Gold Standard CBD Review

I have been researching the CBD oil market and looking into the many companies that grow hemp and make hemp-based products. I have written reviews about a lot of the CBD brands out there, and now it is time to dedicate a review at the Gold Standard CBD company and its products. Check out what I’ve got to say about this brand. Full disclosure, I’ve recently reached out to them for some clarification on a couple of things.

gold standard cbd oil review

Gold Standard CBD – Overview/Summary

Gold Standard CBD is a company that has been growing its own hemp and producing several various hemp-based products. According to the company website, the hemp they use is organically grown in Oregon, USA.

In order to produce the CBD oil, the company uses distillation methods to extract the CBD along with all the important terpenes from the hemp for the full entourage effect.

The Gold Standard CBD brand offers several different types of CBD products like CBD vape cartridges, hemp stix, organic honey stix, and the Gold Swag clothing line. Their website is nicely constructed, with plenty of information about CBD, its benefits, and the legality of the CBD products.

What I found really appealing is the information about the lab tests and the latest results are readily available on each product page. There is a 30-day return policy in the case that you are unsatisfied with the product. There is the referral program as well as an affiliate program that makes for easier purchasing and a lot of other added benefits.

Brand Highlights of Gold CBD

Gold Standard Hemp CBD has its pros and cons…


  • Relatively affordable prices
  • Lab test results available on each product page
  • Great info on the website
  • 30-day return option
  • A bunch of product types
  • Referral and affiliate program


  • No international shipping

Types Of Products

  • Edibles
  • Vaping
  • Other

Quick Company Facts

Company Establishing Date: 2017

Official Company Name: Gold Standard Hemp Co.

Hemp Origin: South Oregon, USA

Product Price Range: $5-$50 ($-$$)

Product Availability: All 50 US states

Purchase Offers: One-time purchase, bulk, wholesale, affiliate

Lab Test Results: Available online on every product page

Support/Customer Service: Online contact form

Shipping Policy: UPS shipping only, free shipping on orders over $80

Return Policy: 30-day return option

Where to Buy: Gold Standard Hemp online shop

Coupon Code

When you visit the Gold Standard CBD webpage and browse through their products, you will notice the prices of the products, and see that they are really affordable in the first place.

But to make matters even more appealing the people at Gold Standard CBD offer great discounts and giveaways for their fateful subscribers and affiliate members.

To anyone else that makes a purchase and does not want to subscribe to their website, Gold Standard CBD enables them to use discount codes found daily on their social media pages on their Facebook and Instagram.

The Gold Standard CBD company offers several interesting products. Here I’ll cover a brief review and bring you more detailed info on most of the top products.

Hemp Stix Original

Original CBD Gold Hemp Stix

This is a pack of 10 stix that contain about 750mg of CBD per pack or about 75 mg of CBD per stix (joint). The stix are actually hemp-based cigarettes (or joints) that are made with Hemp flowers, Mugwort, Mullein, and Coltsfoot. These herbs are used as remedies and are intended to bring relaxation while still enjoying smoking.

The blend of organic dried herbs is packed in raw unbleached paper tubes. According to the product page, this is a completely vegan product, is not tested on animals, is GMO-free, and is 100% natural. The Hemp Stix also comes in a single pack of one cigarette which costs $5, while the pack of 10 costs $30.

CBD Hemp Stix Mint

Hemp Stix Mint

The Gold Standard CBD Hemp Stix in the minty variant. These are hemp-based cigarettes (joints) that are made by blending herbal remedies like Hemp flowers, Mugwort, Mullein, and Coltsfoot along with mint for an exquisite relaxing smoking experience with the added minty smoothness.

The pack contains 10 sticks with about 75mg CBD in each stix, for a total of 750mg CBD per pack. The pack of 10 costs $30, and the Hemp Stix Mint also comes in a single pack of one that costs $5.

gold cbd honey stix

100mg CBD Honey Stix

Honey in a stick-shaped tube with added CBD isolate. The pack contains seven stix with 100mg of CBD isolate along with 35 grams of 100% pure organic honey. Or about 14.7mg of CBD per stix, as each honey stix weighs five grams.

These are great as small snacks of pure energy from the honey along with the boost from the CBD, so you can easily get through your day. This is a vegan product, completely GMO-free, is not tested on animals, and is 100% natural.

gold cbd vape cartridge

250mg CBD Vape Cartridge & Adjustable Voltage Battery Kit

A great vape kit with one 250mg CBD vape cartridge along with the adjustable voltage battery. The cartridge contains 250mg CBD distillate in 0.5 ml of fractionated coconut oil, without any THC in the blend. It, however, contains all the important natural hemp terpenes and it fits a 510 thread.

The adjustable voltage battery has 350mAh, the voltage can be adjusted between 3.0 and 3.8V, it fits a 510 thread and comes with a USB charger. The kit is very affordably priced and if you are only a beginner, then you can try this out without any long-term commitment or a lot of money spent.

gold cbd vape cartridge 500mg

500mg CBD Vape Cartridge

This is a vape cartridge with a 500 mg of CBD oil in 1 ml of fractionated coconut oil, along with all the important natural terpenes, slight mint flavor, and THC-free.

This is a vegan, GMO-free, and 100% natural product. This vape cartridge fits all 510 thread batteries. Oh, and for best results, it should be used at lower temperatures or about 3.6 volts.

Gold CBD Hemp Swag

Gold Swag

The Gold Standard Hemp Co clothing line. The Gold Swag product line contains a black tee with the mountaintop logo, several snapback hats with different logos, and a classic men’s and women’s tanks with the Gold Standard Hemp logo.

Note: None of these is made with hemp-based fabric, these only contain the Gold Standard Hemp logos.

Where To Buy

Interested in getting your hands on these products? Well, you’re not alone and they’re going faster than pickaxes and shovels during the gold rush! Find out why people love the Gold Standard CBD brand so much – give them a try today – click here to buy them.

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