Does Weed Ever Spoil?


Weed is best used as a freshly dried herb. But not many of us have the luxury of having access to high-quality fresh weed and we have to rely on dispensaries to provide weed with good quality. If you happen to come by a strain you really like and have the chance of purchasing a larger quantity, you should definitely go for it. But be careful, if you leave it too long, you are risking ruining your stash.

Because yes, it does spoil, especially if it is kept in an improper manner. Here I explain how to spot weed that has been left sitting too long and will tell you how to properly take care of your weed stash so it stays usable and potent for a longer period.


What causes weed degradation?

Just like any other natural material, weed is prone to degradation. The factors that influence this process are the same that affect all natural materials: light, oxygen, humidity, and temperature.

  • Light, well actually the UV part of the light is what damages the weed by causing premature degradation of the terpenes and cannabinoids in the buds.
  • Oxygen causes speeding up of the natural processes in marijuana, causing it to faster lose its potency.
  • Humidity is another issue, as too much moisture will definitely promote mold to grow on your precious buds. Too little humidity can make the weed extremely dry and brittle, causing it to lose its powers.
  • Temperature is an important factor, as the extreme changes can have an adverse effect on the cannabinoids and terpenes, causing their breaking and making the weed significantly less potent.

Because all of these factors are environmental factors, you can easily protect your weed by following several simple steps and ensuring it stays fresh and usable for a long time.

How long can weed be stored?

A properly dried and stored marijuana can be kept up to two years, provided it is kept at optimal conditions. This period is more of an overview, as the natural processes of conversion of the cannabinoids can’t be stopped, and largely depend on the storing conditions.

So if you happen to come across a larger quantity of weed, estimate how much you can use and store away, and don’t go overboard because you can lose more if you stash away a larger portion and you forget about it for more than few years.

If you happen to stumble on some old weed, then there is no worry that it will send you to the emergency room, as old weed is not poisonous. But smoking it will be for nothing, as the more time weed is kept, the less potent it becomes. So smoking old weed or using it in another matter seems like a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Recognizing old weed

Old weed can be easily recognized. The appearance, texture, scent, and taste are all affected and differ greatly in old weed and fresh weed.

  • Once you touch an old bud of weed, it will most likely crumble in your fingers. This is due to the bud losing its integrity as a result of over drying or improper storing. If the bud has been affected by mold, then it will have white spots due to mold growth.
  • The texture depends on the structural integrity of the bud. So when you pinch a weed bud and it starts crackling and popping, then you are dealing with an older bud that has sat somewhere for a long time. in the case of fresh buds, they also snap, but this is more smooth sound, and the bud does not fall apart.
  • The scent of old weed reminds me of mildew and old, damp building. A fresh weed bud has a pleasant scent that any marijuana enthusiast can easily recognize.
  • Tasting weed is the ultimate test to see if your weed is fresh or not. If the weed is old or has been improperly stored, you will recognize it on the first or second hit.

How to properly store weed long-term?

Seems like all things about storing weed revolve around four factors. The same goes for storing weed. There are four factors you need to know and carefully take into account in order to protect your weed long term.

The container

The most adequate container to store your weed in is a simple glass jar with an airtight lid. The glass ensures no pollutants from the container get into your weed, which is not the case with plastic containers, as they do leak harmful chemicals into the stash. Ii would be better if you can find a dark glass jar, as it will filter out the damaging UV light.

Stash away only pure weed

When storing weed, you will need to separate the buds, and if possible remove any seeds (if present). Only clean, dry buds need to be stored. Don’t put your rolling papers, a lighter or your pipe with the weed you plan to store long term.

Store in a cool, dry place

When storing your weed, you need to consider where you are going to place the container. Consider it as canned food, and as such, it is best stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct light and heat sources. In the back of the pantry, the back of the closet, or the bottom drawer of your desk are preferable, as these places usually have a more constant temperature and are fairly dry.

The humidor is for cigars, not weed

Many people think because the humidors keep the fine Cuban cigars at perfect conditions, they would work great for weed. But it is the complete opposite, as the humidors are made of wood that is sealed with oils and varnishes that can greatly impair the quality of your weed.

Concluding thoughts on the proper storing of marijuana

From all the things I mentioned above, we can easily conclude that the best way to store your weed for a longer period is to adequately protect it from direct light, from the air, from moisture and excess heat.

And if you happen to find some weed that you are uncertain how long has been stored, then you can easily check it. See the way it looks, if there is mold or if it crumbles, if it snaps easily and is over-dry, if it smells damp and moldy and not pleasant and slightly tangy, and if it tastes bad on a smoke test.

Make sure you follow our guidelines on the proper storing of weed – keep it in an airtight glass jar, away from direct light, in a dry, dark, cool place and you will have good weed for about two years.

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