This review covers the one and only wellness CBD brand called FOCL (which stands for focus). If you didn’t know, FOCL uses US-grown hemp, CO2 extraction, and a GMP-compliant lab to make its products.

There are lab tests published on their website proving the purity and potency of the FOCL products, and a lot of positive reviews from satisfied users.

This type of relationship with its clients is what separates the good from the bad CBD companies, and even though FOCL is relatively new in this industry, they have a good company policy, great mission, and excellent CBD products with focused effects. With great prices, the products are worth the try – no doubt about it.


I’ll kick things off here by saying that the use of hemp oil has blown up in recent years. People are talking (a lot) and mostly due to the changing government policy on hemp farming and the use of raw material for a variety of applications.

One of these is the use of hemp for the production of CBD, as CBD has become a very popular supplement that has transitioned from “alternative medicine” into mainstream use.

The FDA has approved a CBD-based medicine for severe cases of epilepsy named Epidiolex. But people have found alternative uses for CBD products, not just for the relief of epilepsy-based issues.

Based on my research (not on the FOCL brand, but CBD in general) there are consumers who seem to like using CBD products to manage things like pain, stress, arthritis, inflammation, depression, PTSD, and other things.

Now, while I cannot claim that this will help, that’s what I’ve read after researching various sources. Again, FOCL does not make this claim, this is my own personal opinion based on research and my own experiences.

Naturally, many companies have emerged on the expanding CBD market, each states that its products are the “best on the market.”

I took it upon myself to make comprehensible analysis on as many CBD brands as I’m able, and here I bring you my findings. Today’s topic: the FOCL brand and its products.

FOCL Brand Overview

The FOCL brand has an interesting mission: to create effective plant-powered wellness products that will help you achieve your peak performance.

They use true broad-spectrum hemp CBD products in their products and strive to have a transparent relationship with their clients while helping them perform, rest and live better.

The company has its own industrial hemp farm in New Mexico, producing high-quality hemp. They also have suppliers in Kentucky as well as Colorado.

If they need more raw material than what they can produce, they buy industrial hemp from their neighboring farms and only look for farms with good farming practices, with herbicide and pesticide-free growing policies.

The company uses CO2 extraction to produce their True Broad-Spectrum Hemp CBD extract later used in their products, but they remove the THC. Their products also contain plant-based ingredients that support the intended effects.

The FOCL brand is owned by GoGenics, a Denver-based company, but the website puts the FOCL brand headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

I don’t know the exact background of this, but I suppose it has something to do with the various CBD regulations in different US states. They, however, test their products in an independent laboratory and publish the results online for transparency.

The company sells its products via the FOCL website, and these are available as a one-time purchase, bulk purchase and the most cost-effective way – a monthly subscription option.

They charge a small shipping fee for the one-time buys but offer free shipping on subscription purchases.

For anyone that is not satisfied with their purchase, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee.

To be eligible, you can send them an email and return any unused product or the empty containers from the products you’ve used but are not satisfied with.

FOCL has a short product list with only three products on it: CBD oil tincture, FOCL Day and FOCL night CBD capsules. Read on for more info about these.

FOCL Tinctures

FOCL CBD Tinctures

The FOCL CBD Drops are made from True Broad-Spectrum Hemp CBD extract. The CBD drops are packed in a 30 ml bottle with 300 mg of CBD and MCT coconut oil as a carrier, amounting to about 30 doses, 1 ml each, with about 10 mg of CBD per dose.

The True Broad-Spectrum Hemp CBD extract was made via CO2 extraction, and the THC content war reduced to almost undetectable amounts, making the FOCL CBD drops THC-free and completely legal.

The CBD drops come in three interesting flavors: cherry, mint and orange cream. These are intended to be taken orally.

Shake the bottle, fill the dropper and put the oil under the tongue, wait for about a minute and swallow it. This way the oil gets into your blood faster, as it gets absorbed by the blood vessels under the tongue.

This product is intended to bring relief from daily stresses, anxiety, and pain, trouble sleeping, promote calmness and improve overall wellness. The listed price for a bottle is $35, while a subscription price is 20% off or $28/month.

Lab Test Results

CBD Capsules

FOCL Capsules

FOCL makes two types of capsules, FOCL Day and FOCL Night, but these are not the standard gel caps that most CBD brands offer.

  • FOCL Day is a CBD Brain Supplement.
    • This capsule delivered product is made with THC-free true broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract and an array of other plant extracts that help improve the focus and boost the energy levels throughout the day.
    • Each Day capsule contains 5 mg of CO2-produced CBD hemp extracts and is vegan, gluten-free, and GMO-free.
    • The botanical extracts in this product are Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi), L-Theanine extract from Green Tea, Vitamin B6, Rhodiola Rosea root and Lion’s Mane mushroom extract.
    • All of these are used by alternative medicine for boosting energy levels and are supposedly especially effective when combined with CBD. The list price is $55 for a one-time buy and $49/month for a subscription buy.
  • FOCL Night is a CBD Sleep Supplement capsule.
    • It is made from true broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract that is THC-free and an array of botanical extracts that promote calmness, relaxation and improve sleep.
    • The capsules are GMO-free, vegan, gluten-free and are 100% legal. The botanicals in these capsules are known for their sleep-promoting qualities.
    • These are Valerian root extract, hops flower extract, Ashwagandha, a 5-HTP amino acid from Griffonia Simplicifolia and purple passionflower extract that boosts GABA amounts, or in layman’s terms, it reduces excitability of nerves, promoting relaxation and sleep. The price for a bottle of 60 capsules is $55, with a $49 for subscription purchase.

Lab Test Results

Pros and Cons

From everything I learned about FOCL, I liked some things and some I did not find particularly appealing. Here are the main pros and cons I found for this brand.

The Pros

  • Grown and manufactured in the USA: the company grows its hemp on a New Mexico farm and uses the CO2 extraction process in a GMP-certified lab located in the USA to produce their products.
  • True Broad-Spectrum Hemp CBD extract: apart from being THC-free, their hemp CBD extract contains all the useful terpenes and cannabinoids from the hemp plant for a complete entourage effect.
  • Independent lab tests: FOCL makes tests for purity and potency in third-party labs and they publish the results online for everyone to see.
  • Great customer service: the company has a great FAQ section, and is available via phone and email. They offer free shipping on subscription purchases and a 60-day money-back option.
  • Excellent plant-based extracts for boosted effects: the founder of the FOCL brand has experienced the effectiveness of CBD and botanical extracts on his health, which is why the company makes proprietary blends to help boost the desired effects.

The Only Con

  • Limited product offer: while taking CBD oil and CBD capsules is a good thing, I would like to see other types of products on their list, maybe a tasty edible or a CBD vape liquid.

Buying Recommendation

I took a deep look at the FOCL brand and its products. They have good transparency; they share the source of the industrial hemp – New Mexico, the extraction process – CO2 extraction and all the ingredients they use in the making of the products – plant-based extracts. Their website also has lab test results from their most recent batches, again, a point plus for a transparent relationship.

From all of this, plus the very affordable price point for such good quality products, I can say that FOCL seems like the real deal and its products should be on your buy list when shopping for CBD products. I will be testing them myself very soon, and when I have solid first-hand results, I will update this review.

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