Better Daze Ahead CBD Skincare Review

If you’re all about the plant-based approach to things, then Better Daze Ahead by Farmacy Beauty might be the one. Between the Honey Potion, Honey Drop, Sleep Tight, Green Clean, and Honeymoon Glow, they’ve about covered everything needed for skin perfection. Oh, if you didn’t know, Better Daze Ahead is a CBD Skincare brand/product that’s part of Farmacy Beauty, that’s trending! 457,000 Instagram followers believe in the Farmacy Beauty brand, so maybe you should too. Sephora picked up with farm-fresh ingredient centric, cruelty-free brand. Another reason to try their CBD product. However, before you go clicking the buy now button, be sure to read this…IMPORTANT: The FARMACY BEAUTY Team and Better Daze Ahead chose NOT to work with us for one reason or another. Based on the response they sent when we reached out to them, they did not want us to suggest purchasing their products. That said, we cannot consciously suggest buying their products, BUT fear not, if you search the site for CBD skincare, you’ll find plenty of AMAZING brands that I recommend trying.
Better Daze Ahead
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Summary: There are plenty of conventional brands that are trying to get into the CBD industry, and most of them are starting with a single CBD product to test the waters if you’d like. Farmacy Beauty is one such brand, and they are testing the CBD market with their CBD-based skin moisturizer that they offer under the Batter Daze Ahead brand.

The company sources pesticide-free industrial hemp grown on the sunny slopes of Colorado, and they extract full-spectrum CBD-rich hemp extract for their products. The skin moisturizer is enriched with an array of other natural ingredients and plant extracts that support skin health without leaving a greasy or sticky residue. Overall, we like everything about this Better Daze Ahead product and hope to see it turn into a complete CBD-based skincare line.

Better Daze Ahead Brand

Farmacy Beauty is not a typo, it is the actual name of a beauty products brand that makes natural skincare products. This company has a farm-to-face policy regarding the ingredients they use and the manufacturing policy. Their Better Daze Ahead line of Farmacy products features CBD hemp oil and ingredients that bring improved effects on the skin.

The Farmacy company website lists all the important aspects of the products, including a detailed FAQ section with info on CBD and the Better Daze Ahead product. Here we learn that the company sources US-grown hemp from Colorado farms, using full-spectrum CBD hemp oil that has all the active ingredients from the hemp plant. The Better Daze Ahead skincare product is packed in recyclable containers.

The Farmacy brand offers free shipping on all orders and they have a 30-day return or exchange option. We need to note here that the Better Daze Ahead products can only be shipped in the USA, and need to be purchased separately from the other Farmacy Beauty products.

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Farmacy Beauty CBD Products

Farmacy Beauty has a variety of conventional skincare products, but they only have one CBD-based skincare product under the Better Daze Ahead name. Naturally, we’ll only cover the CBD product here.

Better Daze Ahead CBD Moisturizer
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CBD Skincare Moisturizer

The Better Daze Ahead line offers a CBD-based moisturizer. This product is outlined as a restorative cushion cream that brings the healing powers of full-spectrum hemp extract and adaptogen ingredients. The cream is packed in 50 ml jars and has 50 mg of CBD per jar.

The ingredients in this moisturizing cream are such to allow deep moisturizing of the skin. Still, they do not leave a greasy residue and are non-comedogenic (not clogging the pores). The ingredients in the blend include full-spectrum CBD-rich hemp oil, hemp seed oil that is rich in omega fatty acids, and an adaptogen blend of botanical extracts like holy basil, purple ginseng, reishi mushroom, coconut, and tamanu oils.

Pros and Cons

There are some things we think of as pros and some we consider cons for the Better Daze Ahead product line by Farmacy Beauty.


  • US-grown hemp from Colorado
  • Full-spectrum CBD-rich hemp extract
  • Natural, adaptogenic ingredients
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day return option


  • Only one product (thus far)
  • No lab tests for the CBD oil

Official Company Contact Info

Farmacy Beauty, 552 7th Ave, Suite 501, New York, NY 10018


Better Daze Ahead is the name of the CBD line (one CBD product at the time of writing this article). Based on our research, the Farmacy Beauty parent company knows a lot about making quality skincare products, and the same goes for the Better Daze Ahead. They use quality hemp from selected Colorado farms and use full-spectrum CBD-rich hemp extract in the product. We like everything with full-spectrum hemp extract in it, but my only concern is the small amount of CBD in the jar, as we would like to see a more concentrated product in the future. But for now, we certainly approve the CBD-based moisturizer by Better Daze Ahead. However, we hope to see some more similar products in the future.

Friendly-Reminder: Farmacy Beauty chose to not work with us so we cannot explicitly recommend the use of this product and we cannot provide you with a link to make a purchase. Should they decide to work with us in the future we may change that. For now, we suggest that you browse the site and check out the other CBD skincare products we’ve covered over the years.

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