Cannabidiol Life Review

Summary: I found the Cannabidiol Life CBD brand to be a promising one, besides their somewhat confusing explanations about the hemp and the extraction methods they use. Overall, I learned that they have good quality products, with condition-specific products and unique products like their CBG oil and isolate. The Cannabidiol Life products should be on your watch list.

Cannabidiol is also known as CBD is the base of the CBD industry, as this hemp-derived molecule has the potential to bring relief for many symptoms and ailments. It is why this molecule is the base of an entire industry conveniently named the CBD industry.

There are many manufactures and sellers of CBD products, and for this review, I’ve selected the Cannabidiol Life brand and will bring you a detailed overview of their products.

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The Cannabidiol Life Brand

The Cannabidiol Life Company is located in Sanford, Florida. Founded in December of 2017, the company has a nice slogan “Experience the difference” pointing to their quality product offer that includes some very interesting CBD-based products.The company is based on three P’s and they stand for People – Planet – Profit.

They take care of people by delivering high-quality CBD products. They take care of the planet by planting hemp, utilizing the many amazing applications of the hemp plant. Only by addressing these two conditions they can profit. They have a charitable side, their humanitarian and educational work with the Hemp For Hope Foundation.

They use USDA certified organic hemp for their products sourced from Colorado farms, and their production facility is GMP certified. The company discloses that they use US Patented Extraction Technology, and this is not the CO2 extraction method.

Instead, they use organic ethanol-based low-pressure extraction method which allows them to draw out all the useful ingredients from the hemp plant. They perform analysis on all their products, and the results can be seen on each product page on their website.


Cannabidiol Life has a good product catalog. Their product offer includes general use and condition-specific products.

They also offer CBG oil and CBG isolate, CBG or cannabigerol being another cannabinoid compound found in the hemp plant which has an array of useful effects by itself. Here is an overview of their most notable products.


The CBD Oil manufactured by Cannabidiol Life is made from full-spectrum CBD hemp extract blended with organic MCT coconut oil as a carrier oil. The CBD oil is packed in different concentrations and various size bottles: 250 mg/5 ml, 750 mg/15, 1500 mg/30 ml, 3000 mg/60 ml and 6000 mg/120 ml.

Interestingly, considering the size of the packs and the amount of CBD in each dose, these are all the same, with the recommended serving dose of 0.5 ml containing 25 mg of CBD.

In this category is also their Menstrual ReLeaf oil made with 2000 mg of CBD along with organic extracts from roots and herbs that are known to provide relief from menstrual cramps, pain, and discomfort.


This oil is made by extracting the raw CBG from the young hemp plants, as CBG is the precursor for the other cannabinoid compounds in the hemp plant. CBG is slowly gaining popularity as supposedly having anti-cancer properties, as well as having promising antibiotic and antimycotic properties.

The CBG oil is packed in 30 ml bottles with 2000 mg of hemp extract per bottle, from which 1000 mg is CBG. It comes in three options, without terpenes, or with terpene profile of selected hemp variants like Blue Dream and Watermelon OG.

CBD Capsules

Taking a CBD capsule is easy, discreet and tasteless. It also brings the same dose of CBD every time. The Cannabidiol Life CBD capsules come in several versions: a full-spectrum CBD hemp capsule with 25 mg of CBD per capsule. These are packed in a bottle of 30 and a bottle of 60 capsules. Containing full-spectrum hemp extract, these may contain albeit small doses of THC.

That is why the company has made two other CBD gel capsules, one made from broad-spectrum CBD extract containing 25 mg of CBD per capsule and packed in a bottle of 30 capsules. Their strongest CBD capsules are made from CBD isolate and contain 100 mg of pure CBD per capsule, packed in a bottle of 30 capsules. These are not for everyone but should be taken by people with severe symptoms.

