick.

After you light up a cigarette, there’s an increase in your heart rate, and your pupils will start to dilate. Next up, the arteries start to constrict, increasing your blood pressure and limiting your blood flow throughout your entire body. That’s why when lighting a cigarette, you will start to feel somewhat lightheaded. Trust me, it’s pleasant for a few seconds, and the damage it does can last a lifetime – not to mention the job it does shortening that life of yours.

Nicotine and Increased Heart Issues

When inhaling cigarette smoke, you inhale nicotine content, usually around 12 to 18 milligrams per cigarette. The nicotine causes the production of adrenaline in the body, which forces your heart rate to immediately increase. Not rocket science, this wears out the heart, causing premature and irreparable damage to the tissue.

Along with the nicotine, you inhale carbon monoxide – a gas that’s poisonous and causes asphyxiation. So, all smokers literally are poisoning themselves, sounds great huh! The prolonged inhalation of cigarette smoke causes clogged arteries, again leading to damage to the cardiovascular system and premature heart failure.

I must also mention the other chemicals found in cigarettes. Lots of them are very, very bad for your health. There are phenols, benzenes, alkaloids, and even asbestos in the cigarette smoke, and people still willingly inhale this trash.

It’s An Addictive Habit That’s Hard To Kick

Many people, unfortunately, start smoking as a young adult (sometimes even sooner)  just to try it “for fun.” But that fun quickly turns into a nasty habit that’s unpleasant, unhealthy and downright stinky.

Due to the contents of cigarettes, it’s very easy for a person to become addicted to smoking. All it takes is a couple of tries and you’re hooked. Sure, not as bad as heroin (which is an epidemic in the Northeast) but it’s still really bad. What we’re dealing with here is something psychologists call “Consistency Bias.” When a person makes a decision that they will smoke, they will do everything to keep up with the decision, even if that is damaging to the health.

It takes a lot more than a couple of tries to quit smoking, and what people do is revert to old habits. They will try to give up, will not succeed on their first try and then never try to quit again.

Long-Term Damage Caused By Smoking

The prolonged exposure to smoking leads to many diseases, predominantly heart problems and several types of cancer that are directly linked to smoking. Smoking also causes weakness in the immune system, making the body more prone to infections and more serious issues.

A weak immune system is one of the reasons why cancer can spread so easily throughout the body. If a person is healthy and has a strong immune system, then the immune system defense will fight off any cancerous cells. But if the person prolongs poisoning its body with smoke, then the immune system can’t fight anything and the body will easily succumb to many different illnesses.

The Good News

The good news is that the human body has amazing healing properties. After you quit smoking, the body takes very short time to regenerate and repair all the damage caused by smoking for years. This has been seen in long-term heavy smokers that have quit smoking even after thirty years, and within two years their bodies have completely recovered and their organs have regenerated.

If you don’t think that you can quit smoking, or you are willing to try a much healthier alternative, then we suggest you try vaping. The vape juice contains just a few chemicals, and it is a much safer and much healthier alternative to smoking. You will still get a small jolt of nicotine, but without the thousand other poisons that come in the cigarette smoke.

If you want to quit smoking, then you’ve got alternatives and support groups out there that can and will help you out.



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