Does The Jerry G Method Work?


When you use cannabis on a regular basis, then the simple thought or mention of taking a drug test may make your skin crawl. Did you know that there are several types of tests that are administered to suspect marijuana users like a blood test, urine test, and hair follicle test? That’s just scratching the surface with the basics too.

pass a drug test using the jerry g method

The Jerry G Method Drug Test Trick Actually Works!

Oh, but not to worry, as there are some things you can do to increase your chances of passing a hair follicle THC drug test if you need to take one. Here I will focus all my attention on the Jerry G Method, analyze it and see if it really works. Before I do that, I need to cover the basics with regards to THC drug tests in general.

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Why Do THC Drug Testing?

Some companies, well actually almost all companies based in the United States of America where there are many workers and where things can go horribly wrong when the workers are not paying attention to their job insist on conducting drug tests on their employees. I will not go into detail why the companies opt to do so, and even if maybe we don’t agree on this, there is a possibility that you are going to be jobless if found positive for THC. In other words, if you fail the said drug test.

What can you do in order to prevent this? Stop using marijuana. We all know that’s not going to happen, so we go to our second best choice – try to beat the test! Depending on the selected testing method used by your company, there are things to be done in order to come out clean and on top here.

Hair and Urine Samples

If you have to provide a urine sample, there is plenty to be done so the test will come back negative. But if the company asks for a hair sample to be tested, then there are not as many options.

The most famous, and only for that matter, ways to cheat on a hair sample test are the Jerry G and the Macujo methods. Because the Macujo method is expensive to properly perform, the most widely used is the Jerry G method, which I’ll explain in more detail below.

How To Do The Jerry G Method And Pass A Drug Test

The items needed are hair dye, hair bleach, some baking soda, and a special toxin wash shampoo. All of these are readily available and will not cause you to break the bank. And after you get the necessary ingredients, you will need to follow these steps in order to properly complete the Jerry G method.

NOTE: Stop smoking weed at least 10 days before the test, so the method can have a chance to be successful.

  • Day one – dye your hair with ammonia-based hair dye, bleach hair
  • Wash hair with Toxin Wash shampoo
  • Day ten – dye your hair with ammonia-based hair dye, bleach hair
  • Wash hair with Toxin Wash shampoo
  • Test day – make a paste from baking soda (baking soda powder mixed with little water) and put it on hair for about 15 minutes.
  • Wash hair with Toxin Wash shampoo
  • Wash hair again with Zydot Ultra Clean shampoo for removing any residual traces from marijuana metabolites in the hair


The method described here has been proven effective in removing traces from marijuana metabolite residue from the hair. And not just removing it, but deeply cleansing the hair from all unwanted toxins and enabling you to pass a marijuana hair sample drug test.

The test is simple, and all the necessary ingredients are readily available online and in the larger retail chains across the country. The most important thing to remember is to stop smoking weed at least ten days before and give the hair enough time to get purified and have a fighting chance against the scrutiny of the hair sample test.

If you’re looking for my favorite choice for passing a drug test, hands down, it’s

Leave a comment and let me know if you passed or failed your drug test with this method!

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