CBD Edibles

Many CBD companies make CBD-based edibles, and Cannabidiol Life is among them. They make CBD chocolates, CBD gummies, and CBD caramels. The CBD gummies are made in a fun gummy-bear, worm, watermelon wedge, and pyramid shape and come in various fruity flavors.

There are their chewable delights, the name of their CBD caramels. These come in creamy vanilla and golden maple flavor, and each has 15 mg of CBD, in packs of three caramels.

Their CBD infused chocolates are made from natural ingredients, are gluten-free and contain 15 mg of CBD per chocolate, and are packed in a pack of three.

CBD Beauty Products

Cannabidiol Life has a good array of CBD-based beauty products which include an anti-aging facial serum, a CBD muscle and joint balm, CBD body butter, CBD lip balm, BCD massage oil, and a CBD-infused bath bomb.

Packed in a convenient 30 ml jar, their CBD balm is made with 275 mg of CBD, along with other natural, organic ingredients providing relief from aches and sore muscles. It has soothing lemongrass and lavender scent that provides additional relief.

Their anti-aging CBD facial serum is made with 50 mg of CBD and 12 additional ingredients that bring relief and rejuvenation to dry skin, promoting the smoothing of wrinkles and restoring the health of the skin on the face, neck, and chest.

The CBD body butter is another CBD-infused beauty product by Cannabidiol Life. This product is made with 110 mg of CBD hemp extract in a 30 ml pack. It is made with natural and organic ingredients, has a light formula that is easily absorbed and has alight lemongrass scent. This body butter can aid in the soothing of irritated skin, redness, sunburns, and other skin issues while keeping the skin smooth and moisturized.

A CBD lip balm is nothing new, and many companies, including Cannabidiol Life, have one on their product offer. This product is made with 25 mg of CBD along with organic fruit extracts and other ingredients that help the skin of the lips stay moist and protected, for perfectly kissable lips.

CBD Smokable’s

Cannabidiol Life has a good array of CBD products for smoking: CBD crystals, CBD vapes, CBD pens, CBD Hemp flower, CBD dabs, CBD crystals, and CBD wax.

I will not explain the details of all of these but will say that this is a fairly diverse offer, as very few CBD companies have such variety in their catalog. If taking CBD through your lungs is your preferred option, then this is a product offer you will want to check out.

Pros and Cons

I found some good and some bad sides to the Cannabidiol Life CBD brand. Here are the main pros and cons I found, so you can draw your conclusion.


  • US-grown hemp: they state that the hemp used for manufacturing their products is grown in Colorado. This is a good practice, as they support US farmers and use superior-quality hemp frown on organic farms.
  • Ethanol extraction: this is a different extraction method than the CO2 extraction, but is in no way inferior in quality. Quite the opposite, as many medical-grade products are derived with this exact technique. Plus, they get to produce a truly full-spectrum CBD hemp extract with high quality.
  • Unique CBG oil and isolate: to produce CBG, the younger hemp plants need to be sacrificed before CBD turns into CBD (and other cannabinoids). It is a popular belief that CBG is a more potent compound than CBD, and I believe we are yet to hear about its benefits. Talk about pioneering work.
  • Third-party lab tests: all the product pages have lab test results published about the particular product. Also, there is a separate page where you can find the info about your exact product, which you can access by scanning the QR code.


  • Sparse company info: the official company website has a good theme and design, but besides this, it still lacks important information. I learned that they source their hemp from Colorado by carefully reading all their product info, which is not something any average customer will go through.
  • Lack of relevant info on shipping and returns: this company wants to sell products, but they seem to have forgotten to explain the ordering and shipping info, as many customers are used to seeing this kind of info right of the bat.


When I researched the Cannabidiol Life CBD brand, my first opinion was not a great one, because of the seemingly sparse information they have on their website. However, after careful reading and collecting all relevant info, I concluded that the data on the website is good, only not arranged in the greatest of ways. This is in no way a testament to the quality of their products. I’ve read many satisfied reviews that led me to believe that this is indeed a quality CBD company that cares for its customers.

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