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Bottomline Upfront: The LolaHemp CBD company started things off as a dog only brand. They’ve since upgraded to provide CBD for all pets. The brand offers organically sourced CBD product, they are charitable and are backed by veterinarians as well as a cannabis consultant. This brand is worth picking up for your favorite furry friend. Click here to activate the discount offer.
LolaHemp uses full-spectrum CBD extract for its CBD oil and CBD balm for dogs. They have a good company culture and are very devoted to helping animals in need by donating CBD oil to animal rescues. With a transparent relationship with their clients, they prove that they are devoted to animal health and your dog will surely benefit from a high-quality CBD product.

All animals have an endocannabinoid system, meaning that same as with humans, animals can benefit from taking cannabinoid compounds. Veterinary doctors have noticed the effectiveness CBD brings to many common health concerns in animals. This is especially noticeable in stress relief and pain management, and many have started recommending CBD as a viable treatment.

That is why many companies have developed a CBD program for pets as a part of their product catalog. However, some companies produce CBD products solely intended for animal use. It is one such company that has caught my attention and got a spot on our growing list of CBD reviews, LolaHemp.

lolahemp cbd

The Brand

LolaHemp is a family-owned company founded in 2018, by a son and a mom duo, Joey and Susan DiFrancesco. LolaHemp was inspired by Lola, a rescue Chihuahua that was suffering an array of serious health issue.

After trying everything else, Joey and Susan turned to CBD, and miraculously, Lola found relief from the stresses and anxieties she lived with for so long.

LolaHemp has a veterinary doctor and a vet technician on staff, along with people experienced in CBD production for creating excellent quality CBD products for dogs. The company has a strong charitable side, working with animal rescue efforts. For every four bottles of CBD oil they sell, they donate one to an animal rescue.

The products offered by LolaHemp are made from high-quality organically-grown hemp. They use third-party laboratories to test the purity and consistency of their products and publish results online for a transparent relationship with the clients.

These are made with full-spectrum extract, meaning that the natural terpenes and cannabinoids present in the hemp plant are also present in the CBD oil, for an added beneficial effect called the “entourage effect.”

The company has excellent customer support in place, with one business day USPS shipping along with rush delivery option and 30-day money-back guarantee. There are detailed purchases as well as dosing instructions for the CBD oils on the website. With this, you can easily calculate the dose you need to give to your dog per their size.

Video From The CEO

Learn about the entire story from the CEO of LolahHemp, Joey DiFrancesco. Find out what you need to know about the CBD products before buying them for your pet.


Lola Hemp Omega Hemp Oil


LolaHemp produces two types of products: CBD oil for dogs, CBD for cats, and a CBD balm for dogs/pets. Here is a more detailed overview of both products.

Lola Hemp Oil

CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats

The CBD oils LolaHemp offers are intended for dog and cat use only. These are made with full-spectrum CBD oil and come in three different sized bottles: a 15 ml bottle with 150 mg of CBD, a 30 ml bottle with 300 mg of CBD, and a 60 ml bottle with 600 mg of CBD.

The concentrations are the same in all three bottles, but the one you should buy depends on the size and health issues of your dog or cat.

The CBD oil contains less than 0.3% THC, but it contains all the useful terpenes from the hemp plant, for a more inclusive effect. The CBD oil is extracted from organically-grown hemp and is blended with fractionated coconut oil as a carrier oil.

Topical Balm

CBD Pet Hemp Balm

A topical made with 200 mg of CBD in a 60 ml jar; this CBD balm is also GMO-free, paraben-free, and is made with organic hemp extract. It is tested for purity and potency, and the lab results are published on the official company page.

It helps treat dry skin, wounds, and rashes, cracked areas like nose, paw, or ear. Besides the full-spectrum CBD extract, this balm contains beeswax, vitamin E, shea butter, soybean, and sunflower seed oils, as well as aloe vera extract for helping the healing of wounds and improving skin health.

Pros and Cons

When I did my research into the LolaHemp brand, I found several very positive things and some downsides, which I’ll present here.

Good Things

  • Full-spectrum CBD oil: both the CBD oil and CBD balm are made with full-spectrum hemp extract that also contains the useful terpenes from the hemp plant. This delivers the entourage effect for an added beneficial effect on the health of your pet.
  • Third-party lab tests: the company tests its products for purity and potency and they publish the results online, with each product description and on a separate page on their website, just to be certain that people will see.
  • Excellent customer support: there is a phone number and an email address where anyone can contact LolaHemp and ask anything. Also, there is free shipping on orders over $75 and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Charitable side: the company cooperates and supports animal rescues, and for every four bottles of CBD sold, the fifth is donated to an animal rescue, so dogs in need can benefit from CBD.

Some Bad News

  • No disclosure of the source of hemp: even though the company shares that they use organically grown hemp, they do not disclose the state/country from where they source their hemp. I feel a little better if I know where the hemp is sourced. However, since they have all the lab tests and COAs available, this should not deter you from purchasing the products.

Conclusion / Recommendation

LolaHemp is a great company making CBD oil and CBD balm, especially for dogs. They have a good company policy, use organically-grown hemp, and use full-spectrum hemp extract in their products. Their strong charitable side is deserving of commending, as they work with and donate CBD products to animal rescues and shelters.

From all of this, I can only say that LolaHemp seems like a very good company and their products are something your dog and/or kitty cat will appreciate.

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