Can Truck Drivers Use CBD Oil?


CBD is being used by plenty of people from different professions, and plenty have found great relief from daily pains and aches. Because CBD is strongly related to marijuana, people have difficulties grasping the concept that CBD-based products are legal and are not psychoactive.

Still, one can’t help but wonder is CBD okay to be used by people that have difficult daily tasks like operating heavy machinery? There is no universal answer, so here we’ll take a closer look into this as explain whether or not truck drivers can use CBD freely. But first…

truck driver cbd laws

A Short Intro To Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol or CBD is a compound naturally occurring in the hemp and marijuana plants. This compound is different from the more famous THC or tetrahydrocannabinol as it does not have any psychoactive effects. Instead, it has been linked to having an array of health benefits. And this is not just hearsay, as plenty of scientific research has substantiated these claims.

The impressive thing about CBD is that it can help the body restore its natural balance. CBD stimulates specific receptors in the body, activating them and boosting all systems. Thus, it can help with plenty of concerns, and some of these are quite unexpected.

People have had great success using CBD for mild pain, chronic pain, anxiety, arthritis, sleep issues, and some more serious issues like PTSD, depression, epilepsy, and more.

So, it should come as no surprise that plenty of people would give CBD a try. CBD can boost the immune system and stave off inflammation. This property of CBD is what tips the scales in its favor, as plenty of people that have to sit on their behinds all day often have chronic pain, inflammation issues, and even nerve pain.

Yes, that involves people that work in different environments and require the relief CBD can provide. What does this mean for the heavy machine operating guys?

The ones that have to sit in a truck cab for days, hauling heavy loads across the country? Do they risk their licenses if they give CBD a go? Read on to find out.

Let’s start with the federal laws related to CBD. On a federal level, any CBD product that is derived from industrial hemp and has less than 0.3% THC is considered legal and safe to use.

This is almost all the CBD products on the market today, as all respectable CBD companies use industrial hemp for their CBD, and follow federal regulations.

Still, here we need to note the subtle differences from one state to the next. There are (so far) 11 US states that have fully legalized the use of marijuana. In total, 33 US states have laws related to medical marijuana use. But all 50 US states have allowed CBD use.

Why do we mention this? Because truck drivers cross states lines often, sometimes on the same day, and they could inadvertently break state law. For more info on state laws regarding CBD use, follow our state by state guide.

The Department of Transport has issued a drug and alcohol compliance test requiring truck drivers and other safety-sensitive workers (commercial pilots, bus drivers, locomotive operators, and the like) to have regular tests for alcohol and drug abuse. Since CBD is a legal substance, the DOT test does not look for CBD, but it looks for THC since THC is the psychoactive substance.

Can Truck Drivers Use Products Containing?

A simple answer, yes they can. But the more detailed answer is that they need to be careful what type of CBD product they are using. Since all the US states have different state laws related to the use of CBD, truck drivers need to be aware of the ingredients in their CBD products.

For example, full-spectrum CBD products have a small amount of THC, which is less than 0.3%. This amount is small but is still present. While one dose will not show on any standard drug test, prolonged use of full-spectrum CBD products can indeed cause a positive result on a drug test. We need to note here that using a higher daily dose of full-spectrum CBD products increases the chances of getting a positive result.

The other types of CBD products are broad-spectrum and CBD isolate products. These are rated as having zero THC in them. Anyone using these has a bigger chance of testing negative for THC on a standard drug test as they are not getting any THC at all with their daily dose of CBD.

Still, there is also the risk of getting a false positive on your drug test, even if you use pure CBD products. This is due to the way each body metabolizes the CBD product, which varies significantly.

But because CBD and THC are fat-soluble molecules, these can accumulate in the fat-storing cells in the body. As the fat tissues melt, the THC stored there gets released and it can amount to such quantities that will test positive.

How Can Truckers Safely Use CBD Products?

While we tackled the basic concerns related to CBD product use with truck drivers, here we’ll also provide extra information that would be useful for truckers and other safety-sensitive employees. If you are subjected to a random drug test, then it is in your best interest to disclose that you are using CBD oil before the test.

You should also explain why you use the CBD oil for, and if possible provide the actual product. This way, even if you do end up testing positive due to the amount of THC in the CBD oil, you are covered and have better chances of retaining your license.

To be certain that the CBD product you are using is of quality, stay away from the cheap stuff sold almost everywhere. By getting a CBD product from a respectable source, you are not only getting a product that works, but you are also getting a product that is lab tested.

Trusted CBD companies post the up to date results online, and these correspond to the actual product you are using. This way, if you are subjected to a drug test, you can provide the lab test results from the actual CBD product you are using, just to be on the safe side.

Another important thing for truck drivers – the different states have different laws on what is considered possession. While most are very forgiving on finding CBD products in a truck, there are several states where it is considered an offense to have any type of CBD product in your truck cab.

These states are South Dakota, Idaho, and Nebraska. All other US states do not have issues with finding CBD oil with truck drivers, so consider yourself informed.

CBD use is legal on a federal level, but its use by commercial vehicle drivers is sometimes frowned upon. So, to help out, we prepared these important things truck and CVM drivers need to know:

  • If using CBD oil or any other type of CBD product, immediately inform your employer, as this may save your job.
  • If you get asked for a random drug test, inform the authorities before the test that you are using CBD products. It is preferable to provide the actual product and lab tests for your particular product.
  • If you know you’re going to be tested, some people do choose to incorporate the Jerry G method into their daily routine before the testing day.
  • Abstain from CBD use, and possessing any type of CBD product when driving through South Dakota, Nebraska, and Idaho. These states have unforgiving laws related to CBD use and you can lose your license and job if you get pulled over with a CBD product in your truck.
  • Use CBD oil and other CBD products only from respectable manufacturers. These products have better components and bring better effects while respecting the legally-prescribed limits of less than 0.3% THC per weight. Also, respectable brands always test their products and publish the results online.
  • Prefer broad-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate products, as these have way less THC content than full-spectrum CBD products. While there is a small chance of testing positive by using a full-spectrum CBD product, you can increase your shot of testing negative if you use CBD isolate products.
  • Use a smaller dose of CBD products. Some people can get drowsy when using a higher dose of CBD. As a truck driver or other CMV driver, you should abstain from using CBD products while you drive, and use a lower dose of CBD during your off-hours.

Final Thoughts – Drive Safe With CBD

While the benefits of CBD are becoming undisputable, there are some risks involved with the use of CBD products. The major risk for truck drivers and other safety-sensitive workers is testing positive on a random drug test. The DOT drug test is nothing to joke about.

Still, as we noted above there are ways to protect your CMV license, so make sure you follow these and learn plenty about this topic. Advise with a medical professional before you start a CBD product regimen, and learn the state CBD laws in every state you are driving in.

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