Can CBD Really Help Those With Lyme Disease?


Have you ever wondered if or how CBD can help those suffering from Lyme Disease? It’s a painful disease that most of us have no idea what it’s like to deal with. Trust me, it’s no fun at all. The good news is that there are many, and I mean many stores online where people with severe diseases have found their salvation. It’s pretty much a fact that the regular use of this cannabidiol can help alleviate the muscle and joint pains, among various other things people deal with daily.

I’m going to retell you a story written by a person suffering from chronic Lyme disease, and how they found relief in taking CBD daily. (For the purpose of this article, we’ll call the writer Jon.) I hate to use people’s real names as they might wish to remain anonymous due to it being health related. Speaking of Lyme Disease, there’s a brand out there that was created just because CBD works so well to fight these symptoms. You’ll want to check out the Zion Medicinals Company review after reading this article.

tick giving someone lyme disease

CBD and Lyme Disease

Here’s the story and the facts about Lyme Disease. Trust me, it’s a nasty one that you might not even notice until it’s too late.

Diagnosis and Possible Remedies

Lyme disease is usually contracted by a tick bite, and in many cases, it goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed until it is late to undergo a curing treatment, and the person ends up living their entire life with the very unpleasant and painful symptoms.

That was the case with Jon, the writer of the confession story on how CBD has helped him transform his life. Jon was first diagnosed with Lyme disease when he was 12 years old, which came quite shockingly, as this is a disease that can be treated if caught very early. He was first undiagnosed, and then he was misdiagnosed, having to take different treatments for the wrong disease. The major symptoms he was suffering from were general fatigue, joint and muscle pain, pain in the chest, regular headaches, insomnia and an array of other very painful and unpleasant symptoms.

After receiving a proper diagnosis, it was late for proper treatment, and Jon was left with only a medication regimen that helps with part of the symptoms. He was adamant to get better and was persistent in trying different homeopathic remedies which did not do any good to help with the symptoms.

CBD Helps Manage The Symptoms Of Lyme Disease

After experimenting with traditional marijuana consumption, Jon noticed that his symptoms were not as severe, and after advice from a nutritionist, he went on and tried CBD. The most difficult part, in the beginning, was to get the correct dosage, and it took some trial and error to get an adequate amount on a daily base.

After hitting the correct dose, he could not believe the results. He said that he felt energized, and most of the fatigue was gone. The pain was manageable and he found the energy to get up and take a walk, something that he wasn’t able to do for a very long time. Another symptom that was alleviated by the CBD was nausea and the great reduction of the joint inflammation and the swelling that was a constant reminder went down.

In line with the physical symptoms, the Lyme disease is causing mental issues like clouded mind and lowered cognitive ability. After taking CBD, he said that his mind felt clearer, he felt more alert and had increased mental ability.


While we can’t say that taking CBD is a cure for Lyme disease, it has been clear that the regular uptake of CBD on a daily basis greatly reduces the symptoms and improves the overall condition of a person living with Lyme disease. Jon has found relief in CBD and today he takes 10 mg of CBD oil twice a day and has a significantly increased quality of life.

Even though many people use CBD oil daily for alleviating a number of health-related issues, these are people that live their lives in constant pain, and CBD is one thing that greatly helps with this. Since modern medicine still hasn’t found a cure for Lyme disease, taking CBD helps with the symptoms and makes the life of people living with this condition more tolerable and more manageable.

While there are still a lot of people that don’t believe in the beneficial powers of the product, I can only contribute to changing this opinion by sharing such stories that will inspire other to remove the stigma concerning CBD.

Want to learn more about this disease? Check out the CDC for more information.

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