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Do you know how popular hemp is today? Seriously, it’s insane! Hemp has become very popular in recent times, and it should be no surprise that many companies are starting to offer some nice hemp-based foods. One company making heads turn is Manitoba Harvest, known for its multiple hemp food-based products. If you’re like the majority of the people living in the United States, then you’re intrigued in this or you’ve already jumped on the movement. Given the movement, here’s what you need to know about the Manitoba Harvest brand.

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manitoba harvest review

Manitoba Harvest Overview

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods, as it is known for its full name was founded 20 years ago, in 1998. Their mission goal is to inspire a better way, a better life, and a better world through the growth of hemp and see the changes in the world.

Manitoba Harvest pride themselves on being the largest manufacturer that grows and sells their own, unique line of hemp foods. The founder of Manitoba Harvest has used his own personal experience in weight loss and health improvement and founded the company in order to bring a new diet based on good protein, fiber, and healthy fats closer to the people. What he found was that hemp has all the necessary proteins, fats and fiber that promote good health and hasn’t stopped since.

Manitoba Harvest makes their own seeds without any GMO modification and only after extensive testing these are given to Canadian farmers to organically grow the crops. After the harvesting, the seeds are again tested for quality and consistency. The manufacturing and packaging processes ensure that the customers are supplied with fresh, properly packed products with the maximal nutritive value.

The Manitoba Harvest website is very nicely designed and offers an abundance of information pertaining to hemp, its nutritive value and an explanation of the common misconceptions related to hemp and its derivates. The website offers educational content in the form of Hemp Academy where one can find lessons on everything hemp related. Also recipes on how you can use their products in your everyday diet. There is the Hemp Ambassador program intended for bloggers, nutritionists, athletes and fans of the hemp culture.

The company claims to test each product but I’ve not found any test results readily available, and if you are interested, then you may need to contact them for detailed info on this matter. Their products range from hemp hearts, hemp hearts toppings, hemp heart bites, hemp protein, hemp protein smoothies, hemp oil and toasted hemp seeds. Each of these is made in their factory in Canada, with guaranteed quality.

Highlights of Manitoba

The Manitoba Harvest company and products have some nice pros and cons, and here we’ll delve into some of these.


  • Favorably priced products
  • Organic and natural options
  • Hemp-based foods with desirable flavors
  • Pregnancy and child-safe products


  • No direct purchase from the Manitoba Harvest website
  • No specific CBD-related products

Types Of Products

  • Edibles

  • Other

Quick Company Facts

Company Establishing Date: 1998

Official Company Name: Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods

Hemp Origin: Canada

Product Price Range: $10 – $30

Product Availability: Canada and the US

Purchase Offers: Available only through retailers as a one-time purchase or in bulk

Lab Test Results: N/A

Support/Customer Service: phone: 1-(800)-665-4367, online contact form

Shipping Policy: Available through retailers only

Return Policy: N/A

Where to Buy: Available through retailers only

Manitoba Harvest Coupon Code

The prices of the products by the Manitoba Harvest company are low and affordable. But customers are rewarded with special deals, one-time offers, and discounts when they subscribe to their newsletter and follow the company on the different social media platforms. Also, the many retailers that carry these products offer amazing deals and discounts.

The Manitoba Harvest company offers some nice snacks and hemp-based foods. Here we’ll look into the most famous ones and explain some more details about these

Hemp Hearts

The hearts of the hemp seeds. These are only shelled, with no further processing, and can be used in foods, smoothies, added in salads, or blended in yogurt. The hemp hearts contain 10 grams of protein and 10 grams of fatty acids in a 30-gram portion, which is excellent and brings excellent results. These also come in an organic version.

Hemp Oil

This is the oil obtained by cold pressing hemp seeds. This oil is not refined at all, in order to retain all the important components of the hemp seed. It has a greenish color and slightly nutty taste and can be used for cooking, in salads, eaten raw or used as a body care product. It is available in a 12oz and 32oz bottles. This oil should not be used for frying, as the high temperature destroys all the good stuff in it.

Hemp Oil Soft Gels

The package contains 60 soft gel capsules made from hemp seed oil, gelatin, glycerin, water and caramel powder. These are excellent for people that are on the go and want to keep the intake of hemp oil and essential fatty acids constant. This product is available in natural and organic version.

Hemp Heart Bites Original

The famed hemp hearts in a bite-sized version. These bites are made from shelled hemp seeds, organic cane sugar, organic brown rice syrup, organic vanilla and sea salt. They contain everything the hemp hearts do, as well as organic sugars that bring a healthy snack and an abundance of nutritive elements. Also available in a chocolate and a cinnamon version.

Organic Hemp Pro Fiber Original

This is a package of cold-milled, raw, organic hemp protein. It comes in powder form and can be used in cooking, mixed in yogurt, cereal and in smoothies. A single serving of 30 grams contains half of the daily recommended intake of protein or about 13 grams. Also available in a chocolate or vanilla flavors.

Hemp Protein Smoothie Mixed Berry

A ready-made smoothie blend that contains all you need to jump-start your day, coming in a 300-gram package. Containing hemp protein concentrate, organic coconut palm sugar, organic greens (spinach, kale, broccoli) and organic berry flavor, this smoothie mix can be mixed with water or juice and you are ready to go. A 30-gram serving contains 15 grams of protein and 2,6 grams of essential fatty acids.

Hemp Heart Toppers

An amazing mix of hemp hearts, HempPro Fibre and several organic ingredients that deliver 10 grams of protein and 10 grams of essential fatty acids in a 35-gram portion. These come in a package of 125 grams and are an excellent way to top off your foods, salads or add to yogurt. These come in several flavors, all made from organic ingredients: coconut & cocoa, maple & cinnamon, onion, garlic & rosemary, chipotle, onion & garlic.

Toasted Hemp Seeds

These are a healthy snack that can be eaten directly from the bag or sprinkled over salads or other foods. The seeds are slightly toasted and come in two flavors: sea salt and sriracha, and a package of 110 grams. They deliver a healthy dose of protein, fibers, and a mix of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. (Check out this hemp seed article too)

Looking to buy some of the Manitoba hemp products? Great, then you can do so by checking out their products on

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