In recent times CBD has been used for dealing with all sorts of symptoms. It does not matter what the disease is, as CBD could relieve a lot of very common symptoms. Ranging from mild pain management to more serious diseases accompanied by inflammation and even tissue damage, people use CBD to successfully treat a wide majority of these.

A group of diseases with a wide array of symptoms that could potentially be relieved by CBD is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD. Some of the more famous examples of COPD are emphysema and bronchitis. These are diseases that are difficult to manage and can lower the quality of life and diminish life expectancy.

CBD for COPD Patients

What Is COPD?

COPD is the collective name of a group of several lung diseases with similar symptoms. The most common COPD symptoms are coughing, shortness of breath, and sputum production. The known causes of COPD are smoking, living in polluted areas, inhaling harmful chemicals, and the like.

The causes of COPD are known, but the treatment is quite difficult. While changing the lifestyle is a good start, people with these diseases need to use strong medication like steroids, antibiotics and in more severe cases long-term oxygen therapy may be needed.

What Is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of 110+ natural cannabinoid substances found in industrial hemp. CBD does not have psychoactive effects, but it has quite a few positive effects on the normal function of the body.  CBD is relatively similar to the natural endocannabinoids produced within our bodies. The endocannabinoid compounds govern the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a system that is responsible for a lot of natural functions.

Once in the body, CBD binds with the ECS’s CB receptors. This way, CBD can stimulate the receptors and activate their functions. Once this is done, the body’s natural responses kick in and all the different systems work in restoring the natural homeostasis. As a result, the body will work on reducing pain, inflammation, and a lot more.

This is a generalized explanation of CBD’s effect on the body. Still, many specific effects occur, such as the CBD’s ability to dilate the blood vessels and help with blood flow, reducing inflammation through supporting immune-regulative functions, and a lot more.

Treating COPD With CBD

People use CBD-based products to treat many health problems. There are many instances of people successfully finding relief from pain, arthritis, soreness, inflammation, PTSD, loss of appetite, nausea, and more, all with CBD. CBD can be used in many ways, so using the right delivery method is crucial for its effectiveness.

One of the diseases that CBD could help with is COPD. Scientists have several opinions of the CBD’s effect on COPD symptoms. One possible explanation is the anti-inflammatory action of CBD on the lungs, trachea, and airways. Another is the CBD’s action on the dilatation of the bronchioles, the tiny airways in the lungs that help the airflow in the lungs.

While the cannabis-based products are linked to smoking or inhaling CBD vapors, for the successful treatment of the difficult COPD symptoms, the preferred and most effective method is by using CBD-based tincture.

Top-Rated CBD Tinctures That Can Help With COPD

Here we bring you a list of CBD tinctures that can help people with COPD. We made our selection on several criteria like quality of CBD oil, sourcing of hemp, lab tests and test results, the reputation of the brand, and general customer satisfaction.

seabedee tincture


One of the best brands that I recommend today is Seabedee. This brand is affordable, able to produce COA and lab testing results, and they always meet or exceed the needs of consumers. I’ve loved the peach rings primarily, but for someone with COPD, you might want to check out there 1500mg CBD tincture. I’ve covered everything I know about them in this Seabedee.org review. Check it out if you’re looking for something effective!

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Fab CDB Reviews


Fab CBD is a quality CBD brand that uses Colorado-grown hemp to make its products. Here we outline their CBD Oils that are made with full-spectrum CBD hemp oil and a blend of coconut oil and sunflower oil as carrier oils. Fab CBD offers a natural, citrus, berries, vanilla, and mint-flavored CBD oils with different CBD concentrations per bottle. Check out the Fab CBD review right here before buying.

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Joy Organics Tinctures

Joy Organics Premium Hemp Tincture

A brand that was founded by a woman who discovered the wonders of CBD firsthand, Joy Organics brings many broad-spectrum CBD products on the market. Their High-Quality CBD Oil Tinctures are made with THC-free hemp extract. The oils contain all the natural terpenes and cannabinoids and are blended with organic extra-virgin olive oil as a carrier oil. Joy Organics packs their CBD tinctures in 30 ml bottles with different amounts of CBD ranging from 225 mg to 1350 mg of CBD per bottle. To help with the flavor, these come in mint, orange, lemon, and natural flavor.

