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What is CBD? Why is it so popular? Is it good for me? How can I take it? These are all questions that millions of Americans want answered – NOW! I have a lot more questions related to CBD that I can’t think of right now as well. The answers to these questions are something anyone with some kind of health issue needs to learn.

Seeing that CBD (no, it’s not pot) has become really popular over the last few months, you should look into it while it is still in the early stages. Why do I say that? Well, some big brands will eventually take it under its wings and possibly put a high price on the products. Tough to say though…

Celebrities and pro-athletes are known for endorsing new and promising products, which is the case with many retired athletes today. Retired NFL star Terrell Davis decided to go a different route. He strongly believes that hemp oil is a career-prolonging substance, so he decided to take it upon himself to show to the world how hemp and CBD have helped him by creating his own brand of products. Meet the new Defy drink.

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Defy Drink by Terrell Davis

What Is Defy?

This is the brainchild of Terrell Davis, a former pro-athlete for the NFL. During his professional football career, he played as a running back. He claims that he did not know about all the benefits CBD and hemp oil had to offer while suffering through migraines and injuries. He was prescribed the logical choice – painkillers, which he took with reluctance. Those things are garbage and no good for you at all!

Later, when he found out what hemp oil could do, he took action and started using that instead of the pain pills. He’s been using it regularly and it has greatly helped him and changed his life. How does he use it? Well, he’s using it daily to manage the pain in order to get further relief from years of injuries, as well as keeping the migraines at bay.

To bring the same relief to others, he founded the Defy brand of CBD products. But Defy still hasn’t opened up a local shop just yet. He’s waiting a few more months to officially launch the brand.

Since the brand is not launched, I can only guess what it will entail. From the twitter feed @Defy, I conclude that this brand will sell CBD-based or CBD-infused drinks that are intended for pro-athletes and as an after-workout and recovery drink. So far no one has mentioned Defy tinctures, capsules, or edibles, but this does not necessarily mean that Defy won’t offer these in the future. We know that Defy’s products will be THC-free.

The founders of Defy are working hard to take CBD of the NFL’s list of banned substances, so everybody will hopefully be able to reap the benefits of using CBD in any form. Taking a sample from professional athletes in other sports like Mike Tyson and Joe Montana, Terrell Davis is a strong supporter of the cannabis industry.


It’s my personal opinion that any CBD products should be available to anyone and CBD as a substance should not be listed as a banned substance for any sport. That said, I believe that Defy has a strong market base, as there are almost no CBD infused sports drinks on the market now.

One may argue that there are CBD-infused waters, CBD-infused coffees, CBD-infused teas, and you can certainly add CBD oil or CBD isolate to any drink you like. But having a proper sports drink with all the electrolytes and vitamins necessary to boost your body after a workout, and on top of it to be infused with CBD is something that the market has been lacking and Defy will definitely fill the gap. But we’ll all have to wait a few more months before its official launch before we can taste the actual drink and see if it really delivers on its promise to Defy expectation.

Be on the lookout this summer for Defy products when Terrell Davis makes the official brand launch announcement.

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