Knox Medical Treats First Epilepsy Patient (6-Year-Old Girl) In Texas


Medical marijuana has many claims of treating people with neurological disorders, which is exactly what is aiding a 6-year-old Texas girl with a very rare form of epilepsy.

She became the first patient in the state of Texas to receive a delivery of medical marijuana, which makes her the very first person in the state to receive medical grade cannabis for her condition.

Knox Medical
Knox Medical Marijuana Company

Two years ago, Republican governor Greg Abbott signed a law to legalize cannabis oil sales that contain a low amount of THC and a high amount of CBD. The THC is the compound in marijuana that alters the psychoactive part of the brain, and CBD is the therapeutic compound that aids millions of patients with serious medical conditions in the U.S.

The Texas Department of Public Safety authorized and approved three dispensaries in late 2017, enabling the growth and distribution of medical cannabis. Knox Medical is one of these – the company that delivered the cannabis to the 6-year-old patient.

Over the past few years, the medical marijuana industry has become essential to the well-being of many people with serious medical conditions due to an endless amount of studies that prove the effectiveness of CBD and THC.

The CEO and founder of Knox Medical, José Hidalgo, claims that the delivery of medical marijuana to the 6-year-old is “Historic day for Texas, and we will work tirelessly to uphold the trust and responsibility the state has placed in Knox Medical.” This was reported by the Texas Tribune.

With these new dispensaries, nearly 150,000 Texas residents suffering with epilepsy may now have the option to treat their condition with medical cannabis products.

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