Crystal Pure CBD Review


The Crystal Pure CBD brand offers consumers a unique product. It’s a CBD oil isolate powder that they state is 99%+ pure CBD, without any waxes, terpenes or other ingredients.

They have started offering a tincture product which is a product made by dissolving the pure CBD crystals into an organic hempseed oil, thus creating a CBD tincture that is rich in CBD but free of waxes and other unwanted ingredients. They say that their tincture can also be used as a vaping juice.

They have stated that they utilize a proprietary solvent-free extraction process to extract the CBD from the hemp plants, while they don’t divulge information about the source of their hemp. Also, they use an innovative method for isolating and purifying the CBD and turning it into crystalline form, creating a pure CBD isolate product. The Crystal Pure website offers some information about lab testing and some basic info, but no detailed or in-depth batch information. There is also a lack of detailed information about the company, their goals, objectives, and company values, which is something we don’t agree with.

There are some claims from the Crystal Pure company that other CBD oils may contain toxic components, while their blend of pure natural CBD isolates in hempseed oil is acclaimed and held in high regard.

In my opinion, this is not a healthy business practice, as one should try to beat their competition with improved quality of their products and better services and not by badmouthing the competitor’s products. Calling out other brands isn’t going to help them sell more products. That’s my opinion on things at least.

Looking to gain some more insight into the brand and products that they offer? Well, I’m sorry but it’s going to be impossible for you to do so because they don’t have an official company website. That’s how bad they are.

If you’re in need of CBD oils, then I might suggest trying the isolate product by TheCBDistillery.

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