Restaurants Are Officially Adding Cannabis To Their Menu


Cannabis is becoming all the rage today. Seriously, it’s quickly becoming one of the most widely used ingredients in restaurants throughout America today. As we see CBD products become more readily available at the retail level, it only makes sense that many restaurants start incorporating this into their menus as well.

According to USA Today, there are lots of restaurants in New York and other states that are finally beginning to use CBD in their recipes. I did share a story earlier about a Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles that recently started adding CBD to their tacos. Well, now you don’t need to go all the way to L.A. just to get your cannabidiol food and drink fix.

All you have to do is look in your backyard and you’ll likely find what you’re looking for. As for what you can get and where, lucky for you, I’m a foodie myself and I refuse to keep these delicious treats a secret.

CBD infused cupcakes at By Chloe restaurant

Restaurants Serving CBD Products (And What They’re Serving)

Now, I would not be able to sleep without sharing this information with you all today. Here’s a list of the cannabis-derived dishes and why you might consider indulging in one or two of them.

But first, here are the facts on this ingredient. This is not recreational or medical marijuana. It’s CBD made from industrial hemp (other than in California) and it’s not illegal.

The Restaurants and the dishes containing CBD that they are serving today.

The James New York (NoMad Hotel) has a delicious spicy meatball dish which they serve that contains 15mg of CBD. They’ve also got an olive tapenade that contains 16.6mg, tater tots that have 10mg each, ice cream in sundae form that has 20mg of CBD and a butter lettuce salad that contains 20mg as well. If CBD-enriched food isn’t your thing, then maybe you’ll want to try one of the CBD Living Waters they sell. Speaking of selling, these are not cheap at all. Plan on spending between $14 and $32 for any of the items mentioned above.

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As for other restaurants selling CBD infused foods and drinks, you’ve got plenty of options…

There’s a restaurant in Philadelphia called Fuel, which is a healthy restaurant for the gym junkies like myself. You’ll find that they have a smoothie collection called “Dream” which is a rundown of CBD-infused smoothies. They offer a variety of flavors which they refer to as the green dream, vegan berry, and the orange dream.

If you’re living in the Denver, Colorado area, you can head on over to the Blue Sparrow Coffe shop where you’ll find Nitro Cold Brew containing CBD on tap. Yes, I said on tap! The coffee will run you anywhere from $6-$8 depending on the size you get. Not bad considering it’s comparable to Starbucks and with the added bonus of containing CBD.

Even fast food chains are jumping on this trend. A vegan fast food restaurant called Eat By CHLOE, which was created by Samantha Wasser, now offers all sorts of CBD-infused products such as cookies pies, popcorn, other desserts, and even dog treats.

I guess the bottom line is that CBD-infused food and drinks are here to stay. At least the demand is here to stay and I only see more and more restaurants carrying these products to meet the demand.

Special thanks to By Chloe for the image of their cupcakes, they are amazing looking!

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