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NuLeaf Naturals Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil

NuLeaf Naturals is a proper CBD brand that makes its products using a proprietary strain of industrial hemp. The company uses CO2 extraction to draw out the useful ingredients from the hemp plants. Their CBD tinctures are made with full-spectrum CBD hemp extract that contains all the cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. NuLeaf’s CBD oils are packed in 30, 50, and 100 ml bottles with varying amounts of CBD from 300, 900, 1800, 3000, and 6000 mg of CBD per bottle.

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Elixinol Daily Balance Liposome

Elixinol is a well-known CBD brand that has been on the market for a while. Among the many Elixinol products, here we present the Daily Balance Liposome tincture. This CBD tincture is made with pure hemp extract that has been blended with CBD coconut oil and Elixinol’s phospholipid solution. Due to its composition, this oil has increased bioavailability. Because of this, the oil is packed with less CBD than the others on this list but is still very effective.

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Green Roads Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil

Green Roads has become a well-known name in the CBD industry. Here we present you with their broad-spectrum CBD oil made with CBD and terpene-rich hemp extract and a blend of oils. This is a lab-tested product that comes in several concentrations of CBD – 300, 750, and 1500 mg per 30 ml bottle. The blend of oils Green Roads use contains coconut MCT oil, glycerin, sunflower seed oil, and hemp seed oil. This product also comes in two other versions with added flavors like Mint Breeze and Apple Kiwi Bliss to help mask the natural flavor of the hemp extract that could be unpleasant to some people.

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CBDMD CBD Oil Tincture Drops

CBDMD is a reputable CBD brand that makes quality products at affordable prices. Here we present the CBDMD CBD Tincture Drops. These are made with broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract containing CBD, CBG and CBD, and hemp terpenes. These come with several concentrations of CBD per bottle, come in several appealing flavors, and two different sized bottles.

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Mission Farms CBD Oil

Mission Farms is a CBD company that makes a good variety of CBD products. Among these, we selected their CBD oils. These are made with full-spectrum CBD hemp extract and organic MCT coconut oil. Mission Farms make three types of CBD oils with different blends of essential oils that bring different effects. There is Rest, Relieve, and Relax blends. These come in a 30 ml bottle with 1000 mg CBD per bottle.

CBDistillery Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture

CBDistillery is a quality CBD brand gaining respect and recognition. It offers good CBD products at affordable prices. Here is the Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture with 1000 mg CBD packed in a 30 ml bottle. This tincture contains only MCT coconut oil and hemp extract for a pure, potent CBD oil with 33 mg of CBD per recommended dose.

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Kanibi Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

A brand that is gaining good recognition, Kanibi is offering several good CBD products. Here we bring you their full-spectrum CBD oil tincture that comes from Kentucky-grown hemp. The company uses MCT carrier oil and adds interesting flavorings to help with the flavor of the tinctures. The Kanibi tincture is packed in a 30 ml bottle with either 750 or 1500 mg of CBD per bottle. There are interesting flavors like skittles, lemon-lime, chocolate-mint, peppermint, and cinnamon.

Spruce Lab Grade CBD Oil

Spruce is a family-owned CBD brand that makes some interesting CBD products with lab-grade ingredients. They sell CBD oil made with third-party tested, 100% natural, full-spectrum, lab-grade oil. This oil is packed in 30 ml bottles with 750 ml of CBD per bottle. The recommended dose brings 25 mg of CBD per dropper, along with organic hemp seed oil as a carrier oil, and natural flavors.


CBD is a natural supplement that could provide relief from many symptoms and can provide a good boost of the ECS in the body. CBD is good for boosting immune response, aiding in sleep, helping with cell regeneration, and with pain management.

So, if you are suffering from some form of COPD, then you should not hesitate and should give CBD a try. For best results, you should use a CBD oil tincture with a good amount of CBD per dose that will help your body fight the unpleasant symptoms of COPD.

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