Foria Review

A company that makes CBD-infused products exclusively for women, Foria has caused quite the stir when they first introduced their products. Later they started bringing products for a wider clientele and today Foria has a varied product offer that is intended to increase the wellbeing of many people.

The Foria CBD Brand Overview

The Foria company has become famous for a seemingly controversial product – vaginal suppository infused with cannabis intended to bring relief from menstrual pain. It was a well-received product that has paved the way for similar products.

The company sources sustainably sun-grown cannabis grown in Colorado, USA, and blends in all-natural ingredients to make their products. Their THC-infused products are available in California and Colorado, while their CBD products are available worldwide.

Foria claims that they do laboratory tests on their products, but they have yet to publish the results online for completely transparent conduct. Foria works on using only organic and responsibly sourced ingredients that are in their products, such as cocoa butter, MCT coconut oil, kava kava, and other essential oils.

The Products

Foria’s main market focuses on women and wellness, with products mainly for their use. Their flagship pain-relief product was named Foria Relief and it has gained a positive welcome and has been praised by many. This vaginal suppository has been made with 60mg THC and 10mg CBD for local pain relief. Even though it has THC, it has almost negligent psychoactive effects.

There are also rectal suppositories that contain THC and CBD and can be used for enhancing the erotic play, or by people with local inflammation or discomfort. A new product, introducing in 2019 is their Micro-Dose Vape Pen, with 4:1 CBD vs. THC content, with only organic ingredients, which helps with pain relief, and increases wellbeing and creativity.

Another very popular product is the Foria Pleasure, a natural arousal lube with THC. This is another of Foria’s products especially for women, as it decreases discomfort and dryness while enhancing the senses and increasing the orgasm. This product is a blend of medical-grade cannabis oil with THC and CBD, and coconut oil, and according to the many positive reviews, this product really works in increasing libido and intensity of orgasms.

A similar, THC-free product is their Awaken Arousal intimate massage oil and lube that is made with kava extract, along with essential oils to increase relaxation and boost sexual pleasure. It is edible, vegan, and gluten-free. Their THC-free Basic Suppositories offer pain relief, muscle relaxation and help with inflammation and contain 100mg of CBD each. Foria also makes their Basic Tonic, which contains 1000mg of CBD in a 30ml bottle, increasing wellness and helping with many health concerns.

Wrapping Things Up

Foria is a truly remarkable company, with products that help women with a lot of uncomfortable issues. Using only organic, sun-grown Colorado cannabis and hemp, along with another natural, organic ingredients, Foria brings comfort, pain-free existence, improved sexual health and new levels of sexual arousal to a lot of women out there.

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