Nebraska CBD Oil Laws


TL;DR: The North Dakota lawmakers have allowed the cultivation of industrial hemp with an Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program, and in 2015 it was allowed for farmers to grow industrial hemp with facilitated licensing programs. The state has a medical marijuana program enacted, with a long list of qualifying conditions. Also, the use of CBD oil in North Dakota is free for all citizens, as long as the CBD products comply with US federal laws.

CBD in the Peace Garden State

North Dakota has allowed the cultivation of industrial hemp for research purposes, and people were allowed to cultivate this crop with a strict license since 1999. This pilot program was governed by the Department of Agriculture and required extensive application processes and fees. Later, in 2015, this law was expanded and the licensing process was facilitated, and now farmers can easily procure hemp-growing licenses. There is only the provision that these licenses need to be approved by the DEA.

CBD production

The industrial hemp crops in the USA are mainly planted for the production of CBD; all the other applications are secondary. Once the hemp is planted it takes about four months for it to mature and be ready for harvesting. After the harvesting, the plant material is prepared for the extraction of the CBD.

This can be done in two main ways: CO2 extraction and ethanol extraction. The CO2 extraction process uses carbon dioxide and is performed at lower temperatures, which don’t affect the quality of the extract. CO2 extraction does not use additional solvents which can contaminate the extracts. It is a very effective process, and it yields excellent results, successfully separating the lipid CBD from the plant material.

The ethanol extraction process uses ethanol as a solvent, which dissolves the lipid CBD, transferring it from the solid plant material into the liquid solvent. This mixture is then boiled at low temperatures, the ethanol dissolves and what is left is pure hemp extract rich in CBD. No matter the extraction process, the obtained CBD extract is pure and solvent-free, as both of these processes are used in food production.

Hemp and cannabis come in a large variety of strains, many high in THC and many high in CBD. Here I bring you an outline of two predominantly CBD-rich strains that are favored among the medical cannabis community.

  • Medical 49 is a strain that has about 6% CBD and 7% THC and is a very favorite strain among medical marijuana users across the world. It has a mixed heritage which shows in its unusual terpene profile. It has a lemony, piney and earthy fragrance and leaves an earthy, woodsy, citrusy aftertaste in the mouth. The Medical 49 is indica-dominant, with mainly relaxing and sleepy effects, while helping fix insomnia, providing relief from cramps, and helps with depression, pain, and headaches.
  • Jamaican Lion is a strain that is a mix between several interesting strains, giving this one a truly amazing terpene profile. The buds smell of flowers, earth, herbs, and sweetness and taste sweet, nutty, with a tropical aftertaste. The initial effect is uplifting, followed by a relaxed, happy feeling. The medical side is strong, with excellent pain and stress relieving properties, helping with muscle spasms, and depression.

North Dakota CBD oil law

The State of North Dakota has an Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program in order to study the viability of cultivation of this crop. The initial program was established in 1999, and in 2015 it was expanded into a complete cultivation program with 27 licensed producers.

This program does not include or restrict the use of CBD products of any type in the Sioux State. As long as the CBD oil and other CBD products comply with the US federal laws and have less than 0.3% THC and are derived from hemp, these are legal to use in the whole US.

Medical marijuana

North Dakota has installed a medical marijuana program in 2016, and the first dispensaries began offering medical cannabis on March 1st, 2019. The qualifying conditions list is relatively long and includes several diseases and syndromes that aren’t included in other US States with medical marijuana programs. Some of these conditions include autism, bulimia, cancer, ALS, nausea, multiple sclerosis, PTSD, seizures and more.

The possession limit is three ounces for a thirty day period. The initial law allowed the home cultivation, but this was amended in 2017 with Senate Bill 2344. The Medical Marijuana Program is governed by the North Dakota Department of Health.

No weed for North Dakotans

Possession of very small amounts of weed or less than ½ ounces in the Peace Garden State is only punishable by a monetary fine of $1000. Anything up to 500 grams is 30 days in jail and over this amount or a second offense and it is 1 to 10 years in prison and $3000 to $20,000 fine.

These laws were far stricter and a simple joint could land someone in jail for a month, but the new Governor eased these laws, basically decriminalizing the possession of half an ounce of weed. This is not exactly legalizing weed, but it is a start, seeing as Canada next door has full-on legalization of weed.

CBD purchase options

The CBD market is not as evolved in North Dakota as it is in other US states. That is why it is rare to find good retail stores that carry high-quality CBD products. There are several shops in Fargo and Bismarck, but not in many other cities across the state.

The best option for the North Dakotan citizens that are in need of good CBD products is to order it online. The important thing they need to look out for is that the CBD products need to comply with the US federal laws and derive from hemp and have less than 0.3% THC.


This state has an Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program and it is currently employing 27 cultivators. The production of industrial hemp here is mostly for the production of CBD, which is not banned for use in the Rough Rider State. However, the state legislators saw the benefits many people suffering from debilitating conditions can reap from medical cannabis, which is why they installed a Medical Marijuana Program, currently serving 658 patients, seeing as the program is operational for only a few months.

The use of cannabis for recreational purposes is not allowed, but the possession of small amounts of weed is only fined with a monetary fine. Be careful, as a repeating offense will land anyone in prison. Lastly, the use of CBD oil and other CBD products in North Dakota is free for anyone, as long as these have less than 0.3% THC.

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