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Petly CBD is a California-based CBD company that makes organic CBD tinctures and chews for pets. They use Colorado-grown hemp and extract the broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract with food-grade ethanol. The website states they make 3rd-party lab tests, but they have not published any results online. The website also shares plenty of positive reviews from satisfied customers. Petly has pledged and donated $1 from every sold product to pets in need. This is an overall good CBD brand with quality CBD products exclusively for pets.

Petly CBD Oil Brand Overview

The Petly CBD brand makes exclusively CBD-based products for pets. This is a California-based company with a nice website and a simple pet product offer. The company uses organic Colorado-grown hemp to extract the full-spectrum CBD hemp extract.

The information online states that Petly CBD uses ethanol extraction to make the phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil and later distill the extract and “wash” it to remove only the THC, keeping all the other active cannabinoids in the hemp extract.

The Petly CBD website states that they make lab tests on all their products and that the products pass with flying colors. Still, they do not publish the test results online, which I consider a downside of the transparent relationship of the brand with its customers.

This company ships its products to all 50 US states, but do not have international shipping. They do not offer any return options at this time. They, however, pledge to donate $1 of every sold product to animals in need, showing a strong charitable side. Products

Petly CBD makes CBD tincture for pets and CBD-infused treats. Here is an overview of all the Petly CBD products.

CBD Pet Products

Petly CBD makes several types of CBD tinctures for pets. These are made with their THC-free broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract and are specially formulated to appeal to our furry friends.

  • Pet Hemp Oil for Small Dogs is a CBD tincture made with 125 mg of CBD per 30 ml bottle. This product is for dogs smaller than 24 pounds, as each recommended dose brings about 4.6 mg of CBD. This tincture is made with MCT coconut oil as a carrier oil and is GMO-free, vegan, and gluten-free product.
  • Pet Hemp Oil for Medium Dogs is CBD tincture by Petly CBD for dogs of medium size, or between 26-50 pounds. It has 250 mg of CBD per 30 ml bottle and is blended with MCT coconut carrier oil. Each dose brings 8.3 mg of CBD, helping restore the natural balance in your dog’s life.
  • Pet Hemp Oil for Large Dogs has 500 mg of CBD in a 30 ml bottle, and this tincture is for pets larger than 50 pounds. Each dose contains 16.6 mg of CBD and contains broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract and MCT coconut oil.
  • Pet Hemp CBD Oil for Cats is a specially designed product to improve the wellbeing of cats. This CBD tincture has 125 mg of broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract and MCT coconut carrier oil. The recommended dose is one dropper a day, which would give your cat 4.1 mg of phytocannabinoid-rich CBD hemp extract without any THC.
  • Pet Hemp CBD Dog Treats are specially designed treats infused with CBD that our dogs will love and benefit from. These are made with water-soluble broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract and contain 2 mg of CBD per treat. Made with plenty of ingredients dogs love like flaxseed oil, sweet potato, beef liver, brewer’s yeast, and natural bacon flavor, the treats are packed in bags of 25 THC-free chews.

Pros and cons

Researching Petly CBD, I found to be pros and some cons. Here are my findings.


  • Colorado-grown organic industrial hemp
  • Food-grade ethanol extraction
  • Specially-designed pet products
  • THC-free products
  • Charitable side with $1/per sold product donated to pet rescues


  • Lab test results not published online
  • No return option


Petly CBD makes CBD-based oils and chews for pets, as the name suggests. This company uses organic hemp grown in Colorado and makes broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract. Even though the site claims they do third-party lab tests, I could not find any proof of this.

Still, Petly CBD has a good customer base and plenty of good reviews from customers whose pets benefited from the use of the Petly products. So, if you are looking to get a quality CBD-based product for your dog or cat, then you can give Petly CBD a try.

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