Blue Moon Hemp Review

Among the many hemp and CBD-based product manufacturers, there is also the Blue Moon Hemp brand. They have several points in their favor, excellent products with increased bioavailability, longer shelf life of their products and a very nice site design with a lot of knowledge about hemp, CBD and everything else hemp-related you want to know.

The Blue Moon Hemp Brand

The Blue Moon Hemp brand is dedicated to creating high-quality products that are the result of their hard work, the use of high-quality resources, excellently designed packaging and fair price.

The Blue Moon Hemp brand has put very reasonable prices on most of their products, like for example, their Tru Blu CBD oil tincture with 100mg of CBD costs $19, while their most powerful Tru Blu CBD oil tincture with 3000mg of CBD will set you back $259. The same policy goes for all their products, with the most expensive items on the list being their multiple flavors combo bundles.

When browsing through the Blue Moon Hemp website, you will quickly learn why this is a company devoted to its customers. Simple, the extensive Learn and Blog sections of the website hold a great deal of information about CBD, hemp, dosage, a lot of advice, and everything else CBD-related you can think of and haven’t thought off, you will find it here.

The information shared here is not bogus but is substantiated with solid information, quotations, and with various links to relevant, supported studies that prove the efficiency of CBD. The conclusion that I could draw from this is that the Blue Moon Hemp brand believes in using natural remedies for many ailments as opposed to using strong pharmaceuticals that can have adverse effects.

Blue Moon Product Details

Blue Moon Hemp has a varied product offer: CBD tinctures, CBD gummies, CBD salves, CBD shatters, CBD Pet tinctures, CBD & Hemp Vape E-liquids, CBD & Hemp Oil pod systems, and CBD & Hemp Oil E-Blunts. They use industrial hemp grown in Kentucky, in compliance with the strict agricultural regulations and use advanced extraction and emulsification technologies to create CBD-based products that have increased bioavailability, increased shelf life, and increased effectiveness.

With the use of high-speed emulsion, the CBD products they create have the same effect when compared with a similar product from other brands. And with a great many brands to select from, one will always wonder if they are getting the best for their buck.

Based on many, many positive reviews, I could conclude that the Blue Moon Hemp products are really delivering on their promise that less is more. They have a general recommendation that you need on average about 15mg of CBD per day, but this dose can be adjusted as necessary.


The Blue Moon Hemp brand is a proper CBD brand, with many high-quality products that are GMO-free, safe to use and made from sustainably-grown hemp. The company has a great mission to help as many people as they can with proper education, excellent products, and increasingly bioavailable CBD.

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