Endoca Review

Summary: Everything I’ve read so far about Endoca and its products has only solidified my good opinion of them. The brand and its products are highly esteemed among CBD users, and being one of the first in this business has helped them build a trusting relationship with a large customer base.

If you are in the market for a quality CBD product, then feel free to lean on Endoca, and I think you will not regret it.

Hemp has been cultivated for more than 10,000 years and has been used in all kinds of applications, from the production of rope and cloth to food and medicine. It is the latter use of hemp that has gained a wide recognition today, laying the base for a whole new area of alternative medicine.

The use of hemp extracts as holistic supplements is what we now know as the CBD industry. This industry is relatively young, and there are rare companies that can say they’ve been around for a decade or more.

However, this is the case for Endoca, which is among the very first CBD manufacturers that have researched the benefits of CBD and started making CBD-based products.

The Endoca CBD Brand

Endoca was founded in Denmark, and they started their online web store in 2010, making this one of the first CBD brands in the world. The name Endoca comes from the endocannabinoid system which we all have in our bodies and is governed by endocannabinoids.

The company has a vast research network of highly skilled professionals and a long list of suppliers. They tend to grow the majority of their hemp on organic land and use a GMP-compliant lab to produce their products.

It is why they always test their products for quality, purity, and potency. They also use the supercritical CO2 extraction method to draw out all the beneficial ingredients from the hemp plant.

The company has a strong policy regarding quality control and consumer safety. Endoca is also an avid supporter of sustainable farming methods. The company is devoted to its customers, offering high-quality CBD products with fair pricing and excellent customer support practice.


The Endoca product catalog is relatively large, as they have CBD oils, creams, edibles, capsules, crystals, suppositories, extracts, and CBD pet products. I’ve made a selection of their most popular and most notable products which I share with you here.


The most straightforward way of taking CBD is by the way of CBD oil/tincture. That is why the CBD oil tinctures by Endoca are their most popular products. These are made from full-spectrum CBD hemp extracts which contain all the beneficial ingredients from the hemp plant: cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

These are also responsible for the grassy, earthy taste of the CBD oil. The CO2 extraction process ensures that all the useful compounds stay in the extract, which is important for the potency of the extract.

Endoca offers two types of CBD oil in two concentrations: raw and decarboxylated CBD oil in concentrations of 300 mg and 1500 mg CBD per bottle. The 300 mg concentration oil is more suitable for beginners, while the 1500 mg version is for people with moderate to severe symptoms.

The raw formulation is unheated and unprocessed, while the other is regular CBD oil. Both are vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free and made from organic hemp.

CBD Capsules

The CBD capsules are the most convenient way of taking the exact dose of CBD every time. Endoca offers two types of capsules in two concentrations: 10 mg medium raw and regular capsules and 50 mg strong raw and regular capsules.

These are made from 100% natural whole-plant hemp extract, are non-psychoactive, and vegan and gluten-free. Taking a CBD capsule is convenient, leaves no unpleasant taste and is a discreet way of consistent dosing with CBD.

CBD Skin Care

Under the skincare product line, Endoca has its Hemp Salve, CBD-infused cream, and CBD lip balm.

  • The slave is made with 750 mg of CBD in a blend of organic ingredients that promote soothing of the skin and provide protection against dryness. The soft consistency of this salve is adequate to use on the face and neck and the whole body. It is even safe to use on baby’s bum.
  • The CBD-infused cream comes in two concentrations – a 300 mg of CBD per 100-gram jar and 1500 mg of CBD per 100-gram jar. It also contains cocoa butter, shea butter, and coconut oil that, along with the CBD hemp extract help nourish the skin and promote healing and rejuvenation.
  • The CBD lip balm is made with 20 mg of CBD per 4.2 g pack, along with coconut oil, beeswax, and honey. It provides deep moisturizing effect on the lips, protecting from dryness and nourishing the soft skin on the lips.

CBD Suppositories

Taking a CBD suppository is the fastest way of bringing CBD into the body, as it is absorbed directly in the blood, bypassing the digestive system. This way also increases the bioavailability of all the ingredients in the suppository.

The Endoca suppositories made purely from hemp extract with 50 mg of CBD blended with coconut oil, for a completely organic product that is safe to use by all.

This product needs to be kept refrigerated due to the nature of the product. You can follow the application instruction on the package.

CBD Extract

Endoca offers a CBD paste made from cold pressing of the raw hemp plant. The extract is not refined at all, meaning all the natural ingredients present in the hemp plant are found in the extract. These are not froe everyone, as they contain quite a punch of ingredients and come in concentrations of 2000 and 3000 mg of CBD per pack.

CBD Crystals

On the other end of the spectrum in CBD products are the CBD crystals. Unlike the CBD Extract which contains everything the hemp plant does, the CBD crystals are made with pure CBD isolate. This product is ideal for people that don’t like the unpleasant taste of raw hemp oil and enjoy experimenting with various uses of CBD.

The CBD crystals can be taken sublingually, added to foods or drinks, made into edibles, dabbed and used in vapes, or even added to skincare products. The Endoca CBD crystals come in a 0.5 g jar with 500 mg 99% pure CBD isolate.

CBD Edibles

The Endoca product catalog offers a CBD edible product in the shape of their CBD chewing gum. This gum is made from natural ingredients and contains 15 mg of CBD per gum, for a total of 150 mg of CBD per package. To add to the flavor, this gum is only enriched with menthol and xylitol, and no artificial colors or sweeteners are added.

This product is linked to their charitable side, as for every pack of gum Endoca makes; they plant more chicle trees, whose natural gum they use in their product. Also, they tend to use less plastic, and their CBD chewing gum is packed in a paper-only package.

Pros and Cons

During my research into the Endoca brand and its products, I noticed some positive and some negative things that I’ll share with you here.

Pros of Enodca

  • Full-spectrum, CO2 extracted hemp extract: Endoca uses the CO2 extraction method to produce their full-spectrum hemp extract that is rich not only in CBD but also in all the other naturally-occurring compounds present in the hemp plant.
  • Seed-to-product control: Since the company grows the majority of the hemp they use, and they are also keeping a seed bank of more than 1,000 hemp varieties, it is easy for them to keep proper control over each step of the production, starting from seed, to planting, harvesting, and processing. This is one of the ways Endoca separates itself above the competition in delivering superior-quality products.
  • Affordable pricing: the prices of the Endoca products are reasonable, especially considering the level of quality their products maintain. They also provide programs that can help people with income issues.
  • Sustainable company policy and charitable efforts: the company is trying to use less plastic and use more environmentally-friendly materials. They are also working on using fewer fossil fuels and use alternative fuels like waste cooking oil to power their manufacturing facilities. There is also their tree planting efforts, as well as the Endoca Foundation that supports educational programs and families in need of CBD.
  • Excellent customer support: they have over 200 distributors and a growing body of customers on a global scale. Yet they still find the time to answer each customer question and inquiry and even provide feedback on each review, whether positive or negative that is left regarding one of their products.

The Cons

  • No independent testing: the company does perform intensive testing on all their products, and publish the results online for everyone to see. However, this is done in their in-house lab, and not an independent third-party lab, as is the unofficial industry standard.

Conclusion / Recommendation

I hope that you have reached the same conclusion as me: that Endoca is indeed an excellent CBD brand with an amazing product catalog. Their company policy of transparency, customer care, sustainable farming, and social development have distinguished them above the competition, while still delivering a superior product for a rational price point.

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