CBD Cocktails Are The Latest California Bar Craze!


Do you live in the local San Diego, CA area? If so, then you know just how absolutely viral this CBD oil craze has gone. In fact, it’s perhaps the most viral of all things viral that I’ve seen. San Diego residents seem to be quite happy about this movement for the most part. It’s so popular that even bars and other drinking establishments are starting to work these CBD products into the mix.

CBD Cocktails trending

How so, you ask? Well, none other than through cocktail consumption! That’s right, CBD cocktails are here and they’re more popular than ever before. If you’re reading this article, then you know that CBD stands for cannabidiol and that it’s finally made its debut in Hillcrest. I’m talking about the Project Bar and Grill.

They’re now serving drinks that contain CBD oil. These drinks are referred to as CBD cocktails and they’re as crafted with the best of care.

The restaurant uses a brand called PlusCBD Oil owned by Chanse McMillan and Jesse Karagianes. They teamed up with a cocktail crafting expert named Nick Adams and they created the most ideal CBD spirit that I’ve seen thus far to this day. This non-psychoactive supplement is all about making you feel well, not making you feel high.

Whether you’re into taking hemp CBD oil for physical reasons such as inflammation or for mental purposes such as reducing stress, enhancing your mood, and keeping cortisol levels down, it’s a good suggestion and in my opinion, you’re making good decisions doing so. Only now, you can do it while sipping on a cocktail of your choice.

As for the cocktails, the Project Bar & Grill offer three drinks, all of which contain 10mg to 15mg worth of CBD in each cocktail. According to an article recently published, apparently, patrons consuming these libations claim that they feel much better and have fewer hangovers than if they ordered drinks without the CBD oil.

Far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing better than waking up without a hangover and if a CBD cocktail is the answer to making that happen, then I say bottoms up!

If you reside in the San Diego, CA area, then stop by the Project Bar & Grill in Hillcrest. Tell them that you read about this here on truthabouthemp.org and maybe we’ll buy you another round if it gets back to us.

Assuming you’ve got some other restaurant options to share as to where we can get CBD cocktails, please let us know.

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