Does UPS Drug Test Employees and During Pre-Employment?


UPS, one of the big names in international package distribution, is considered among the best corporations to work for, but they enforce a serious drug testing policy. Before you go and apply for a job at UPS, it would be best to read the recruiting process and the necessary conditions. Well, as you are guessing, one of these is the required drug test. The UPS drug test policy is quite strict. The company has a Code of Business Conduct Drug and Alcohol Policy which encompasses the substance-testing policy.

UPS Drug Testing Policy

Here is a rundown of the drug testing policy UPS enforces on its employees and job applicants. Here’s their official statement in the investor section of UPS. 

Pre-Employment Testing

To become a UPS employee, you need to pass a rigorous interview process in several steps. Due to the company’s popularity, it is not rare for a large number of applicants to apply for one position. So, the early interviews don’t require a drug test. If the company likes your application, you will most likely be subjected to a drug test before the interview process continues.

The drug test is done as a part of the review process where the employers decide if you are a viable candidate for employment. The drug test is necessary for the background screening process, as UPS hires only drug-free applicants. Also, if you get hired, the company will also conduct random drug tests.

Random Drug Testing At UPS

Once you become a UPS employee, you need to tread carefully, as the company regularly makes random drug tests, and you never know when you’ll be subjected to a random drug test. This policy aims to ensure no UPS employee is under a substance influence that could impair their judgment and senses and cause an accident. 

The random drug tests are done without timely notice, making it difficult to plan and prepare for the test. If you happen to work for UPS, the best option is to stay sober and don’t take any unlawful substances.

The random drug tests at UPS are done when there is a reasonable assumption that an employee uses an illegal substance. If the test comes back positive, the result is instant termination of the employment – you get fired on the spot.

Post-Accident Testing At UPS

Any person operating a vehicle or machinery at UPS needs to be sober and alert at all times. The company does not tolerate mishaps. If an accident happens, a stipulation to investigate is whether the employee was under the influence of a substance. If the drug test shows that the employee was under the influence, they’ll most likely lose their job.

Which UPS Employees Get Drug Tested?

All the applicants who are looking to become UPS employees will be subjected to a pre-employment drug test. However, the package handlers, manufacturing, and warehouse employees get random drug tests due to the company’s nature. The package handlers must control heavy warehouse machinery like forklifts, putting other workers in immediate danger. It is why they are more prone to be tested for drugs.

If a person has been an employee at UPS, left the company for some reason, and is looking to come back, they will be subjected to a drug test. However, UPS will test any employee that expresses the following behavior:

  • Red flags on the employee’s employment record
  • A misbehaving employee
  • An employee with significant behavioral changes
  • If an employee comes to work obviously under the influence of drugs or alcohol

What Does UPS Check For?

The usual test done by UPS is the urine test. The random drug test is done randomly, without previous notice, ensuring all the employees will be caught “unprepared” if they use drugs. The usual things UPS checks in their random drug tests are:

  • Cocaine
  • Barbiturates
  • Opioids
  • Steroids
  • Marijuana

While there is no rule on this, the usual time after failing a drug test and reapplying for a job with UPS is about six months. We need to note that you should aim to keep clean during this time. 

To Wrap Up: Yes, They Test, But You Can Pass

You may not have been subjected to drug tests in your previous job, but as a UPS employee, you need to be prepared for this. If you are drug-free, then you have nothing to worry about. But if you are using drugs, you are risking your job and a black spot on your file that will follow you for the rest of your life. So, in a best-case scenario, stay sober if you are working or looking to work for UPS.

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