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Lots of people are talking about the Mary’s Medicinals brand these days. Which is one of the reasons why I had to look further into things. As you know, I’m all about putting for the effort to find the best CBD brands on the market. Here’s what you need to know about this brand before buying any product…

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Product/Brand Report: Mary’s Medicinals

Mary’s Medicinals is a Colorado-based company founded in 2013 that produces a wide array of CBD and hemp related products. They are most famous for their transdermal cannabis patch. They have been aimed at transforming the general misconceptions related to cannabis, and at the same time increasing the cannabis awareness and bringing products that bring forth the hugely beneficial effects of the hemp plant.

They offer some nice innovative products and some standard products: CBD tincture, CBD and CBN capsules, CBD vape kits, THC vape kits, transdermal patches, transdermal gel pen, muscle freeze cream, Green, and Protein mix supplements, a topical compound and a pet CBD oil.

One of their most famous, most popular and awarded product is their transdermal patch. This product was developed with the idea of exact dosage with an advanced delivery method. It is intended to be placed or patched on a venous part of the body for a discreet relief. It is shown to be effective in the treatment of many different health issues and comes in two different concentrations of 10 and 20mg of CBDs per patch.

Their website has a nice old western movie-inspired theme and an abundance of useful information. Every one of their products has a profile where the main properties of the product along with the number of active cannabinoids are clearly outlined. Many hemp-related terms are readily explained and the section of FAQ’s is also very rich with useful data.

They source their hemp from organic Colorado farms, but what we did not like was the lack of some highly relevant information like their preferred extraction method or the other ingredients in their products (although these are stated on the product packages, they are not put on their website). There is also the information about lab testing and the lack of lab test results

Another thing we found somewhat lacking was the inability to order a product directly from the website, as we were referred to another site named Mary’s Nutritionals where one can very simply place an order. Another manner of ordering is through the various stores that can be found on their store locator page.

For more information, one can follow Mary’s Medicinals on social media for regular information and updates about their products as well as places where one can order them. There are also some nicely put together video-testimonials from satisfied customers.

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