Kiva Confections Review


Kiva Confections brings their cannabis-infused chocolate to the market, among other cannabis-infused edibles. They are available n California, throughout the medical marijuana dispensaries, and in recent times these are also available in Arizona, Nevada, and Illinois. This company makes premium cannabis-infused products, with great dedication to their products and the customers’ satisfaction.

Overview of Kiva Confections

Starting in 2010, Kiva Confections have dedicated their efforts in creating cannabis edibles that will redefine the term cannabis confection. They officially started sales in 2013 and brought their cannabis-infused chocolates in 2016. They are continuously being awarded and praised for their creativity, THC and CBD content, their attention to detail and excellent tasting products.

The website features an artisanal theme, reflecting their company policy and mission to bring high-quality edibles that taste delicious while working meticulously on innovation, efficiency and improving their production standards. There is a large News section, with articles about the products, the production policy and information pertaining to the use of cannabis.

They claim that they perform laboratory tests on their product, and there is a page on the website explaining what they do, but there are no actual tests published online, which is one thing I noticed and found lacking. They disclose that their products are made from cannabis grown in the Emerald Triangle in California.

The Products

Kiva Confections make cannabis-infused chocolate known as Kiva Bars, Camino gummies, Terra bites, and Petra Mints. Their chocolate bars come in 50-gram packs, with 100mg of CBD and 100mg of THC per bar, in eight different flavors. The Terra Bites are their most popular product, are bite-sized chocolate-coated coffee beans or blueberries with 5mg of THC per bite, for a consistent dose with each bite. They offer Camino Gummies, with four distinct flavors and 5mg of THC per gummy, promising to put you in a “California State of Mind”.

Non-Chocolate Products

Their non-chocolate product, the Petra Mints come in two flavors, Moroccan Mint and Eucalyptus, with 40 mints per pack and 2.5 mg of THC per each mint. All of the Kiva Confections products offer a discreet and delicious way of taking THC. The THC in the edibles has a delayed effect, so you need to be careful when taking them and be mindful about the dosage, with the exact dose of THC clearly outlined for each product.

Other Ingredients

The other ingredients that are in the chocolates are also responsibly sourced, and the company is constantly working on improving the biodynamic of growing marijuana, as well as improve and support sustainable growing techniques and obtain a remarkable plant.


It is a real shame that Kiva Confections can’t be distributed across the USA due to the strict law pertaining to the use of cannabis, but in the places where Kiva Confections are available, people have found true enjoyment in their products. I can’t say how much this cost, because you can only get them in dispensaries in California, Arizona, Nevada and Illinois, and the prices are subjected to change.

Still, it goes without question that the cannabis-infused chocolates and other confections by Kiva are a welcomed way of taking THC and CBD while reaping all the benefits these cannabinoids bring.


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