KangerTech Top Evod Review


Today I’m here to share my thoughts and what I know about the KangerTech Top Evod. I’ve laid everything out that I know in this official review. While my site ProHempOil.com, is primarily geared towards hemp and CBD users, the occasional vaper does come along looking for information, which is why I’ve chosen to share this review.

Kangertech Tech Evod Starter Kit

Official KangerTech Top Evod Product Report

KangerTech is a very popular name in the vape community. Producing a wide variety of vape pens for all levels experience and all budgets. Specifically, the Top Evod vape pen by KangerTech is more for beginner vapers because it is built to mimic a cigarette. It has a constricted drag to it, as well as being easy-to-use with its lack of button and dials.

The KangerTech Top Evod Starter Kit comes with the following;

  • Top Evod tank
  • Top Evod 650mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Pre-Installed 1.5 VOCC-T atomizer
  • 510-Threaded micro USB charger
  • User Manual
  • Authenticity card

The Top Evod Tank

The top Evod is a clean-looking innovated tank that will deliver a sufficient amount of vapor per draw. This tank is designed with the top-fill feature, meaning you can re-fill your e-liquid with much more ease and get more filling per fill. With this tank, you get 1.7mL of liquid per fill. Although you fill your liquid at the top, this tank is still considered a bottom-feeder because the coil is still located on the bottom of the tank and that is where it is replaced too.

This is not a sub-ohm vape pen, it is a dual coil. Which is less powerful than a MOD but it still gets the job done. Like I mentioned before this pen is made for beginner vapers. The KangerTech Top Evod Kit is compatible with 1.8-ohm, 1.6-ohm, and 1.5-ohm VOCC-T atomizers. On the base of the tank, there are airflow holes that help keep your vape from overheating and makes for a less-constricted pull.

The Top Evod Battery

This battery is a lot more compact than most but does not lack in performance. The Top Evod battery is a 650mAh lithium-ion battery, which for this set-up is perfect. This battery will give you about 4-6 hours of use per charge depending on how much you are puffing on it. KangerTech looks out for their customers by supplying short-circuit protection that is built into the battery so if something is not right the battery will shut off and not work until the problem is fixed.

This battery is charged with a 510 USB charger, which will require you to detach the tank from the battery and screw the charger onto the top of the battery. Remember, this battery is just like your cell phone battery, you DO NOT want to charge it overnight. This battery will take roughly 2-2.5 hours to charge completely and there is an indicator light on your charger


This is a fantastic starter kit that can fit most budgets and comes with all you need. KangerTech Top Evod is great for people wanting to kick that hassle-of-a-habit, cigarettes. It is easy to use, minimal maintenance, and discreet what more can you ask from a vape pen that is less than $20.00. I recommend this set-up to aspiring vapers and even people who are looking for a quick fix to replace your broken vape pen.

Want to learn more about the product? Watch the video below!

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